A time-space rift has opened over Mobius. Gregory, after five years on this planet, has begun to switch between Mobius and his old home, Earth, as he sleeps. How will this story end? Stay tuned.


(Inside a secret base of operations underneath an abandoned home in Station Square)

Gregory was sitting at a desk, analyzing data from the latest mission off his laptop, reading the screen tiredly.

Isaiah walks over to Gregory and puts his hand on the desk. "I'm going to hit the hay, you don't push yourself to hard tonight." Isaiah walks off and through an automatic door.

Gregory turns back to the screen reading over the last breifing information, then closes the laptop. "Well, thats the last one, better get some sleep, but first I'm gonna take a look outside, get a bit of air."

He stands up and takes an elevator up to the main floor of the abandoned home and steps outside, admiring the city. Then he looks up and sees a greenish pale light covering the sky. "Thats a new color..."

Suddenly, his body gets covered in the light, vibrating his body to the core. "Wha! Ah! Let go of me!"

Gregory runs inside and into his bunk, finally looking down to see the green light was gone. "Must have just been my eyes...better get to bed." He lays in the bed and finally drifts off to sleep.

Suddenly, he feels a light hit his eyes. He sits up and stretches, opening his eyes. He finds himself in a field, the sun shining down on him. He thinks to himself, 'What the? How did I get here? ...It must have been a prank from the guys.' Then he smiles and stands up. He looks around, noticing a city nearby. He begins walking towards it. "I guess I'll have to go talk with them about this."

As he walks down a hill towards the city, he swings his hands, then stops, noticing that he didn't have his gloves on. He looked over the rest of his body, noticing he didn't have any of his old clothes on. He was wearing a black T, blue jeans, and basic tennis shoes. "Who put this on me?"

Then he looks under his shirt and jumps. All his fur was gone, replaced by white skin. He looked at his arms, then felt his face, noticing the same. "What has happened to me?!" Realizing he was a human, he then comes to the incredible realization that he was on Earth!

He looks to the city and begins to remember it as his old hometown, Humara. Suddenly he goes weak in the legs, and collapses, everything going black as he falls unconcsious.

A moment later, he awakens in his bed, back in the base. Morning had come, and he sits up quickly. He feels his arms and face, the fur he knew was there again. He looks around, finding it as the room he was in the night before. Quietly he says to himself, "What just happened..."

Chapter One

(You can go first)


A couple weeks later:

Gregory was walking down the street, turning his attention to the strange dream he had. "I just don't get it, how could it have happened? ..."

A car comes hurdling towards him at 580 MPH.

Gregory looks up. "What the!" He swings his hand at the car, hitting the hood with a blast of air. The car though didn't stop and hit Gregory full force.

Gregory got knocked unconscious, then woke up, again in the field where he dreamed before. It was slowly becoming sunset, but not completely dark yet. "I'm here again? ...I guess I better go down to the town then..." Then he began to walk down the hill again.

As he walked down the hill, he begins to wonder, "I look like I'm eighteen, has anything else changed here? Has it really been 5 years since I was here last?" He pondered this, as he walked past the first building and turned along the sidewalks, not noticing the people who passed him, glancing at him.

"Hey kid, you should get home where you belong!" A man said to him as Gregory passed.

Gregory ignored the man as he passed him, and continued his walk down the street.

(So he's a human right now, right?)

(Yeah, not a trace of his mobian form is connected to him, except for him knowing he's a mobian)

Gregory walked down the street and looked up, noticing his old middle school, where he and his friends had spent their years until he was 13 and dissapeared. "I only wish I could go back to that time and be he-" right then a police officer grabbed his arm and shaked him "What are you doing out so late it's not safe to be out so late in the city so young!"

Gregory yanked his arm out of the officer's grip. "Hey! I'm 18! I've got as much right as you do to walking these streets!

(Oookay, whose Captain Smith?)

(...I don't know, I pulled it out of nothing, cause you didn't have any characters that can interact with him on earth...I can fix it, but I need some help here, cause I'm just winging it...)

(I sorta' am too)

(Well, maybe you can just make somebody up along the way. Remember, this is only the side story. The real story is on Mobius.)

"But you might get sho-" the police officer was cut short as he fell down due to a bullet piercing his skull, obliterating his brain.

Gregory jumped back, noticing the bullet wound and ran away from him. "I've got to get to some sort of Shelter." as he ran the numbers of people getting shot increased by the second.

Gregory stopped dead in his tracks "I don't want to hurt these people...Maybe my abilities came over with my knowledge of Mobius. He turned to the direction where the shots were coming from as a bullet flew towards his unprotected face. Unphased, Gregory swung up his open hand, and forged a shield of magic to block the bullet but by the time he blocked the bullet everyone in the area was dead.

Gregory yelled at the air around him, "What have you done?! Why did you do this?! TELL ME!!!!" His roar rang flat, then he dropped his head and fell to his knees and as Gregory sat, another bullet came flying at his unprotected back. The bullet flies through him, knocking him onto the ground.

Gregory's eyes opened wide as he woke up again on Mobius to a man dragging him to a boat. "What? What the? Hey! Whats going on?" the man turned around "The nearest hospital is on this boat." he said surprised that Gregory had woke up.

Gregory stands up and looks at the man, but then drops to his knees, almost passing out. " head and back...Alright, I'll follow you, but you don't need to drag me anymore, thank you."

The man then walked Gregory to the boat and after thanking him Gregory got on board. He looked around, searching for somebody to help him. "Hello?" a woman in a nursing oufit came to Gregory "Yes?" she said.

Gregory smiled to her. "Hello, a man has just brought me from getting hit by a car. I feel like I've been shot and I need some help. I'm suprised I'm even standing right now."

"Okay," the woman said. She picked up Gregory and carried him to the E.R.

"Okay does this hurt?" the asked. Taking out a knife she sliced his throat ,making sure not to slice it off.

Gregory yelled out, grabbing his throat. "Hell yeah, that hurt! What was that for?!"

"Just runnin' some tests. Now say "ah"."

Gregory opens his mouth, thinking to himself, I've got a bad feeling about this... " Aaaaaa-" the nurse then stuffed a Destroying Angel and a gallon of Dimethylmercury.

Gregory swallowed it down easily and snapped his fingers. "Nice try." He then got up and back kicked her causing the woman hit a wall "You fool if you don't eat that you'll truly die! If you ate that you would've passed out then we would've gave you medicine to cure ALL your ailments but now you'll die!" she yelled. Then all of a sudden she passed out.

Gregory stopped. "Aw sh*t, yet another problem I've sucked myself into. All I did was replenish my energy stores, I was able to after I ate the Destroying Angel...looks like I gotta get her up." Gregory stooped down to her and placed a hand on her head, replenishing her health.

The woman slowly rose up "Now if you excuse me I'll go save your LIFE now!" she said angrily "Now lay down on the stretcher again and say "AH"!"

Gregory did as she asked, laying down. "Aaaaaaaah."

This time the woman put the ingrediants in more forcefully and used her hands to make Gregory chew the food the she gave him the pill even though she was suppose to wait after he ate his food. Gregory wasn't bothered by any of it. He swallowed it all down, then sat up. "Is that it? Can I leave now?"

"Sure," the woman then opened the door and threw him out but when he got kicked out the room he noticed the boat was now far away from Station Square.

Gregory stopped, and looked out. "Well thats a setback..." He turned back to the woman, but sat down on the deck far enough away from her as to not get hit by anything. "So I just might be bothering you for a while longer."

"Whatever." the woman said. "My name's Rachel, I'm just working here to make some extra money. So where are you heading?"

Gregory sighed at Rachel. "I wasn't supposed to be heading anywhere, I guess I'll just hop off at the nearest stop and go from there..."

"ICEBERG!" someone yelled soon the whole boat was in panic as they approcached an iceberg several times the ships' size.

Gregory ran inside, trying to find some way to help them. "I've gotta find a way to break up the iceberg...wait, I'm a magi weilder." He ran back out and points his hand palm down, trying to cast a spell but by the time he got back out the iceberg started ripping the ship in half and there was only one lifeboat made for two people.

"OH MY GOD WE'RE SO GONNA' DIE!" Rachel screamed as she tried to get all of her stuff.

Gregory acted quickly. He grabbed Rachel, picked up her bag, and jumped into the lifeboat. He created a wave that picked them up and threw them a couple yards out from the ship. He then layed down, panting from loss of energy.

"Are you okay?" Rachel asked hardly believing she survived.

Gregory sat up slowly, still panting. "I'm *pant* alright. I *pant* do this for *pant* a living. I've just *pant* not completely *pant* healed from *pant* the car hit..."

"You got hit by a car?!" Rachel asked. She then grabbed Gregory "Your such a hunk!" she said.

Gregory grinned at her reaction. "Why do you think I barged in on you? I got hit by a car and some man dragged my unconscious body to your boat, most likely he thought I was dead."

Rachel kised him "Still you survived." Then she kissed him some more.

Gregory kissed her back, slightly surprised by it. "I'll take this as a compliment." He said before she kissed him again and the two kissed until Rachel fell asleep, five hours later.

Gregory sat in the dark of night, rocking with the waves. "I guess I'd better get some sleep. I'm gonna need my strength tomorrow so we can find somewhere to land." He laid down, next to Rachel, and fell asleep.

Chapter 2

Gregory opened his eyes against the dawning light, knowing he was a human again. He sat up, finding himself in an alleyway, all alone with the dead bodies from the previous night. "Should have seen it coming..." He got up, Brushed himself off, and walked out onto the empty sidewalk. He turned towards his old home, remembering the way. "I wish I could have found my friends...but I guess they're gone too..."

A man came crawling towards Gregory "FOOD! I NEED FOOD!" the man screamed.

Gregory looked at the man weirdly. "Okay, okay." He handed him a couple of twenties. "Here, go buy yourself something."

The man started to crawl away but he paused, "Oh by the way, have you seen a boy named Gregory? A family has been looking for him for five years. There about to give up the search." The man said. He then finished crawling.

Gregory stared at him wide-eyed as he crawled away. "They've still been searching for me?! I've gotta get contact with them!" He began to run towards his home at an unimaginable pace and as he got closer to his home he began to see his mom crying through the window.

Gregory bursted thorugh the door, running right into the living room. "Hello? Anybody here?"

His mother didn't recognize him "Sir why are you in my house?" she asked firmly.

Gregory walked up to her. "Where is the rest of your family?"

"What is it to you stranger?" His mom asked growing more angry.

Gregory grinned. "I've found your youngest son, Gregory."

The woman's fierce expression faded "What?" she grabbed Gregory by the shirt "TELL ME WHERE IS HE!?"

Gregory jumped and quickly blurted out. "I'M RIGHT HERE!!! IT'S ME!!!"

"W-what? Y-you can't be."

Gregory pulls his shirt out of her grip. "It is me. You couldn't have forgotten my face after five years, have you?"

The woman started crying "It IS you." the woman cried as she hugged Gregory.

Gregory hugged her back, crying himself. "I'm sorry I've been gone so long. I got caught up somewhere."

"Caught up somewhere?! WHERE THE HECK COULD YOU BE FOR FIVE YEARS!?" The next maining simply was Gregory's mother cursing wildly at him.

Gregory looked at her as a sweat drop ran down his head. He scratched his head and looked at the floor. "Ugh, it's kind of a long story that I'm pretty sure you won't believe..."

A man then kicked the door open and ran to him. "Son, where have you been all these years?"

Gregory jumped and turned to his father. "Dad, as I just said to mom, it's a little difficult to explain."

His father walked closer to him with his fists cleched. "Nonsense out with it"

Gregory stood there, slightly confused, then he sighed. "Okay then. I've been trapped on a distant planet called Mobius where Sonic the Hedehog and Kingdom Acorn live for the last five years..."

(Wait, mobian kingdom?)

(Have you never read the Archie comics?)

(I have. In fact I'm waiting for issue 232 but in the Arcgie Comic Sally's father's (brother's now) kingdom is referred to as Kingdom Acorn)

(Oh sorry, I've been referanceing Mobius:25 years later. My mistake.^^)

"Mobius?" his father asked confused.

Gregory turned to his father. "You know, from the old comics I used to read. The place is real and I've been living there for the last five years." He said shrugging, not really worried about what he was saying.

"That's enough from you." said a voice coming out of nowhere.Gregory's dad shielded him "Whose there?"

"Your worst nightmare." then Gregory's father simply fell to the floor.

