This is an article about Growl the Lion, a character created by Jaredthefox92 on 12/8/2014.

“My sharp teeth aren’t your only worries.”

Growl "Igor" Macadar, AKA Growl the Lion is an minor antagonist in Jaredthefox92's Sonic fan universe. He is a Efrikcan lion who is obsessed with becoming the most powerful sorcerer on Mobius.Despite his upbringing by warrior lions Growl has chosen a more intelligible path and seeks to expand his knowledge as a sorcerer rather than that of a warrior. He is known to be one of the main rivals in terms of sorcery to Amanda Bradanska.


Growl is a tall and very slender lion. As suspected he posses a muscular upper build simply for being a lion, however Growl is actually as not as physically toned as one of his warrior brethren lions are however. He wears a dark violet cape and sports a necklace with what appears to be a crocodile tooth on it. He wears dark brown boots and possesses dark orange fur with a dark red maim.


Lion is a mixed bag of qualities. He is often stubborn, prideful, and likes to boast about his intelligence and mystical capabilities. On the other hand however, Growl is known to be quite the gentlemen for a lion and is ironically quite pacifistic for a one as well. He would rather be the most powerful mystically and mentally than physically.


Growl was born to a clan of lions who prided themselves on being the biggest and strongest amongst others. However Growl was seen as an outcast due him being somewhat more rational and less combative than his others. Eventually Growl left his clan to study the practice of magi and the mystical arts. He set about to become Mobius’s premier sorcerer and relocated to central Eurish to study abroad. It was in Spagonia where Growl met another traveling sorceress named Amanda. Eventually a rivalry sprouted from Amanda and Growl and since then both seek to outdo one another when they come in contact with each other.


Growl has mastery over most forms of mystical and even ancient Mobian arts such as magic, magi, voodoo, shamanism, sorcery, and even some of the dark mystical arts. He able to use and cast many spells, as well as utilize many mystical items and artifacts.His mystical powers are almost unmatched, savor for wizards and magicians such as Walter Naugus, Mammoth Mogul, and a certain Italian speaking female fox that is his rival.


Master of magic and sorcery: Growl has over the years grown to master the mystical arts and is not shy to demonstrate this.

Genius Intellect: Growls intelligence levels are that of the highest caliber. In fact he personally is only bested by Amanda’s intelligence.

Heightened strength: While Growl isn’t known to be the most physically powerful of lions nevertheless his lion physical grants him a substantial amount of physical force regardless.

Nocturnal: Growl is a lion so naturally he can benefit from the abiltiy to see in the dark.


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