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Grey started life as a scientist. Always answering questions about the world. At the age of 17, his tribe, The Wolf Tribe, was invaded by a rival tribe, The Nocturnus. There were only a few survivors from 

Grey the Wolf
OOpps I said Spike by accident
Canadian Grey Wolf
Grey fur with some blue dye(in places you dont alwys see, like back and chest).
80 lbs
Cassandra, unamed cousin, Tails
Sword wave, Blades of blood
Ability type

Hyper Demon


either tribe, and even then they were badly wounded

Most of his family didn't survive, thus leaving Grey hungry and homeless. Grey was wandering the desert when he saw the 7th annual World Grand Prix. Later, he saw Jet leaving after getting beat by Tails in the championship. He wandered onto Jet's air ship trying to steal some food. Wave found him, Jet saw his skills and decided to offer membership to the Babylon Rouges. So during the election for the new president they striked, trying to get the money from the President's Tresurer. Getting caught by Sonic himself, he was sent to prison until the events of the Vortexes' invasion. After that, he destroys Gary the Thylacine's time machine and forces him to feel positive emotions.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2.0

Grey is King Perfume the Skunk's right-hand wolf only in Sonic the Hedgehog 2.0. He first appears in book 7: Darth Knuckles.


                         Speed: Moderate

                         Flight: Glide

                         Power: Above Average

                         Stamina: slighty above average

                         Swim: Below Average 



                 "Admix kiss my ass!" S rank on mission

                 "I guess I could be better ." A rank on mission

                 "Heh.. I'm WAAAAYY better than this."B rank on mission

                 "Bring Home the pain!"C rank on mission

                 "No wonder I couldn't save my tribe."D rank on mission

                 "I don't deserve my legacy"E rank on mission

                 "C-Cassandra...Im sorry...Go"-Dead on Mission

                 "Get on with it." Race Start

                 "I NEVER LOST AND IT WILL STAY THAT WAY" Race Won

                 "IDIOT! IDIOT! IDIOT! IDIOT!" Race lost

                 "I can beat ALL Vortexes with or without you" Battle Start

                  'What a waste of time."Battle Won

                 "I am b-better off dea--d-" Battle lost

                 "I-I was a scientist once. I dont beleive in f-fairy tails" At the end of his first story 

                 "FWAAAAT??????"After being ressurected in Nova's machine


                  "Freakin' daisy cutters."


                   "Ah, go chew on a rock.

                   "Kaze No Kizu!"

                    "AAAAAAARGH!!!A GHOS-Hey! That wasn't very kind!"

                   "Wuzza ROFLcopter?"

                    "Smile first thing in the morning and get it over with."


My Notes

                    Grey is so cocky and selfly hated, it seems like he's X the Hedgehogs opposite. Many who do not know him would call him a self-interested murderer, But he isn't. He is good but when you let your whole family down he has to... but it is self abuse. He personaly to me he can't be that much of a hero, all he does is find the traces of the Nocturnus tribe and DESTROY it so he'll feel better, but it isn't worth the fuss! If only he had met a certant yellow fox and a Red hedgehog with a revival machine...[novathehedgehogs link page not mine] If anybody were to do his voice, it would be Robin Williams. If you don't know who he is, He's both a comedean, and more importantly, a impressionist. For his Demon form Alan Rickman(more commonly known as Severus Snape) would be his voice actor. Watches too much InuYasha!



Sword Spear-A spear shoots out of his sword. Pretty obvious really.(Variant on Chaos Spear)

Sword Dance-Makes his sword lighter.

Wind Scar-Unleashes the power of the winds on anybody in the way, tearing them in part.

Slice-Claws at anybody in his way.

Brisingr- Uses fire fuled by energy, Usually his own or that of Chaos emeralds, to accomplish various things.

Arial Ace-Jumps up and hacks at his enemy with sword or claw.

Light Slash-Calles forth the energy in his body to rip his enemies apart.

Blades of Blood- When wounded, he uses the blood in his body and shoots it at his enemy.

Sword wave-A weaker version of the wind scar.

KenKon strike-When in possesion of at least three Chaos Emeralds, His sword, the Naginata, unleashes a wave of pure shadow energy at the opponent.

Interactions with Other Characters

X the Hedgehog

Grey and X don't see eye to eye. But they do get along when they have to.

Big the Cat

Whenever he sees Big, he does his best to annoy/beat the crap out of him.