Gregory stared wide-eyed at his father's lifeless body. "DAD!!!" He angrilly looked up to the person in the door he saw a blue and red robot with a yellow gun replacing his left hand and his right was pixelated and short-circuiting.

Gregory looked at him, his anger intensifieing. "Who are you?!"

"D-OS" therobot said as Gregory's mother fell to the floor as well.

Gregory ignored the sound of his mother's body crashing to the floor, failing to keep his anger down. "Are you here to cause a fight? Cause I will finish it."

"I'm here to end all." said the robot keeping his cool.

Gregory stood there confused. "You can't destroy all humanity. Who made you?"

"None of your concern."

Gregory closed his eye, then the ground quakes underneath D-OS, sucking him halfway under a circle of earth. "Tell me, or you can join the magma at the Earth's core."

"You fail to take me seriously." The the whole room turns to a giant void of blue and giant words pop up.

What D-OS turned the room to.

Gregory rolled his eyes. "Really? You've thrown me into the blue screen of death?"

(That's what I call that picture. Got the name from my parents.)

(I know the name. Atleast he didn'tput him in a red RING of Death)

"There's no escape. Not even WikiHow can help you now." the robot said as he pointed his gun at Gregory.

Gregory looked around. "Only one thing left to do." He ran into the nearest word head-first, knocking himself out before D-OS shot him.

(Back on Mobius)

(Sorry, I wanted to make sure you were fine with that. Anyways.)

Gregory sat up quickly, realizing he was back on the raft. He sighed in relief and looked out over the water. The sun was beginning to rise, so he sat and waited, rocking with the waves, lost in thought as Rachel snored and a large landmass came to view.

Gregory noticed the land and grabbed for one of the oars. He began to row them towards the shore. "Finally, I thought I was gonna lose it without anything to do." He said to himself and as he drew closer to land he saw an empty dock. "This looks like a good spot to dock." He pulled up to the empty dock and tied the boat in. "There." He then noticed music started to grow louder and louder. "What's that?" He got up and almost walked out of the boat, but ered remembered Rachel. "I guess I've gotta wake her up, or else I'll be dead before the end of this day." He hopped back into the raft and gently shook Rachel.

"Huh, what?" she asked half sleep.

Gregory slowly continued to shake her until she was completely awake. "We've reached land."


Gregory nodded. "Yeah. I paddled us here and docked the boat. Why?"

"Nothing, just surprised. So, where are you heading?"

Gregory looked around. "I'm not sure. I might just go and contact my team, but first I gotta find out where we are so I can give them my location..."

"I'll stay here and get some shut eye. Check that castle." Rachel pointed to a castle in the distance.

Gregory turned to see it. "Oh you've got to be kidding." He recognized the familiar details. "This is too ironic not to be fate." He hopped out of the raft again and followed the music quickly. When he got to the source of the sound he saw a festival of people riding horses, mobians and humans dancing, and food.

Gregory looked around. "I forgot. Isaiah was here on a special invitation from Geoffrey St. John. I bet I can find him." Gregory ran down to the celebration, searching for Isaiah and as he got dug in further to the crowd he got closer to the castle.

Chapter 3

Gregory walked to the front of the castle, looking around for Isaiah until he runs into a green teenage Echidna boy.

"What do you think your doing snooping around mama's castle?" he said with a shove.

Gregory looked at the kid, confused. "Hey, who said it was yours?"

"Because Princess Falalala-Stu Ruth Echidna is my mom and this is here castle! So I'll ask you again, why areyou snooping around mama's castle!?"

Gregory stopped. "Oh, I'm sorry, I came to the wrong castle...Wait...Fa-La-Stu lives here?"

"Yeah this is her kingdom. What'sit to ya'?"

Gregory looked at the teen. "I think a friend of mine knew her once."

"And who's that?"

"It's none of your business. I guess I'll just to try find an audience with her somehow."

"Audience? Huh?" asked the Echidna, confused.

"I want to try and get a meeting with her. An audience is sort of like a meeting with a royal person."

Gunnar eyed him suspiciously "...Fine, follow me." he said as he began to lead Gregory in the castle.

Gregory watched walk away, quite shocked that he would let him into the castle. "Uh...ok." He followed after him inside.

They eventually reached a light purple door and Gunnar banged on it. "MOM A SECRET ADMIRER WANTS YOU!" after a minute of banging a light purple Echidna came out in pajamas. "Gunnar what do you want?" she yawned.

"Not me, he wants you." he said as he pointed to Gregory and dashed away.

Gregory looked back as the kid dashed off, then turned to her, trying to keep from starting a nosebleed. "Um, hey. I got stuck here in your kingdom and I need to contact my friends over at Station Square to pick me up..."

"Or you could use one of my je-"

"Hey mom, whose the new guy?" said a green Echidna girl also in her pajamas.

Gregory looked from the echidna teenager to Fa-La-Stu. "I'm Gregory the Magihog. I am a private in Team Chronohog, lead by Isaiah the Angelic Hedgefox..."

"I KNEW YOUR WERE AN ASSASIN!" said Gunnar as he tackled Gregory to the grouned.

"Assasin!? Darn and he was cute too." the green Echidna said.

Gregory gets up, pulling Gunnar off of him. "I'm not an assasin kid. We are a team of Mobians who protect the law. We work with the heroes." He looked up at Fa-La-Stu. "Isaiah is a kind person, you can ask him. He'll agree...well, if he were here...I'm not lying."

"Protect the law huh? GUN would be happy to have you."

Gregory gave them a "not really" look. "Weeeell, we don't always work with G.U.N. They aren't our favorite allies on some occasions. But that's not the point. Just give me some way of contacting them, please."

"Do they have a Chaos Emerald or some sort chaos energy emitting from them? Contacting them that way would be much easier than a phone."

Gregory shook his head. "No, but I do know one way I can contact them...I've completely forgotten about it from the long last couple of days...Thanks again, I guess..." Gregory turned and walked out, not looking back at them as he left.


Gregory was meditating in a nearby field. He then stood up. "Good, Isaiah knows where I am. But it's gonna be a couple days till they lock on to my position and get over what do I do?"

"Hey." said a voice belonging to a familiar goat.

Gregory stopped and turned around. "Huh? Who are you?"

"Forgot me that quick?" said Rachel.

Gregory shook his head. "Oh, sorry Rachel. I haven't seen you all day, and it's been a very long day."

"So, how was your day?"

Gregory shook his head. "As I said, it's been long, which means it hasn't been the best."

" need a hug?" Rachel walked towards him.

Gregory smiled. "Thanks, but I'm fine. Just got my head wrapped around a few things..."


"Well, I happened to meet Princess Fa-La-Stu and her children..."

"Oh, those two kids from the future? So what happened when you met them?"

"Well, the boy thought I was an assasin, and the girl was kinda confusing...long story short, I've gotta wait here for the next week till my team can find me, so they can come and get me. Now I've got nowhere to stay."

"What if I call some of my "friends" they'll probably give us a ride."

"Friends? What do you mean?"

"To name a few are Krinkinko,Droget, and Fa-La-Stu."

"But Fa-La-Stu is inside the castle? ...You know Fa-La-Stu?!" but Rachel was already on the phone. "Yeah do you think you could fly us to Station Square? Yeah, okay."Rachel hung up "She we need to meet her at the castle in thirty minutes.

Gregory just stands there. "...Okay then...I'll meet up with you then, I've gotta go take care of something." Gregory walked off, heading around the castle and into a nearby forest.

Later, At the forest.

Gregory sat down on a log, wondering to himself. "That girl...Fa-La-Stu's daughter? Why would she just say something like that out of the blue, like it didn't even's either her being too trusting to me, or me being way too self secure..." Time passed and he had less and less time to get to Fa-La-Stu's castle in time.

When he had two minutes left to get to the castle, he stood up, closed his eyes and teleported outside of the castle, then walked in. "Am I late?"

"Geez, you just did that to speed up the plot." said Gunnar breaking the fourth wall.

"That's the point, kid." Gregory grinned as he walked past him.

"Right this way sir." Fa-La-Stu's butler ushered him to the jet along with Rachel.

"Cool! You made it!" shouted Lu-Lu as she saw Gregory. She patted the seat next to her urging him to sit next to her,

Gregory blushed slightly, but then nodded and sat down next to her. "Thanks for saving me a seat."

"Heh heh no problem. So how'd you get to this kingdom?"

"It's kind of a long story that starts with me getting hit by a car..." Gregory then filled her in on all of the details of what happened, leaving out his strange dreams. "And that's how I ended up at your door."

"Wow you must be really strong to survivegetting hit by a car. I always wanted to know when your in a mini-coma what do you dream about?"

Gregory shrugged. "I think it's just about anything...I've had some pretty strange dreams going on since before the car incident, and I'm not sure about them..."

" the way. Is that Goat girl your girlfriend?"

Gregory shook his head. "No, I don't think so. She just showed some appreciation to me once when I saved her from the iceberg."

"Oh good!"

Gregory leaned closer to her talking to her silently. "By the way, I've been curious. Did you really mean it when you said I was cute?

"Yes, what of it?"

"Nothing, I was just curious..."

Just then Gregory heard an unbuckling sound and was punched in the face then he was injected with a sleeping venom. Everything started to get blurry when Gregory heard the words "And stay away from my sister!"

Gregory woke up, laying in his bed on Earth. "DAMMIT!!!!! That son of a..." He stood up and walked downstairs, remembering his parents were dead. "Now what do I do..." as he went downstairs his siblings were motionless on the ground as well and the police kicked the door open upstairs.


Gregory swung his hands up. "Well, this is gonna be a short dream...I didn't do anything!"

The policemen cuffed him "Then explain the dead bodies!"

Gregory sighed. "Fine, take me in for all I really think I'd kill my own parents? Fine then."

"Who said we're taking you to jail?" the policemen put him in the police car. After a while the ploce accelerated to 100MPG then the car turned to an invisible hovercraft.

Gregory stared at what had just happened. "What the? Who are you guys?!"

"Just sit back and relax."


They then parked in the driveway of a house in the middle of seemingly nowhere.

"Are you aware of a robot named D-Mos?" The police officer asked as he ushered him out the car and uncuffed him.

Gregory nodded. "Yeah, he killed my parents..."

"Are you also aware of mobius?"

Gregory nodded again, getting anxious. "Yeah! How do you?! Is there a way you can get me back?"

"We're not entirely sure. Mobius may be on a completely different dimensional plane than earth. Or it could be a planet. Both theories don't explain why so many humans have acciedently got transported there."

"What?! So that's how I got there in the first place...Sir, I'm Gregory Omadaia. The kid who went missing for 5 years?"

"Yes, we've been examining your parents case for five years now and we're working to find a link towards Mobius but first we have to find a way to find out what Mobius IS exactly." the two walked in the house. When they walked in they discovered a super top-secret base full of filoe cabinets and computers.

"We're also examining D-Mos he appears to be from Mobius as well which semi-explains why he attacked you and your parents."

Gregory looked around and walked ahead of them, making some space between him and them. "Well, maybe this will show you something." Suddenly, the entire room began to shake, and a strange blue aura surrounded Gregory, making him float into the air. The two men looked up to see Gregory in his Mobian form, floating in the middle of the aura.

"The hell!?"

"You idiot you gave yourself away now we'll all"

D-Mos broke into the room and shot the to men with machine guns then started shooting at Gregory.

The bullets were blocked off by the aura. "Not my greatest plan. Sh*t, I always get myself into these problems, how am I gonna get back now..." Shoots D-Mos with a blast of phsycic energy.

D-Mos combats it with his dark aura blast."Want to see somethin'?" Dark most is enveloped in a red aura and he turns into a white hedgehog with red lines running across his body and metal-Sonic like eyes.

Gregory stared at D-Mos' transformation, shocked. "Wha?! Just what the hell are you?!"

"I am your superior filthy mobian!"He turned his other arm into a gun and started shooting him with both guns.

"Over my dead body, android!" He blocked the shots of, charging at D-Mos, with a sword of light.

"Collecting data..."D-Mos summoned a sword of blazing dark fire.

"Ah! Not good, it's a learning robot." He charged at him, and swung his sword down on D-Mos.

D-Mos blocked it with their own word and tried to push the light sword away.

Gregory was thrown back, slightly off guard. Regains his balance and charges at D-Mos again, disappearing as soon as he's about to hit D-Mos and slashed D-Mos from behind.

