An ancient tome of superior power, and hunted by the worlds evil to harness it's power and dominate the world.


Four thousand years ago, an evil known only as 'the Nameless Fear,' began to fight against the good of the world. The leader of this group of good, 'The Group of Light', was named 'Herbulus the Lynx' and was a master of magic. She possesed four supreme skills; immense speed, flight, superior strength and magic. She used these skills to fight against the Nameless Fear and his army, the Order of the Dark. But Herbulus saw the future and knew she would die soon, so she crafted together a tome full of information on the Darks, the future and magic to help others defeat the Order. She named this book, 'The Grimoire.'

Scrolls in the Stone

Herbulus used the book and it's spells against the Order of the Dark and the Nameless Fear, but her life came to an end and she was killed. The Grimoire, which had been kept on a sacred altar in the Aztec Jungle, was discovered by the Order and they attempted to take it. But the book had merged itself into the stone, rendering it un-openable and unremovable, but as soon as they turned to leave, The Grimoire glowed and the Order were turned into flowers. Years later, the book was rediscovered by a Rose-Hedgehog who knew of the Grimoire as she was once a member of The Group of Light, so she vowed to protect it, because if evil learned how to remove the book, they could use that knowledge and it's spells to dominate the world. The Grimoire was then protected for about four thousand years by the Rose-Hedgehogs, until one day, the book was removed from the stone by a fox named 'Nial "Nails" Prower.'

Time With Nial

The Grimoire was then left in the care of Nial, who was trying to find The greatest hero who lived in his time to give him the Grimoire as it was destined to be. During his search, Nial used a lot of the Grimoire's spells, including 'To Create Love on Sonic and Amy and To Grant Extra Physical Strength which he used on Knuckles. Both spells backfired in some way or other.

With 'King Arthur'

Fortunately, Nial managed to pass the Grimoire onto 'King Arthur.' The books new owner used the book and it's power to defeat the Nameless Fear and most of the Order. It is likely 'King Arthur' passed the book onto his son.