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MH Grunt
Grunt getting ready to glomp
the Glomper
12 (normal age) 27 (Metal Head age)
Metal Head/Hora Quan
quite muscular and blue with spots, claws and skull gem on the head
Romantic Interest
Lorenza the Metal Head
Good, but refereed to as evil
Glomping, eating, doing puppy dog eyes, acting cute
getting hit or being shot
Glomping, scratching, and biting
Jak and the rest of the Haven citizens

Grunt is a Metal Head whom loves to glomp and chew on shoes.


Grunt was born in Haven City, Dead Town. He and his Metal Head brothers and sisters fought in the year long war for Haven. Sadly Most of his Relatives passed away. Grunt was too young to realize that his family was dead. But he was still home safe, and survived the war with some injuries.


Grunt is a very happy go lucky Metal Head. He doesn't worry a lot and he likes people. He usually gets so happy he Glomp's people. He also loves attention. He does puppy dog eyes so that he won't get killed. He also tends to chew on people's shoes for no reason.

637252-jak3 sc007

Grunt happy

Attack style

Against KG's Grunt stands up on 2 legs and punches and bites the KG soliders. How ever if the enemie isn't a big threat he will glomp the enemy then chew on their shoes. He doesn't attack much while in combat he usually flees.


  • Claws
  • combat
  • Teeth
  • Horde calling


How Grunt might interact with his fellow people


Grunt hates Krimzon Guards. they scare him. Even though Grunt is a nice and friendly Metal Head, they still try to shoot him.


Grunt is very happy against other people he respects who ever is around. He just doesn't like it when they scare him.


Grunt is really weak to bullets. he hates guns and it damages him badly. Fire also kills him in a fatal swipe. Acid is also dangerous to him.


Once Grunt wasn't owned and was just free. He was happy then but now he's even happier because he got an owner. His owner is Demolosse the Devil Dog. Grunt is completely Happy with his owner. He's glad because now he has someone to treat him with care. Ever since most of the Metal Head family died Grunt felt lonely. He's greater than ever to get an owner or some one who cares about him


Grunt can understand English. The problem is, is that he can't speak it well. He can speak Metal Head though. He often roars and yelps stuff like that. He often is silent in most cases. Like he replies to most things with an emotion or movement. He often uses body language to talk to who ever or something that he can write with.

Fear of guns

Grunt was tormented with guns. All of his family has been shot at least once. He is afraid that he will parish like his mom and dad. Since the apedemic of shooting near Metal Heads, Grunt always hides under or next to something.


Grunt is much different against other Metal Heads. Grunt was always the happy and generous one, when he was younger. He did not like hurting people, but the KG tried hurting him. Grunt just wanted loved, unlike the other Metal Heads. Even Metal Heads hate him for his change of opinion.


Grunt loves a lot of things. One of the bunch is being petted. Grunt loves to be petted because not many Metal Heads get petted, and it also calms him. Grunt also likes to glomp and chew on shoes. Grunt automatically glomps some one whom he calls a friend. Grunt loves the taste of shoes for no reason. When its a stranger Grunt glomps the person and chews on their shoes for at least 10 minutes. He usually chews the shoes of male prey. That is just a smidge of how many things Grunt likes.


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