D-Mos fell to the ground "We like transporting do we?" he up turned around and slashed at Gregory but each time he slashed he changed hi position. First from the back of Gregory, then from the right of him, then from the left of him, then from the front of him again and he repeated the process until he did the cycle thrice.

Gregory got hit by every attack, and became very weak, bleeding from multiple wounds. He ran back a bit, trying to heal himself before he passed out. "I've gotta get out of here." D-Mos charged his canon "Nighty night mobian."

Gregory turned back to D-Mos. "Aw, Shit." and the last thing he saw before waking up on the plane was the canon coming towards him.


"Really, Lu-Lu."

"Yeah look! Aww he looks so cute when he's waking up."

Gregory sat up quickly, then sighed in relief. "That was a close one..."

"Another strange dream?" Lulu asked.

"He'll go to sleep forever when I'm through with him!"

"How did you--"

"Get free from Mr. Butler Guy? I slugged him while he wasn't lookin'. Now, why did you try to make a move with my sister!?"

Gregory hopped up, ignoring Gunnar. "Yeah, another one. And why is your brother so protective of you?"

Lu-Lu shrugged "He never liked boys around. Especially boys that are older than me."Gunnar waqs glaring at Gregory, teeth clenched.

"Yeah, I can see that. So I gotta go through him to get to you, eh? That's just perfect, I didn't come here to start fights..."

"Get to me?" she started to blush and Gunnar started to growl louder.

"Well, to be truthful, you are quite beautiful..." He turned to Gunnar. "Do you really have to try and kill me, cause I won't be so easy this time around."

"Oh w-why thank you your quite -ha"

"THAT'S IT!" Gunnar ran towards Gregory fist in hand, ready to swing.

Gregory jumped back into the air, floating there in the same blue aura he used on Earth. He looked at what he had just done, amazed. "I...I did it. I could never do this is my Mobian body before...look like I am learning a few new tricks from these dreams."


"You don't want me to do that, and I don't want to hurt you."

"Then I will!' Lu-Lu rapidly kicked Gunnar's crotch causing him to fall down in pain.

"Well...that was embarresing..." He dropped down. "Sorry, but I don't hurt innocents, and he was most definately innocent, just really overprotective."

"Anyways we're at Station Square and Rachel already left. I guess you should be leaving too..."

Gregory notices that their in Station Square. "...Yeah, I guess I should be heading home..." He pulls out a card and hands it to her. "We should keep in touch, since you were kind enough to help me."

"Nah it's okay.."

"Well...thank you again." He kissed her, then disappeared in a flash.She smiled as he kissed her and Gunnar smiled as he left.

Chapter 4


Gregory walked through the streets with his team, pondering the last couple of days. He had already contacted Isaiah and the team, and they caught up to him an hour later. Few people were outside while they were walking, which made it easier for Gregory to watch for cars. "What a hectic week..."

Geo turned to him. "Why do you say that?"

"Well, I've been hit by a car, an iceberg, an echidna, a robot-"

"Robot? You never said anything about a robot."


Isaiah walked back to them. "It shouldn't matter to you as to how Gregory has changed the last couple of days. Gregory has talking it over with me, and he is fine."

Geo nodded. "Well, if he's talked with you, then I'm fine with it."


Gregory went back to thinking, mainly focused on his interactions with LuLu. He thought to himself. (I wish there was some way we could stay connected, but I guess it was just a one time thing, considering she is royalty after all...I'm hopeless with love...) he then bumbed into a hedgehog in his mid-thirties. "Excuse me sir." he then began to mumble to the rest of his team "Why do we have to hunt for this robot?".

Gregory stopped and turned around, making the rest of his group stop and look back. "Wait, what did you just say sir?"

"One of our allies is a robot maker and his creations turn to go rogue. He took a head-count and some were missing so we're on sort of a wild goose chase."

The rest of Gregory's team walked up behind him. "Is one of them named D-Mos?"

"Possibly he does have a robot by the name of Dark..." he paused then one by one the A-Team dissappeared Gregory turned around noticing his team started to dissappear too. Then finally he dissappeared and they all woke up in the destroyed lab all in human form.

"What the!? What the tail is going on here!?" Hannibal shouted.

(Only Gregory and Isaiah have human forms)

Gregory looked around and saw Isaiah. " this hasn't been a dream at all...oh this is bad..."

Isaiah looked around. "I'm back here again...this is really bad."

"Yeah, that's what I'm saying."

(Sorry, I didn't know Geo didn't have one)

Face the Hedgehog looked around and pulled out some files "By the looks of it this is some sort of research facility."

(Actually, there are 6 teammates, only three of them were meantioned.)

Gregory nodded. "Yeah, this is where Dark was last. He could be anywhere...there is only one way to get his attention."

Face was pondering in the files while Hannibal was looking around the lab making sure D-Mos wasn't around.

"How?" B.A. Barricus asked.

"I'm not sure myself how I got here in the first place...unless...the distortion!"

"The what!?"

"There was a distortion one night, when I first came over here in my must have affected the robots and caused them to go haywire or something."

"No that can't be it," Hannibal said. ",his robots always go haywire but this one..he's after something and something big."

"Well, he's been hounding me since I've gotten here..." Gregory shrugged.

"Well you sure aren't big."

Gregory looked up at Hannibal. "And what's that supposed to mean?"

Isaiah walked over and grabbed Gregory's shoulder. "Don't get angry Gregory, we've got enough to worry about right now. We need their help right now.

Gregory nodded to Isaiah. "Fine. So, what do we do to stop him?" Gregory said, turning back to Hannibal.

"We need to know his goal..give us some of his quotes. We know he's after you but we still need more info on him."

Gregory remembered his battle with D-mos last time he was here. "Well, the best one I can remember is 'I am your superior, filthy Mobian!' but that's all I can remember."

Face snapped his fingers "HE'S TRYING TO TAKE OVER MOBIUS!"

Hannibal shook his head, disgusted. "If that's the case why did he destroy this HUMAN base and I bet my buttons half of the times he saw him he attacked Greg in his HUMAN form!" to this Face's ears drooped in shame.

Gregory shrugged again. "I don't know, I can't see why he tryed to kill me..."

"Then should we investigate some more?"

"I guess."

Isaiah nodded. "Alright then, I'm gonna search the skies." Isaiah then flew up.

Gregory watched Isaiah fly off. "So, where are we searching first, Hannibal?"

"Your house."

Gregory nodded. "Okay, lets go." He then ran off towards home, hoping the others were following him and they were trailing him not even three inches behind.

When they arrived, Gregory stepped up to the front door and slowly opened it and walked inside Hannibal then stepped back when he saw both of Gregories parent's dead bodies pinned to the wall with knives and a message written with blood on the floor that read:

"Dear Gregory, as you already know I am coming to kill you and I have already murdered everyone in this city. If you aren't a wimpp come fight me you punk a-" Hannibal smeared the last word with his foot.

Barracus scowled at the message "Now what sicko would do this!?"

Gregory sighed. "D-mos did, he killed all these people because of me..."

"Oh don't'll join the soon." the group heard gunshots coming out of no where then on Hannibals command they all ducked.

"I knew you'd come for me again..." Gregory stood up, despite Hannibal's warnings.


"Let him!" both of D-Mos hands turned into guns and started to rapidly shoot at Gregory and friends.

The A-Team lifts up a couch and gets behind it.Gr

Gregory growls at D-mos. "You think I'm scared of you anymore? I've watched too many people die, now it's your turn." Gregory's hand began to glow white, and the white light began to absorb his entire arm.

Isaiah crashed through the roof, paying no attention to anybody but D-mos, his body was beginning to engulf in white light as well. "And he's not alone."

D-Mos chuckled "That makes both of us." just then three more robots burst in the room with missles, rocket launchers, grenades, machine guns and tasers.

Gregory looked at the others with a skeptical look. "Oh, you've got to be kidding me..."

Isaiah shot a blast of light from his sword, causing a wall all the way through the room to rise, Gregory, D-mos, and another robot on one side, the remaining two robots and Isaiah on the other. "Two on one, it's a stretch, but we'll see what we can do..."

A M.S.M truck drives through the door and three electric darts fly out the hood and shuts down the three robots then two men dressed in black come out holding guns. "Freeze bi*****!" The A-team put their hands in the air. "Aw great it's MSM" he mumbled.

Isaiah sheathed his sword and rolled his eyes. "Okay, who the hell gave these rookies the idea to look like MIB?" Gregory laughed at Isaiah's comment and walked around him to see the men. "Looks like they stole an MSM truck to look like bad***es, to me. Hey buddies, how about you reactivate the droids, so we can dispose of them properly, eh?"

The first man shot Gregory in the leg. He got hit, but didn't act like he noticed it at first. "Bet you can't do that again." He grinned.

"Not needed you'll be unable to run now get in the car." The A-Team got in the back-seat. "C'mon Greg cut the crap!" Hannibal said.

Gregory ignored both the man and Hannibal and turned to Isaiah, who nodded to him. They both got in the car.

The car starts driving. Soon it starts accelerating so fast it opens a portal to Mobius then it stops. "After we collect some data we'll have to erase you memory of this event. Understood."

Gregory grinned, seeing what had just taken place. 'I never thought a wormhole could take us back. I also can't believe I forgot we're still mobians...wait, collect data?"

"Yes, a new threat has emmerged that can destroy all of Mobius."

Isaiah grunted softly. "Of course there is, there always is." He shook his head. "So what data do you need?"

"We need to know all abot you and these robots."

Gregory grunted as well. "How about I just give you the short version of the story, so no other problems occur." Gregory then explained to the men everything that happened to them, since they were teleported to earth as mobians. "And that's what happened, can we go now?"

"Now to examine the robots." The man picks at the robot and eventually he makes a hole in it's chest where he finds a orb of power. "Here we go. Now just to run some test..." The orb flew out of the man's hand and rammed into Gregory's chest, trying to get inside of him.

Gregory yelled out in pain and grabbed the orb trying to push it away from him. "Get it off of me! It's burning hot!" He yelled out louder as the skin on his hands begin to burn and melt but the orb didn't stop it continued to melt his skin and gloves in pursuit for his chest. Several men shot at it but it only made it grow hotter. Finally, Gregory tried to duck onto the ground to evade the orb's attack.

The orb made a vertical U-turn then attempted to penetrate his back. Gregory was knocked over and pushed hard into the ground by the orb, pinning his hands down. The orb began to melt into his back as Gregory writhed and screamed in pain. As Greg's flesh melted men tried to help him but an invisible force pushed them back and the orb started to settle itself in Gregory and a voice started talking in his head. "You belong to me now."

Gregory opened his eyes, finding himself in a white room, on the far side of the room, a voice was heard, "You belong to me now." Gregory grunted and yelled at him. "Not as long as I'm still breathing!!!"

"On the contrary. Right now your being shot at by agents and not feeling anything. Your tearing through them trying to find a machine that will allow you to dig underground....all under my command."

Gregory growled menacingly. "Then I'll just have to beat you in here."

"What good will it do?" The ground started shaking. "We're already digging."He chuckled.

Gregory growled louder at the voice. "LET GO OF ME!!!!"

"I don't like your tone." Gregory then feels a painful electrical current run through him. He yelps in pain and falls to his knees realizing that he couldn't move from that ine spot. "I'm trapped...NO!"

"You've always been destined to be trapped."

Gregory closed his eyes tightly. "No...I'm stronger than you...Let...Me...GOOOOOOOO!!!!!!" He explodes in a burst of golden light, standing slowly.

"Shut it." he felt the same current but this time it was intensified to hurt him even in his new form.

But Gregory became strengthened by it, the golden aura becoming brighter and his skin turning gold-ish yellow. "In the Shining form I can't feel that puny flash. You'll have to try harder now." the white room in which he was trapped violently explodes and the force is relentless in leaving any debris since Greg tested him . The power of the impact was something stronger that Gregory ever fely before and completely obliterated the room leaving him in a bottomless black void.

Gregory stood up slowly again, wounded in multiple places, but otherwise fine. Shrapnel was still cutting into his skin, but he didn't notice. "I will not be destroyed by you. Not now, NOT EVER!!!!!" His Golden light bursts out again, hitting every corner of the void around him.

"Fine, deny it but on the outside your helpless to..OOOO YAY I FOUND IT!"

Gregory then grinned. "Congrats, and goodbye." Gregory then reaches inside of himself and yanks out the orb but after he yanks it he is back in his real body at the core of Mobius then the orb flies towards it then fuses with it. The core turns an ugly black color then Gregory hears the evil laugh of the voice before. "I'm too late. The angelic core has been choarrupted...which means...Isaiah." Suddenly a flash of white light passes Gregory and fuses with the core as well, changing it into a grey-ish color but the core turns black again.

"It's too late fool! One of the Shadow Cores has awakened and you can't stop it! Unless you have the other Core Bearer!

Isaiah's voice is heard from the core. "I am Isaiah, bearer of the Angelic Core. Leave now, or I will destroy you where you stand."

"What good will it do? Just climb out of here and look at the surface."

Gregory climbed up and looked around, after hearing Isaiah speak up again. "So be it, and the fight begins." are the last words Isaiah spoke before Gregory made it up. When he did he discovered all the trees being dead, they sky being an ugly dark black, and the ground without grass..simply dirt. "This isn't good." He said to himself as the ground began to quake violently.

The voice Gregory heard inside of him was talking loud and clear again. "'s only a matter of time before I find the other orb bearer, take over their body and corrupt the planet even further. It's just marvelous!"

Gregor growled. "Why can't I just have one day where something doesn't try to end the world." He muttered softly, feeling completely helpless.

"Because, your the orb bearer. Life has not, is not, and will never be easy for you. Oh, but don't worry your not alone there is another one just like you."

Gregory growled again. "I'm tired of this. If I'm some sort of Orb bearer, than I'll bear it." He dived into the hole, reached into the core, and started yanking it when the voice spoke to him again.

"Are you sure about that. If the orb is in the core of the planet it corrupts Mobius if it's in you it corrupts and destroys you in ways unexplainable."

Gregory uttered the words softly as he finished the fusion. "It is better to die yourself, than risk the lives of thousands. I'm ending this, NOW!"

The orb started to corrupt Gregory's body again and the voice spoke but this time while possesing Gregory.

"Thanks FOOL! Now I can find the other orb bearer and corrupt this planet so badly even hell would be nicer!" The possesed Greg jumped out the hole, ran into the base and got in a fighter jet. "This should be a blast!" he turned on the radio and flew into the air. "NEXT STOP SEVEN CATLE KINGDOM!"

Isaiah jumped out of the hole. "What was that boy thinking?!" He flew after the jet.

Gregory began to fight against the orb that was possessing him. "I...must...defeat...this." Orb possessed Gregory turned his attention to a cruise boat below and with a click of a button he blew the boat to smithereens.

"Nu-uh! The more you strggle the more people I kill so why doon't you sit back and relax?"

A growl was all Gregory could get out of his mouth. "Sh** not my best idea...I'll have to obey its orders..."

"Now I can see your under ALOT of stress so how about some music? Your pick."

"I don't care for music right now...and I bet I know where your going...I hope I'm wrong..."

"Fine suit yourself. I'll just torcher you." The possesed Gregory then turned on Barbie girl and turned up the volume.

Gregory laughed. "You are so immature."

"Hmm? It appears someone's tailing us." He pressed a button and heat-seeking missles started to home in on Isaiah.

Isaiah grabbed one, threw it into the second, causing like five others to explode, then he continues flying as they chase him. "This isn't good." He said to himself.

"I see you want to kill innocent lives," a voice said from a speaker on the outside of the jet. Another boat was obliterated.

"Because each second you don't either die or surrender I kill more lives."

Isaiah growled and stopped, letting them fly off. "I can't chase them or else more will die...I can't hit the ship cause its Gregory in there...looks like its up to him now..."

Chapter 5

"Approaching Four Castle Kingdom."

"Good. Good now I can find the other bearer." After the jet came to a safe spot to land, the possessed Gregory got out.

"Freeze! Your under arrest for landing in an unauthorized are-" The possessed Gregory ripped the first police man's heart out and bit the second one's nose off.

"Now off to the castle." he said said he swallowed the nose and marched towards the town.

Another growl escaped from Gregory's mouth. "No! Not here! Not her!" He tries not to struggle to keep from hurting other people but the orb remained dominant as they entered the royal courtyard.

Gunnar was sleep until he heard footsteps. "Hey, I told you to stay away from my-" Gregory's fist penetrated through Gunnar's stomach and came out of his back.

"Shut the f*** up! I can do whatever I want to the b****."

He kicked the door open and walked inside of the castle. "Oh Lu-Lu!"

A small speck of light penetrated from the possessed body. Gregory's growl became louder.

Lu-Lu walked downstairs and saw Gregory.

"Oh you returned." she covered her mouth with her hands after noticing Greg's bloody hand."What happened to your hand?"

"Oh nothing but I need you to do me a favor."

"What is it?"

"Come hither."

She did and Gregory kissed her on the lips. She allowed herself to become less tense and the speck of light became brighter. "Yes. Lose yourself. Let me captivate you Lu-Lu!"

"You are captivating me. It's as if I'm being possessed."

Gunnar crawled towards the entrance leaving a trail of blood behind him. "Stay away from my sisterrrrrrr." he moaned.

The possessed Gregory then pushed Lu-Lu away, the skin flaking and light shooting off the body, Gregory's voice explodes from the light, deeper than before. "No! LEAVE HER ALONE!" More skin of the possessed body falls away slowly. "I won't let you HAVE HER!!!"

"Too late!" The orb shoots out of Gregory's body, granting him his free will and tries to penetrate Lu-Lu's body but she manages to hold it off with Chaos attacks.

"What the heck IS this thing!? It doesn't seem to weaken or flinch even with my strongest attacks!"

Gregory, now in his super form, grabs the orb, begining to crush it. "I'm working as hard as I can here, I'm sorry about all this..."

With his last ounce of strength Gunnar calls upons his Dark form, turning pitch black and pupiless. "I'LL KILL YOU!" he screamed. He then tackled Gregory to the ground and started to head-butt him meanwhile the orb and Lu-Lu flee upstairs.

"Darn! Even when your half-crushed your still powerful!"

"I know! Join me!"


"Then I'll have to do it by force!" The orb turns invisible and Lu-Lu turns her head frantically.

"Where are you. Stupid little- AAAAAH!" Lu-Lu fell to the ground and when she got up she was possessed.


Gregory growled loudly and threw Gunnar off. "That wasn't me you jacka** I'm trying to save her right now!" He ran upstairs and into Lu-Lu's room.

"No..I'm running out of power. I MUST SAVE HER!" Screamed Gunnar as he followed Gregory and started to choke him. "Leave her alone! This is all your fault! STAY AWAY FROM HER! STOP LEAVE! NOW!"

Gregory got pulled back out of the doorway by Gunnar. "What are you gonna do to help out this situation?"

"Heheh! Kill you!" he threw down Gregory. held his hands over his head and started charging a red sphere that grew bigger each second.

Gregory grunted and stood back up. "Your making more then just one life a living hell here." He grabbed Gunnar and threw him against a wall, walking into Lu-Lu's room.

"Heh. Oh hi Greggy-poo. Wanna' make out?" The possessed Lu-Lu teased.

Gregory growled, his golden fur glowing brighter. "Tempting, but there is a job to take care of first."

She walked over to Gregory and rubbed his cheek. "Aww. Work have you caught up? Don't even have time to hang out with lil' ol me. Don't be such a bad boy stay a little while."

Gregory grabbed her hand, completely unfazed. "I'd hate to hurt you, but I will if I have to Lu-Lu."

"I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU TO STAY AWAY FROM MY SISTER!" screamed Gunnar as he threw a gigantic Dark Spirit bomb at Gregory when it came in contact with him the whole castle blew up.

Gregory rebounded and jumped back up, searching for Lu-Lu. "That fool, I just want to fix what I started!" but when he found Lu-Lu she was dead.

Gregory stared at her lifeless body, dumbfounded. "What?! NO!" He roared at the air and searched for the orb. "WHERE ARE YOU?!" but he got no answer simply the silence of both Gunnar and Lu-Lu dead due to the spirit bomb.

Gregory howled loudly, reverting back to his normal form. "...Now what? I've lost my parents, my friends, the only person I possibly had a chance with, and I still have a robot assassin trying to kill me...I might as well just die now..."

"WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO MY CASTLE!?" Fa-La-Stu screamed while holding grocery bags.

Gregory jumped and turned to her. "And my wish just might be granted sooner than I Mrs. Stu..."

"Please. Call me Fa-La-Stu. Now what were you saying?"

Gregory looked down sadly. "Fa-La-Stu, It's a bit of a long story..." Gregory then retold the entire story starting with when they arrived back on Mobius to the orb attacking Gregory and possessing him, to the hole in the crater where he was re-possessed, to the attack on Lu-Lu-Su and Gunnar, and finishing with the fact that Gunnar killed himself and Lu-Lu-Su when he hit Gregory with the spirit bomb. "...This is all my fault, you can kill me now..."

"GRR THNAKS TO YOU MY DAUGHTER AND SON HAVE BEEN K-" a giant hole appeared in her chest and she fell to the ground, dead revealing a purple goat behind her.

"Well hello Gregory."

Gregory stood there for a moment, rubbing his eyes in dissapointment. "You've got to be kidding me."

"About what? The whole Echidna household being dead? Your parents being dead? Everyone in your town back on earth being dead?"

Gregory shook his head. "Nope, that you just showed up. You can't possibly tell me that you're the one who killed all those people."

"Oh I am. My name is Lopadotemachoselachogaleokranioleipsanodrimhypotrimmatosilphioparaomelitokatakechymenokichlepikossyphophattoperisteralektryonoptekephalliokigklopeleiolagoiosiraiobaphetraganopterygon I am one of the shattered pieces of an ancient monster.I'm the sadness piece and once all pieces are slain he will rise again. Several years ago I was fooling around in the ruins of this kingdom when I stumbled upon the dark orb that has the power to corrupt the world when it has possessed both of the orb bearer's bodies. Out of sheer curiosity I touched it and became trappped in it. Still mobile, I decided to wreck havoc and destory the nearby islands when I was finally brought to justice by GUN agents. They decided to experiment with me and a young genious named Fevine encased me in a robot and programmed me to be the ultimate fighter. Renamed:D-Mos I did as I was told but when I was struck by lightning I regained my free will and wrecked more havoc. Desperate to get rid of me they sent me to earth where I would be drastically weakened. But when you came back I knew that was my only chance to return so I persued you and those foolish MSM agents brought me back to Mobius, where I belong! After being shattered by Gunnar's Spirit Bomb. I have once again achieved my flesh form and now I will use my dark powers to plunge the world into despair!"

Gregory laughed softly. "Ah, common super-villain problem: You shout out your plan for no apparent reason at all. And your name is too long, so I'll just stick with D-Mos. Now, I'd love to try and thwart your plans, but I've got other things that I would rather do." He walked off towards where he found Lu-Lu's body

"I shouted out my plans because there isn't a need for me to keep it a secret anymore. I'm not scheming or lying. I'm just telling it like it is. I'm about to take over the planet and prepared for anyone who stands in my way. Besides I can trust you I HAVE possessed you."

Gregory waved the goat off with a submissive hand. "Whatever, I have more important things to take care of than watch you destroy everything else I've ever known and loved."

"Fine. I'll be waiting." D-Mos said as he vanished from thin air.

Gregory pondered his last words. "...Good riddence..." He then fell to his knees beside Lu-Lu-Su's dead body, cleaning it up as best he can, shutting her eyes slowly. "...I have destroyed the royal family line...I couldn't even make her last moments good ones..." several people began to scream in horror as they noticed the castle and Gregory near a dead Lu-Lu. "And now I am a criminal to these people...I can't fix anything because of D-Mos, but he doesn't matter right now...I'd rather be trialed and executed for losing Lu-Lu than have to hurt any others trying to kill D-Mos..."

"Fact of life # 101: Trust no one." D-Mos' voice echoed.

Gregory growled. "Oh, give it a rest, ya dick."

Chapter Six A

The next morning after Gregory was arrested.

(Far away from the castle the butler approaches Net) Butler:King Net, I have some terrible news.

Net:What's wrong?

Butler:Fa-la-Stu, Gunnar and Lu-Lu are...

Net:What happened?


Net:How did it happen?

Butler:I don't know! I came back to the castle only to find the whole thing destroyed and find our beloved three's dead corpse's.

Net:Please take me to them.

Butler:Right this way my king. (He leads him to the remains of the castle)

Net:This looks like Supanro's work.What do you think?

Butler:I'm not really sure if...GET BACK MASTER NET!

Net:(Gets in a defense stance)

(A powerful dark goat appears out of thin air)

???:You want to fight me?

Butler:I have no intentions to.

???:Too bad. Fa-La-Stu would want it?

Butler:Excuse me?

???:After all, I killed her.

Butler:Repeat that! I didn't her you loud enough you murderer!

???:I don't quite like your tone.... (All of a sudden the butler starts choking) Shame, with your chaos powers you would've stood a chance but your rage consumed you and you let your guard down. How about I make this quick.

Butler:(A cracking sound emits from his neck and he falls to the ground, lifeless)

Net:Who are you and why are you attacking everyone I know?

???:Both of those questions are none of your concern.

Net:When you mess with my wife and friends,then its my concern.

???:Heh. I guess your pain is my game.

Net:(Charges at him and punches at him)

???:(Catches the punch, throws net over his shoulder and hurls a dark energy beam at Net)

Net:(Uses a sheild to block the beam)

???:My apologies. None of the debris will be in use. (The whole castle debris disappears including the dead bodies and the shield) Now..(dark aura envelopes his body and he charges at Net full force) FIGHT LIKE A MAN!

Net:You ask for it.(Chages at him full force)

(Right when Net and ??? are about to collide ??? disappears, reappears behind Net and kicks him)

Net:(Hits the ground,but quicky gets up and kicks ??? to a boulder)

???:(Hits the boulder and stumbles back up) Your pretty tough. (His shoot lasers from his eyes that burn anything that they come in contact to) Let's see if you can survive this!

Net:Whoa!(Dodges the lasers,getting a few close calls)

???:GRRRAH! (Engulfs himself in flames and charges at Net)

Net:(Charges at ??? again,fists ready but when he collides with ??? he suffers severe burns)

Net:Oww!(Covers his burns)

???:(While Net was vulnerable he quickly eppercutted him towards the sky and seent a fireball towards him) EAT THIS!

Net:(Recovers from the uppercut,and makes a nose dive too)I like to share!(Punches the fireball back at ??? shaking off the pain)

???:Really now. In that case I guess you wouldn't mind having some of my power. (A dark aura glows around Net and his anger starts to consume him, making it harder to breathe and move, as if a force was crushing him from the inside)

Net:(Trying to breathe)I won't give up... Not till I get...everyone back.(Tries to stand up)

???:Oh come on I thought you wanted to SHARE! (More dark aura surrounds Net emitting poisonus gas and grounding him again)

(Then a gust of wind blows the gust away and a whirlwind traps ??? in it)


Net:(Starts breathing normaly and weakly stands up)Thanks guys.You took long though.

Llash:Sorry Net.We had other jobs to take care of.(Treats his wounds.)

Noven:I will not let you out till you give us some anwers.

???:(Smirks) Fine.

Net:1st,who are you?

???:Come a bit closer first.

Llash:(Carries Net over)

Noven:I got my eye on you goat psyco.

???:*Whispers*Drop dead!* (A he summons a powerful gale of dark wind, freeing him as he rises to the air) You could've just ran away. (Creates two clones of himself) NOW YOU WILL FACE MY WRATH! (He summons a dark huricane that envelopes the whole kingdom and a building comes hurling at Net and his friends) DON'T STRUGGLE NET YOU'LL JOIN YOUR FAMILY SOON ENOUGH!

Noven:(Makes a wind barrier for him and his friends)Nice try.(Destroies the buliding and summons a steel cage and traps ??? inside it)I've been around 50 years and I know what to do when this happens.

???:(Grips the bars and the cage melts) Apparently you don't. 50 years is FIVE to me! (His clones regroup and stand next to him arms crossed) Now, you only have one option since this kingdom is good as dead now. To fight. It's sad that you don't want to avenge your family Net. It's sad that you don't care about them. That you'd rather run away from me and let their deaths go unnoticed. Your really something, you know that?

Net:(Grabs him and pins him to the ground)I do care about them.(Punches him)Your the coward for using magic.Why don't you fight with bare hands?

???:(Net's rage grants him more power)Hypocrite...(punches Net off of him far into the sky) Your friends are using barriers. (He jumps towards Net)in the end...(punches Net in the face)..I guess you DO care about them...(punches Net down, sending him plummeting towards the earth)...since you want to join them so badly.

Llash:(Catches Net before he hit the ground)Of course he does..

Noven:I see rage is like sun to a flower for you.You feed off of it.

???:Thanks for the flattery, but the way I see it, I'm more of a parisite! (He shoots his laser vision again but this time it causes the whole area to catch on fire when it touches the ground) Hot yet! (He telsports behind Noven and kicks him) I hope no one has asthma.

Noven:(Summons water that puts out the fire as he's kicked)

Net:(Llash puts him down on the cool ground)My friends each have thier own skills.

Llash:When the 3 of us work together,nothing can put Team Guardians down.

???:Funny you should say that. (The two clones attack Llash and Noven while the original grabs Net by the Neck and starts sucking energy from him)Because I'm not alone either.

Llash:(Fights his clone with his staff)

Noven:(Fights his with his powers)

Net:(kicking ??? as he fight to get free)I won't let you do it.

(The clone fighting Llash grabs the staffs and hurls it which either a)causes Llash to lose his staff if he let go b)slings him as well if he didn't let go)

???:(Starts choking harder)Don't you want to be with your family again? Fightning me will only avenge them, not bring them back. So why don't you just give up and sleep?

Net:And let you live?Fat chance.I know they would want you delt with as well.

???:Suit yourself. (Starts to choke him harder and the suffocating black aura reappears around Net then he notices Gregory) Oh, so you've returned. "What ever happened to I'd rather be trialed and executed for losing Lu-Lu than have to hurt any others trying to kill D-Mos"?

Gregory threw down his staff and his hands glowed with bluish dark energy. "Things change..."

"There is nothing you can do Gregory. So just butt out. Remember," he smirked "Your the reason Lu-Lu died."

Net:(He took the advantage and kicks ??? in the chest,making him lose his grip.Net then rolls away from ??? to breathe)

"I'm about to fix that." Gregory picks up ??? with a hand made of energy and slams him into the ground, breaking through the surface. Gregory continued to slam ??? into the ground, digging his way farther into the ground.

The mysterious goat chuckled the further he fell. "Body swap..." he though as he swapped bodies with Net.

The mysterious goat in Net's body turned to Gregory and smiled.

Gregory stopped quickly, unable to hurt either, or end up killing Net. "S**t. Not good."

Noven:(Summons vine to tie up Net's body)

Llash:WE know Net better then you goat.He can never get out of those vines.

Net:The goats body is not as strong as mine,but my will is.

The possessed Net laughed "HA! You wish! If I was so weak than how am I alive and kicking!? Even after being blown up by a dark spirit bomb." The the clones start attacking the possessed Net causing him to cough up blood. "That's right keep it comin' boys!"

Noven:(TRaps the clones in elemental spheres)

Llash:(Grabs Net's body and flies up with it)Net been raise in the wild jungles before us.So not even your attacks can worn him out.

???:On the contrary, no one is invincible no matter how powerful you are you must fall. The only exception is the power piece who absorbs abilities and immunities.

Net:I think I can use his body to switch us back.

???:Simple minded fool! It's the soul that counts and you only controlmy body, not my soul and since I'm not switching back we're stuck like this until one us dies.

Net:WEll,I know a wizard who can give me info of how to undo this.We're taking a trip and your comming along wheter you want to or not

???:Search all youwant but I am a power not of this world, your friend can tell you that.

Noven:Sounds like he came from the Dark Poud Kingdom.

Llash:He uses dark in his attacks.

???:You really want to know my origin don't you?

Net:Everything has a orgin.

Gregory watches them.

Noven:And who are you?

Gregory turned to Noven. "I'm Gregory the Magihog...why?"

Noven:Cause its the 1st I seen you.Don't worry.I can tell your not with the goat.

Gregory grunted sadly. "No, but I think I might have made him..."

Llash:Would you tell us

Gregory shrugged. "I just have a hunch..."

Net:Anything helps.Like what's his name?

Gregory spoke quickly. "His name is Lopadotemachoselachogaleokranioleipsanodrimhypotrimmatosilphioparaomelitokatakechymenokichlepikossyphophattoperisteralektryonoptekephalliokigklopeleiolagoiosiraiobaphetraganopterygon, but it's just better to call him by his robot name: D-Mos. He is a peice of an ancient monster that has come to destroy us all."

Noven:But how does he know us?

Gregory looked at Noven. "He's been around for thousands of years, you think he wouldn't know who any of us were?"

Llash:True.Maybe someone told him about us.

Gregory picked his staff back up. "Speaking of D-Mos, isn't he still beating himself up to destroy King Net's body?"

Noven:He's tied up in strong vines and Llash has him.

Gregory looked at Noven, slightly confused. "Riiiight, anyways. I work in spells as well, so why take a long journey and risk getting killed by D-Mos?"

Net:Then please,put me back in my body if you can.

Gregory smiles. "Simple." Snaps his fingers as a black aura appears on his hands, and he begins his spell to switch the bodies back.

D-Mos's eyes widen "What!? No it can't be! HOW IS HE DOING THIS!?" he screamed asthe bodies began to switch back!

Net:(Back in his body)It feels good to be back in my own body.^^

Noven:(Unties him)Indeed.

Gregory finished the spell, locking D-Mos back in his body, setting a permanent seal on him without noticing. "I've become stronger, it's time I take the offense."

"GRRRAH! I've been in that pearl to long. I've must've given you some of my powers without noticing!" D-Mos screamed but he then smirked. "I guess it's time I've payed Ruster a little visit! You've gained victory this time. Ta-Ta."

The storm stopped revealing it was noon and D-Mos flew away.

Gregory swore profusely. "He's gone, but he'll be back...Maybe I can save the ones I hurt with this new power..."

Llash:Do you know a Ruster?

Gregory shook his head. "Nope, but I've got others to save." He walked off, heading towards where the corpses of Net's family were when D-Mos speaks to Gregory again through telepathy.

"Oh yeah, when I was battling Net, before you came I evaporated the remains of the castle, including their corpses. Just thought you should know!"

Gregory stopped dead, clenching his fists tightly.


Gregory growled loudly. "NOOOOOO!!!!" A dark aura sorrounds him, somehow sending him back in time.

Net:I'll find a way to bring my family back.

Gregory landed next to the castle ruins, a while before Net showed up and ran into the ruins, searching for the bodies but he is transported back with Net and a goat cloaked in a black trench coat appears.

"How dareyou interfere with the flow of time!?"

Gregory hits the goat with his staff. "I'm tired of you! It's time we finish this!!!"

"What the heck are you talking about?! I've never met you in my life!"

Gregory stopped. "I'm sorry, I thought you were somebody else. Who are you?"

"I'm Timewarp, friend of Net. More importantly what are YOU doing messing with time?"

Gregory stood up straight. "I'm trying to fix what I messed up...I just want to save the people I love..."

"That's really too bad. If a murderer died would it be okay for his or her family to revive him and he killed some more?"

Gregory looked sadly. "You're right, I can't just center myself on my own loves..."

Net:Timewarp sir.Sorry I wasn't there to save my family.If I had known,they would be okay.

"As I said before that's really too bad. Apparently it was supposed to happen ince there wasn't any time travelling involved. I'm very orry but you'll have to live with it."

Gregory became worried. "But I can't! I have to save them! I've caused to much trouble. I just want to save the one chance I've ever had at love...Look how pathetic I sound right now..."

"Yeah, you really do considering I'm not comprimising."

Llash:PLease offer your wisdom great traveler of time?

"I'm not wise, I just enforce the rules of time. It's the only thing I'm good at being the time piece..."

Gregory spoke up. "But what about Lopadotemachoselachogaleokranioleipsanodrimhypotrimmatosilphioparaomelitokatakechymenokichlepikossyphophattoperisteralektryonoptekephalliokigklopeleiolagoiosiraiobaphetraganopterygon?"

Net:Or D-Mos?

Timewarp grabbed Gregory by the collar "Did you say Lopadotemachoselachogaleokranioleipsanodrimhypotrimmatosilphioparaomelitokatakechymenokichlepikossyphophattoperisteralektryonoptekephalliokigklopeleiolagoiosiraiobaphetraganopterygon?

WWhat was he doing!?"

"He's the one who's been causing all this mayhem. He's been constantly pestering me, killing everybody I've loved." Gregory said.

"Specifics! Tell me EVERYTHING!"

Gregory jumped. "Okay." He then told him everything that happened, including his trips to earth and back, leaving nothing out.

Noven:You know him?

"Yes,he's the sadness piece of the ancient monster as you know.I'm the time piece even though I can't reverse time I can aid you in defeating him before he takes over Mobius. Also I think I know a way to reverse all the deaths he's caused."

Gregory grins excitedly. "That sounds great!"

Net:Thank you.We'll need all the help we can get.

Timesward nodded. "Can you guys fly?"

Llash:I can.

Gregory nodded. "Pretty much."

Noven:Me and Net can't fly.But I can use the wind to help us to.

"Then follow me!" Timeswarp flew high into the air then flew northwest.

Llash:(Flies up and follows)

Noven:(Uses the wind to help him and Net follow Timewarp)

Gregory chased after them by foot, then jumped into the air, using his Magi to propel him forward.

They kept flying until they reached a floating island city then Timeswarp landed. "It would be best if we split up. That way if Lopadotemachoselachogaleokranioleipsanodrimhypotrimmatosilphioparaomelitokatakechymenokichlepikossyphophattoperisteralektryonoptekephalliokigklopeleiolagoiosiraiobaphetraganopterygon finds one of us he won't know about the others. I'll go to the center of the city, Greg will go farher north, Net will go farther south, Llash will go west and Noven will go east, got it?"

Llash:Yes sir.

Noven:Will do.

Net:Got it Timewrap sir.

Gregory nodded. "On my way." He flew off to the north.

Llash:(Flew to the West)

Net:(Goes South)

Noven:(Goes to the East)

Timewarp walked at a pleasent pace towards the center of the city. "It's a good thing I lead them in the wrong direction" he thought.

"Because with three goats. A hedgehog, a warthog a badger, and an angel-like thingy just won't mix."

(Llash is a griffen)

(Yeah, but Timeswarp doesn't know)

So where do we continue?On the bottom?)

(Yes, below where it says "with the others")

Chapter 6 B

Gregory sat in his cell, wrist chains dangling. They had let him out of his cuffs when he entered the cell, but he just sat in the corner, staring at the floor. He manages to hear D-Mos scream "Eat This!" it's distant so he barely hears it but it's still audible.

Gregory looked up slowly, wondering who D-Mos was fighting to cause him to yell so loudly.

Shortly after he hears D-Mos speak again "Really now. In that case I guess you wouldn't mind having some of my power."

Gregory stands up, walking to the edge of the cage. Thinking to himself: 'D-Mos can project his words to me, which means I should be able to do the same...he really is still a part of me...' he then speaks aloud: "Who are you fighting, D-Mos?" but he gets no answer but about five minutes later a horrible storm starts and the roof flies off of the prison now he hears D-Mos loud and clear towards the remains of the castle.


Gregory stared puzzled. "Net?... *Gasp* The King!!!" His staff materialized in his hand, and he slammed it against the ground, chaos controlling to a hill near the ruins. He then took off running towards the battle.

(Do we continue here or above?)


(Wouldn't that just turn it into a paradox?)

(How? This bottom section takes place in the jail and the above takes place in the ruins. Since Gregory went to the ruins he's up there now)

(This is true, so we just skip over the Jail bit once this next seen is over?)

(Yes. I know it's confusing so later I'll divide this into actual chapters because technically we're still on chapter one)

(True, anyways, I'll add in now)

Chapter 7

(Timeswarp reaches a antique shop but stands at the side of the glass door and eavesdrop on the people talking)

"You will fuse with me or else you will die Ruster!"

"You think I would fuse with you!? Did you split correctly because I think your missing a brain!"

"Ruster, out of all the pieces you know your the weakest!"

"Still, I'm not goingto let you plunge this world into darkness! I sat by when Rodney was trying to take over and I'm NOT letting you!"

"What about this: I won't kill and or fuse with you as long as you surrender the Silver Crescent."

"Why would I do that!?"

"Your choice Rusty, fuse or crescent? Take your pick."

Ruster stepped aggressively towards D-Mos.

"Ironis isn't it!? I'm the memory piece and I forgot my power! I can simply erase your memory and-"

"HA! Erase my memory and you'll erase an innocent man's that's lost everything!"

"H-how did that happen!?"

"Don't worry about it all you need to do now is decide. World domination with me or surrender the crescent?"


Timeswarp walks in.

"It's okay Ruster, you don't have to chose either!"

"Timewarp this is between me and-"

Timeswarp grabs to antique swords and hands one to Ruster which causes D-Mos to laugh.

"Hm? HAHAHAHAHAHA! That's priceless! Do you really want to rumble with me because of me, I've killed the remaining royal family! The only one left is Net and he doesn't have royal blood flowin' through him!"

Timeswarp chuckled. "Funny how you can mock us and you can't seem to defeat children!"

"GRRR! I'VE HAD ENOUGH OF YOU!" D-Mos charged at Timeswarp and slashed his sword but Timeswarp was able to duck and bring him to the ground with a leg sweep. Seeing this as his chance he puts the prone D-Mos in a headlock and Timeswarp just about slices D-Mos' head off when D-Mos pushes them both back with dark wind into a two different walls and they slide down, hurt.

"You see, it's not that they're stronger than me...they simply have good defense. Unlike you!" D-Mos launched a fireball at Ruster who tries to block it with his arms but just catches on fire!


Timeswarp got a bucket of water and splashed it on Ruster but D-Mos snuck up behind him, kicked his legs, grounding him and shoved the bucket on his head.

"Well, now it's only us Ruster...I guess now you'll decide what you want to-" Ruster punched D-Mos in the mouth, then in the nose then kicked his crotch and he fell to the ground.

Timeswarp finally got the bucket off and slowed down time for himself, picked up D-Mos and started to punch him in the face. He then restored time and stepped back.

"Had enough, punk?" Timeswarp asked.

"Nope."D-Mos made a blade out of darkness and slashed at Ruster then slashed at Timeswarp who blocked it. After D-Mos began to gain the upper-hand Timeswarp slowed down time again and sliced D-Mos' leg!

"AAAH!" Why you little..."he threw another fireball at Timeswarp but this time he stepped out the way and the whole antique shop caught on fire.

D-Mos laughed. "Meet me outside!" he said as he walked outside slightly unphased by his leg wound. Timeswarp looked at Ruster and supported him outside the shop.

(Back with the others)

Llash:(Sees the fire)I know Timewrap saids to look here,but that fire is not normal.I'm sure my teammates see the fire as well.(Flies to the shop)

Net:THat's where Sir Timewrap went.I hope he's okay.(Goes to help)

Noven:Whatever that fire means is not good.(Goes too)

Timewarp's eyes widen when he sees Llash approaching. "No you don't!" he create a force field, blocking anyone from entering and a man trapped in the forcefield walks out of his shop.

"Hey, what's the big-" D-Mos choked him and sucked out all of his dark energy.

He smirked. "Round Two:FIGHT!"

Llash:Timewrap,just what are you doing?We're suppose to work together to beat him.

"I never said that! Remember, we split up so if he got one of us the others would survive. The other reason I did that is so you guys wouldn't get hurt and as you can see." he points to Ruster defending poorly against D-Mos' lethal dark attacks. "This is a goat issue."

Llash:But why aren't you helping him?

"If only you knew.."

D-Mos slashes his dark blade at Ruster's wound, stunning him then D-Mos turned the blade into a scythe. Timeswarp quickly jumps in front of Ruster and is hit multiple times by D-Mos scythe he is then slashed so hard he is launched into a building then it collapses on him.

"Timeswarp n-"

D-Mos held the blade to Ruster's neck "Now decide! Aborbtion or the crescent!"

D-Mos turned to Llash. "Are you talking to yourself because Timeswarp is out of comm-" Ruster tackles D-Mos and punches him several times and the two start rolling around.

"Run! NOW!" Ruster yelled as he vommitted. up blood when D-Mos punched him in the stomach.

Llash:You neeed to run too Ruster.

"That would be a good idea but if me and Timeswarp don't defeat him who will?"

Timeswarp climbs under the rubble and starts charging something in his hands. "Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii"

D-Mosand Ruster contunue to wrestle.

Llash:Timewarp is doing something.

"iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime....GET OUT THE WAY RUSTER!" Ruster was kicked off by D-Mos and D-Mo ran towards Timeswarp.

"REVERSE!" he throws the beam towards D-Mos and the whole force-field dome is bathed in a bright white light.

Llash:(Covers his eyes)

(When it clears up everything's the same except D-Mos is a toddler)

Timeswarp:Looks like you can't do much now that your a b- (he gets kicked in the face by baby D-Mos and stumbles back) but you still pack a punch.

(Ruster staggers up and quickly grabs thge baby by his feet)

Ruster:I got this. (Timeswarp starts relentlessly attacking baby D-Mos with his fists)


(The baby thrashes around and hits the ground. He then flies to the top center of the dome and starts gathering energy)

Timeswarp:He can't do much now...nothing to woeey about. (Destroys the forcefield).See, now if all of you came things would've got out of hand.

Llash:But you know he's gathering energy.Shouldn't you contain him or something?

(The baby starts screaming loudly)


Llash:Look.(Points to the screaming baby.

(The whole planet is blanketed with a black mist)

Timeswarp:Huh? Where are you?

Llash:(Makes his staff glow)I'm right here.

(With Gregory)

Gregory was trying to find his way through the now thickened black mist. "Now what am I supposed to be doing? I've been searching for D-Mos all day and now this fog appears? Perfect...just perfect..."

Noven:Gregory?Is that you?(Flashes a lantern at him)

(With the others)

By the time Timeswarp feels his way towards Llash it's too late. The mist uncovers and where the baby D-Mos was standing an old black and grey goat had taken his place.

Ruster crawls backwards. " can't be...alright I'll fuse with you just-" but D-Mos had disappeared, reappeared and stabbed Ruster in the chest in seemingly an instant. "Ignorant fool! It's too late for that now...I have all the dark power in this city, Station Square and next the world! Do you really think I'll need you now!?"he kicked Ruster and flew up. "But first I need to find the crescent!" He then flew away at an awesome speed.

Timeswarp rushed to Ruster.

"Ruster! Are you okay?"

"No, I'm not. He's right I am the weakest...."


"Gregory? Who's-"

"It doesn't matter! But why didn't you give him the crescent!" Timeswarp started to cry.

"Because, if he destroys it all the people he killed will be gone forever....besides," he reaches inside his stomach and rips out a shiny crescent rock. ",I would die if I gave it to him anyways."

"Ruster, no you can't die you just can't!"

"It's no use trying to save me...just do me a favor."


"Stop Lopadotemachoselachogaleokranioleipsanodrimhypotrimmatosilphioparaomelitokatakechymenokichlepikossyphophattoperisteralektryonoptekephalliokigklopeleiolagoiosiraiobaphetraganopterygon over Krinkinko and Droget for me..."

"Sure I'll stop Lopadotemachoselachogaleokranioleipsanodrimhypotrimmatosilphioparaomelitokatakechymenokichlepikossyphophattoperisteralektryonoptekephalliokigklopeleiolagoiosiraiobaphetraganopterygon but why those two?"

"Because they're my friends...they visited me and I let them see some of my items. That's how Droget became such a skilled swordsman and that's how Krinkinko mastered the Boost tecnique so well. Besides...Krinkinko helped beat Rodney....good-bye...old friend." Ruster closed his eyes

"No don't go...DON'T DIE ON ME PAL!" he started to shake him but Ruster was already dead.


An ambulance came and carried Ruster away and as it drove away Timeswarp just lay there, crying silently.

Llash:How long will this suffering continue till we get De-mos?Very close friends are a treasure that can't be replaced.

Timeswarp was able to compse himself when he heard Llash speak and he held up the rock. "With this rock all the people slain by D-Mos will be revived. There's only two things. First, it doesn't work on goats..." a tear ran down his cheek. "..second.....only two people know how to use it...the first one being Ruster but he's long gone....the second one being....D-Mos." he falls to his knees looks at the ground defeated.

Llash:I know it won't be easy to get D-Mos to help us bring everyone to life willingly.

Timeswarp raised his head, teeth bared. "Not easy!? He's all-powerful! It's impossible now!AS WE SPEAK RIGHT NOW THERE'S A GOOD CHANCE HE'S GAINIGN MORE POWER!

Net:(Finally gets there)Then let's find other powers before he does.

(If he JUST got there then how does he know what's going on?)

(He's got sharp hearing)

(Back with Gregory)

Gregory ran over to Noven quickly, materializing his staff and lighting it with a bright energy. "Noven! Am I glad to see you. What's happened? What's been going on?" He spoke quickly, worried of what might have happened to the others.

(As they rejoin,the lights are back on)

Noven:I'm not sure,I saw fire.Then the whole town got dark.

Gregory looked around, and put out his staff. "Well then, lets go find the others, and fast." Gregory then ran off towards the center of town.


Gregory arrived at where the others were and looked around and the chaotic scene. "I missed yet another fight..." He looked at Timewarp, who still seemed stricken with the loss of Ruster. "And one that I probably could have been a good use for..."

Net:I got here.I only heard some of it.

Gregory sighed. "Timewarp, where is D-Mos? Please explain to me what has happened."

Timeswarp staggered up and turned away as he started to cry. "It happened too fast...then again, everything happens too fast for my taste but if you must know," he turned around with a fresh stream of tears. "I led you the wrong way so I could take on D-Mos myself. He was harassing my ally...screw best friend, Ruster. He wanted the Silver Crescent, which if used correctly, could reverse any of the deaths that D-Mos caused my guess is that he wanted to destroy it. Ruster is....was the memory piece of the ancient monster D-Mos mentioned earlier. Since he's the memory piece he could've easily gave D-Mos grave amnesia but since D-Mos is connected to you and Lu-Lu if he scrambled D-Mos' would have affected you too. We then had a brawl which led to a building being burned down but I eventually reversed him back to an infant. Sadly, he gathered energy and turned to an even stronger, older form. He made quick due of Ruster and flew off, hungry for more comes the worse part. First off the crescent can't bring back goats....second of all only two people know how to utilize it....Ruster....and D-Mos himself..."

Llash:What about his two friends?Can they help?


Llash:Krinkinko and Droget.You did promise Ruster to watch over those two.


Noven:Calm down Timewrap.

"Calm down? How am I suppose to calm down when Mr. Angelic here's trying to get more innocent people killed!?" Timeswarp screamed as he pointeda finger towards Llash.

Llash:I don't mean bring them to battle.Just ask them what they know.

Net:And Timewrap sir,he's a griffen.

"How would they know anything they DON'T! Only Ruster and D-Mos know. Krinkinko and Droget barely know anything about Ruster let alone D-Mos or the crescent and about his species, Mystical creatures, same ballpark.."

Noven:Intead of fighting with eachother.We need to focus.

Gregory sighed again. "Well, we're about to have another fighter to the team anyways."

As soon as Gregory said that, Isaiah the Angelic Hedgefox walked out from behind a building nearby. "I don't mean to eavesdrop, but it's the best way to get info now-a-days."

"Go home..there's no hope left." Timeswarp said.

Llash:There's always hope.We just have to find it somehow.Giving up will never help us .

Timsewarp folded his arms. "Okay let me say this one more time. D-Mos has gained otherworldy powers by absorbing all the darkness in this city plus Station Square and he's out to achieve more power. Also he killed many people and the only way to reverse the deaths is to use the Crescent and he's the only one alive that knows how to use it. See any hope in that?"

Noven:No.But if we continue to let him get more power,then there will be more pain and suffering.

Gregory growled at Timeswarp. "You have got to be kidding lose one friend and then you crawl back into your shell like a chicken?! I'VE SEEN HUNDREDS OF MY CLOSEST FRIENDS AND FAMILY DIE AT THE HANDS OF THIS MAN! COUNTLESS INNOCENTS, TAKEN BY HIM BECAUSE OF ME!!! NOW YOU'RE JUST GONNA WHINE ABOUT NO HOPE?! I CALL THAT A LOAD OF BULL!!!!! ...I don't care if you're going to help me or not, but I'm tired of you're hopeless speech." [A Negative zone surrounded him, turning into a blackish-green fire]

"Heh..I thought I told you. You friends are gone forever brat! A few mortal what you do eventually but if not killed we goats live forever and Ruster was the only one who could reverse this mess! I'm not hiding in a shell I'm noly being realistic! Wake up Gregory, it's over!"

Gregory suddenly had Timeswarp by the throat. "Not as long as I'm still breathing, runt." The fire surrounding Gregory began to burn Timeswarp.

"Who are you calling runt?! What the heck!? My only friend died and know your choking me? I told you.." he slows down time around him and begins punching Gregory, he moved so fast that each punch happened in seemingly a nano-second. After he was done with his punching he kicked Gregory and restored time around himself.

But Gregory stood still, unnafected by the hits.

Isaiah stood next to Timeswarp, even thought he had been far behind Gregory earlier. "Time may succumb Gregory to its rules, but I'm a little bit different."

Gregory grinned to Isaiah. "So, you'll help me?"

Isaiah shook his head, frowning. "Not this time, Gregory. Timeswarp is correct in all he has said. Even I know that D-Mos has somethng up his sleeve. No matter how much I'd love to stand by you, I can't let the peice of D-Mos inside of you currupt you into killing Timeswarp, or else you'll be helping D-Mos's cause."

Gregory stood there, silent and angry, then a single tear streamed down his face and he turned and walked away. "Fine..." Was all they heard him say before he disappeared behind a building.

Timeswarp looked at the ground againand sighed. "When did this start," he asked himself. "What events led up to this?"

Isaiah sighed as well. "Since Gregory first travelled to earth via his dreams, it happened about a week ago. He said that before it happened, a strange pale green light he saw came down from the sky and covered him, he ran inside and ever since, he's been roaming back and forth in his dreams..."

"Maybe the answers lie in his sleep. May I suggest drugging him?"

Isaiah shook his head. "No, he has made his body magically resistant to drugs. But, he hasn't slept in days, he'll be out soon. I know where he's going, and I bet you do too."

"I'm guessing either,

A:To confront D-Mos face-to-face or

B:To the ruins of Fa-La-Stu's castle."

Isaiah continued walking. "Trust me, if I'm on the side for not going after D-Mos, he'll listen well." Turns the corner that Gregory had walked around. "Found it."

"How are we going to get him to fall asleep?"

No answer was heard, then a light flashes, and Isaiah drags a sleeping Gregory from behind the building. "Already taken care of."

Chapter 8

(When Gregory wakes back up in earth several people around him are crying and others are angry. The world is covered with a deep purple mist and the sky is the same purple color)

Gregory looked around, too numb from the previous events to even show astonishment. "Now what has happened?" Almost as if an answer he heard the laughter of D-Mos coming seemingly from nowhere. "Oh you've got to be kidding me. He's plaguing my dreams again?" He sighed and pulled out his sword just in case a fight were to start.

"Put the sword down because there's no curing the world now. You see,I already plunged it in darkness." D-Mos laughed some more.

"I only have it out in case you jump me out of nowhere, D-Mos. I can't do anything to help. When I fight, I lose, and when I give up, I lose. So I decided to live the rest of my panged existence here in my dreams. You're just going to destroy both worlds anyway, ao I might as well die on the world I came into." Continues walking through the unfolding chaos.

"So, it's finally it!? Your finally miserable!?" he started laughing hysterically. "What happened to the Gregory who never gave up!?"

"Never said I was miserable, only said my life was. Never said I gave up, I'm just tired of this whole story-book mess and I'm waiting until someway out of this will show up." He walked up to the apartment building that he lived in with his parents and sat on the doorstep. As he was sitting an old purple and grey echidna walked up to him.

"You need to kill D-Mos.."

"Thank you captain pointing out the obvious. But how, sir." He stood up, still too numb to be shocked from the echidna's appearence.

"First off I'm a woman and second off, you can't do it a =lone and another thing..forget about that crescent. Just kill him."

Gregory sighed. "Then who is supposed to help me, Ma'am? Nobody wants to stand up to him...

"Find some people...even though Timeswarp forbids it I suggest finding Krinkinko. Also that Net fellow seemed eager..."

"Well, it's worth a shot. Thanks for the advice." He stood up and went to walk off.

"Here..I'll knock you out and when you wake up you'll be at Twerunka Jungle." The Echidna shoots a sedative dart at his right butt cheek.

"Yeah, there is so much manliness in what you just-" He fell over unconcious and woke up back on Mobius in the Twerunka Jungle. "Well, she didn't lie."

"Krinketta! Krinkinkoy! Hide NOW!" Soon a little green seedrian and a crying Eaglet ran to where Gregory was. The seedrian hushed the Eaglet and they looked through the leaves to see D-Mos face-to-face with a young green hedgehog.

"What do you want punk?' The hedgewhog asked.

"Big words for such a little man!"

"You look JUST like Rodney and if your anything like him I'll kick your teeth in like I did his!" D-Mos simply started to laugh.

"GRRRR! I'VE HAD ENOUGH!" Krinkinko used Sonic Boost towards D-Mos but in a flash D-Mos was gone and behind Krinkinko. Fortunately he had good enough ears to hear D-Mos' movement but he only managed to turn his head when D-Mos kicked him to a tree. Krinkinko slid down and smiled.

"I don't know who you are but you should of never tried messing up the jungle!" He cracked his knuckles, his head, sharpened his quills and spindashed towards D-Mos. D-Mos smiled and prepared to kick himn when Krinkinko jumped high into the air and dived towards the ground. He barely missed D-Mos but his impact caused dirt to kick up blocking the fight.

"Where are you!?" screamed D-Mos then the trio heard punches and kicks. When the dust clears up it's revealed that Krinkinko managed to land a few blows but D-Mos had him in a deadly headlock. Even though Krikinko was being to choke he managed to chuckle. "Ready kids? Lend daddy some of your power.

Krinkinkoy and Krinketta smile as they crouch and start grunting as if constipated and a storm of sharp leaves start to cut D-Mos. Krinkinko backed away but D-Mos ran to him and threw him in the air.

"Death.....BEAM!" a purple beam is emittied from D-Mos' fingers and it blast Krinkinko out the sky. After Krinkinko falls he stumbles back up and used Sonic Burst and but D-Mos punched him hard and the skull when he got too close. As Krinkinko stumbled back he got out his scythe and started to heal himself with it when D-Mos grabbed it and the two had a short struggle for it before D-Mos gained the upper hand by kneeing Krinkinko,taking the scythe, then slashing him in the face. Befor Krinkinko fell down though he grabbed Krinkinko's arms by his backside and put his foot upon his back. He started to pull Krinkinko's arm and smiled when Krinkinko started to scream.

"Give up slimeball?"

"I will never give won't get away with-"they heard a snapping sound and Krinkinko fell to the dirt ground as D-Mos let go.

"Okay, I'll leave this place alone...for three days. Then I'll destroy it plenty of time for you to die and me to kill Gregory." Then D-Mos flew off laughing as soon as D-Mos was gone Krinkinkoy and Krinketta ran to him.

"Daddy are you okay?" Krinketta asked.

"Daddy!" Krinkinkoy sobbed.

Gregory stared at what just happened. "You have got to be freaking KIDDING ME!!!!" A dark aura whips around him in a deadly black fire. Krinkinkoy whips his head towards Gregory scared.

"M-M-Monster..." he cried softly as he rose a quivering finger towards Gregory.

Gregory sighed and the blazing black aura disappeared. "No, I'm a friend. My hopes were resting on your father though..."

"Grampa! Wet's go get grampa!" Krinkinkoy suggested to Krinketta.

"NO," Krinkinko managed to raise his head. "It's too dangerous to go alone." he then noticed Gregory. "Who are you?"

Gregory stood up. "My name is Gregory. I needed your help to get my life straightened up..."

"Heh. Well it looks like I need a lot more help than you do at the moment."

"I see that. I didn't even know you were still alive. I can heal you if you're not near the brink."

"Heh..I think I am but there's a cave north of here. There's a tiny village in there and then you should see an old frog there. Tell him about what happened and he should come here or better yet, carry me to him."

"Sounds simple enough." He picked up Krinkinko and followed his directions to the cave, his children following him.


When the reached the village several people stared in awe at the sight of two hedgehogs instead of the usual one. When the reached the Elder's cave Krinkinko was in horrible condition but he wasn't dead.

The Elder saw the group and stared in shock. "W-what happened!?"

Gregory looked to the Elder. "Krinkinko has been attacked by D-Mos. He's been very, VERY badly injured."

"By who?"

"D-Mos, an ancient goat who is a part of a greatly powerful enemy who wants to take over the world."

Krinkinko managed to speak before falling out of Gregory's hands and onto the floor. "I think I know hat your talking about and if I'm correct you don't know that the ancient goat wants to take over the world."

The Elder rushed to Krinkinko when he fell to the ground and felt his forehead.

"I need an alasis of his wounds. Limbs broken, poison consumption anything."

"He's been badly wounded, possibly poisoned, two arms broken most certainly."

"Okay. I'll need candles, cups and some Wtherleaf fast!"

"The others can get the ordinary stuff, where do I find the Wtherleaf?"

"I take it your not from here. The Witherleaf is a common plant here in Twerunka Jungle. It comes in green, blue,pink and orange each one looks like a normal leaf but they have exceptional smell, taste, and can cause one to relax. They are commonly used for medical treating and numbing."

Gregory nodded. "So they're easy to find, alright then. Anything else?"

"Nothing. And remember not to confuse the Witherleaf with normal ones."

"Don't confuse them...right." He ran out to begin searching for the Witherleaf

(Meanwhile,Net is lost in the jungle)

Net:Man,I can't believe I forgot where the village is.Then again,almost all jungles are the same sometime.


As he began searching for the Witherleaf he bumped into a young frog.

"Sorry sir," he looked up "um...have you seen a green headgehog named Krinkinko around here anywhere?"

Gregory nodded. "You just missed him, he's been severely injured and the elder needs some Witherleaf to help him."

"I can help you."

Gregory smiled. "Sounds good to me. You know this place better than I do."

The two trekked the jungle for Witherleafs in silence until Droget decided to make conversation. "Did you hear about that guy on the news?" he asked.

"What guy?"

"Well I can't really say his name since it's so long but he's this goat who says he'll plunge this world into darkness. He's also looking for this person named Gregory so he can kill him. He scares me..."

Gregory hesitated. "You mean D-Mos? Yeah, he scares me too."

"I wonder why he's so angry and evil."

"Cause he has power, and wants more of it..."

Droget shook his head. "No, that can't be it. If he was the power piece than that would make sense but there has to be a more elaborate reason..." he took the leaf of a tree and bit it. After about five seconds he sighed and announced. "Nope, this isnt a Witherleaf either."

"But D-Mos is the power peice, I thought..."

"No, that was another guy named Rodney. Judging by his broadcasts he appears to be the darkness piece."

"Oh, right. We've got to hurry this up, or else Krinkinko will die."

Droget started to panic. "I'm trying as hard as I can but I can't find them. Do you see any oddly placed pink, orange, or blue leaves anywhere?"

Gregory was examining a small blue leaf. "You mean this?"

Droget's eyes widened and he sniffed it. "It sure smells like it. Are there any more?"

Gregor noticed a small plant with a few blue leaves. "There."

Droget crouched down next to it. "Aww. It's a baby Witherleaf tree. If you eat too many Witherleafs you'll become extremely drunk but if you eat just one baby Witheleaf you'll get drunk. If the Elder's going to numb up Krinkinko too many of these will just plain throw him into a fantasy land but," he yanked the whole pnat out of the ground. "The roots of a baby Witleaf Tree puts you in a sleep that's filled with wonderful dreams. Now all we have to do is haul this back to the cave. We don't have much time left! Droget said as he started running back towards Frog Village.

Gregory sighed. "Nobody beleives in my powers of teleportation." He snapped and they appeared outside the cave. "My gosh." He walked inside.

Krinkinko's condition worsened to the point where The Elder's voice became gloomful when he spoke. "Did you get the candles, fire, and leaves?"

Gregory stopped. "I thought that was being taken care of by the rest of town here. I've been out looking for leaves with Droget..."

Droget's mother walked in. "Elder I brought the candles you wanted for your bath." she dropped them as soon as she saw Krinkinko and mouthed the words "Oh my god." before running.

"Okay, we have the candles." The Elder said.

"Alright then." Gregory said and opened his hand to reveal a small fire.

The Elder chuckled. "Normally I would rant about you kids and your no good powers but I find that would be...inappropriate. Now, since you will be my fire you'll have to be with me for the whole operation. Are you aware with Fire Cupping?"

"I've done extensive reading and a little bit of practice. Nothing too fancy, but I think I can handle it."

(The Two begin to operate and by early morning Krinkinko was back to the state he was when he was after the attack.)

The Elder wiped his forehead. "Oaky. You can rest for tonight. Even though we worked all night we only managed to reverse the damage he took during your trek.We'll work again tomorrow. You can sleep by Droget who's on the far side of the cave. I am sorry if I overworked you."

Gregory was sweating, but keeping concetration on the fire. "I need him alive ASAP, Elder. I'm not finished yet, so lets keep going."

The Elder looks intensely at Gregory's eyes. "I suppose I could operate for about five more hours and if we work really hard he should be okay but don't overwork yourself. I can tell you've been under a lot of stress lately."

"You have no idea. But I can't stop now. I'll be fine."

The Elder nodded and he contenued the procedure.

Eight hours later Krinkinko was in pretty good shape but not perfect even so he was sleeping healthfully while the Elder rubbed his eyes. "Do you still want to go on. I'm pretty sure he can heal naturally now."

Gregory sat down, absolutely wore out. "I think he'll be fine now...Thanks for youre help Elder."

The Elder slumped down as well. "Your welcome." he yawned.

Droget walked over to the two and both gave them Witherleaf tree roots. "Here, if you eat this Gregory you'll have pleasent dreams."

Gregory sighed. "I think I'm far from that, but heck, it's worth a shot." Gregory ate the root and quickly fell asleep, due to massive exhaustion.

When Gregory woke up in his dream he is being kissed by Lu-Lu and Rachel. He jumped back and stared at them, bewildered. "Wha? What's happening? Where am I?" He said, looking around completely confused.

Lu-Lu looks confused as well. "What's wrong? Are you unhappy?"

Gregory looked at her, still confused. "No, it's not that. It's just..." He thought to himself: <You're supposed to be dead and I haven't really been worrying about Rachel too much anyways...besides, I'm supposed to be on earth trying to find out what to do next...>

Rachel kisses him some more. "Relax a little Greggy." Lu-Lu smiles and massages him. "Yeah."

Gregory stepped back some. <Okay...this dream might be easier to enjoy without Rachel...> "I'm sorry, I just didn't expect're right, I need to relax some..."

Rachel licks his cheek.

Lu-Lu smiles."I'm so glad your safe and sound next to me."

Gregory smiled back at her. "I'm just glad you're here." <Considering you've been back to violently brain puking over what Rachel just did to me...>

Lu-Lu giggled "Where have you been all this time?"

"Yeah Greggy." Rachel chimed.

Gregory was about to tell them, when something strucks him. <Wait a minute...Lu-Lu is dead...and she's been wondering where I am...could that mean that...I'm dead?>

Rachel wrapped her arms around Gregory. "What's the matter Greggy? Are you tense?"

Lu-Lu took out a Witherleaf and handed it to Gregory. "Eat this. It'll make you relax."

Gregory took it and ate it, immediately relaxed. "I feel much better now" <What was it I was thinking about again?...>

Lu-Lu kissed him. "Why, why did you leave me and Gunnar Gregory."

Gregory kissed her back. "I never wanted to, Lu-Lu. I wanted to stay with you forever." <............*Still in a daze*>

"Well I'm glad you can."

Rachel folded her arms. "What about me?"

Gregory smiled at Rachel. "Oh, lighten up some, Rachel. There is plenty of me for the both of you." <Did I really just say that...?>

Rachel and Lu-Lu both smiled "Glad we can have our share." They both started to kiss Gregory some more and Lu-Lu said. "You'll be with me forever..."

Rachel chimed in, "and ever"

"and ever"

"and ever"

"and ever"

"and ever:

"and ever"

"and ever..."

Gregory was still grinning at them. "That sounds great to me." <Wait...there is something wrong here...this can't be real...>

Rachel took out another Witherleaf. "Would you like another one my sweet Greggy?"

Gregory smiled. "No, I'm fine. Thanks thought, Rachel." <My mind is starting to come back...those Leaves seem to be dazing my mind...but I can't stay here forever, or else I won't be able to stop D-Mos.>

Lu-Lu frowned. " wouldn't try to leave would you?"

Gregory stopped. "No Lu-Lu, I would never dare leave you. Same goes for you Rachel." <But I might have to...are they picking up on my thoughts, or am I very readable...?>

Lu-Lu smiled. "I'm glad. I was afraid that you were going to try and fight that D-Mos guy."

Gregory smiled back softly. "It's alright." <But I have to. I want you back in my real life. Not in this fictional land...I have to defeat D-Mos to save you...I can't lose you forever.>

"Then what are you doing here?" she let go of Gregory. "If you want me back then prove it."

Then Gregory suddenly wakes up to the sound of eating. It's noon and everyone is up and eating including Krinkinko.

Gregory sat up quickly, looking around... "Wow, those things work for sure..."

Droget smiled then after swallowing a mout full of food he asked, "How was your dream?"

Krinkinko seemed to forget what happened after he was attacked by D-Mos, possibly a sign of a cuncussion. "Who's this dude?"

Gregory looked at Droget, then to Krinkinko. "It was terrifying...I'm Gregory the Magihog. I returned you here when you were attacked yesterday."

Krinkinko sneered at his plate then grumbled. "Thank you."

"Why were you in the Jungle in the first place? It's not very safe." The Elder asked.

"I needed to find Krinkinko, because I was told he was my only hope in defeating D-Mos..." He said.

Krinkinko pushed his food away and rose from the table. "Heh! That's his name! Well I'm going to give this D-Mos a piece of my mind when I kick his-"

"We don't know what we're up against here Krinkinko. You were bruised pretty badly so-"

Timeswarp flies into the cave along with Rachel, Net and the others.

Rachel ran to Gregory and hugged him. "OH GREGORY! I WAS SO WORRIED ABOUT YOU!"


"Hey, Gregory. Who's this old fart?" Krinkinko asked referring to Timeswarp.

Gregory sighed and stepped past Rachel. "Krin, this is Timeswarp, the only guy who stands against the plan of you and I killing off D-Mos once and for all."

Net:And he's a great ally.

"Heh, he doesn't look too hard to beat!"

Timeswarp sighed. "Krinkinko. I could turn you into an infant if I had too. I've been requested to not let you fight."

"By who?!" Krinkinko asked.


"What why?"

"D-Mos killed him."

Droget started to cry and Krinkinko growled "EVEN A BETTER REASON TO PUNCH HIS TEETH IN!"

"He told me not to let you fight!"

Gregory stepped forward. "But I have to save Lu-Lu-Su! I promised her I'd save her!!!"

Net:From what I learned,he got stronger by my rage.

Krinkinko shot a dirty look at Net and said, "Shut up! Nobody asked you Lover Boy!"

Timeswarp glared at Gregory. "Fine! If you want to save her, safe her yourself!"

Net:You think I'm happy Krin? Well,I'm not.He took my family away from me.

Krinkinko smirked. "Awwwww the poor wittle Net doesn't have anyone to call sweetie or honey anymore?"

Net:Fighting you won't solve a thing.And I don't want to set a bad example to your children.

"Then why don't you leave. Does it ever occur to you that all that kissin' and sweetie crap is a bad example Lover Boy? Shove it." he said as he shoved Net.

Net:(Doesn't move)I don't do it in front of your kids.And its not like you would do it if you had a girl you love.

"Actaully I did punch a few people when I liked a girl. So like a said shove it pig-nose!"

Net:I'm not leaving.Doing so,would be hopeless.

Gregory growled and walked past them. "I don't have time for this. I'm tired of the mindless ranting around you people." He walked out into the forest where he disappeared.

Krinkinko folded his arms and closed his eyes halfway. "Wow. He comes here for help then he just storms off. What a weird dude."

Timeswarp chuckled. "You know how teenage girls act nowadays. Drama-filled."

Droget looked at Timeswarp. "I thought he was a boy."

Timeswarp laughed some more. "Well he doesn't act like one."

Net:(Looks at the forest)*I hope he's alright.Sounds like he's not though.I got to find someway to help.*

Timeswarp blocked the entrance. "He specifically said he was tired of us. If he wants to leave and have an attitude he can. Besides, I don't want him hurting Krinkinko or Droget."

Net:I know.Something just tells me he's going to do something.

Gregory was out wondering through the forest when he found a few Witherleaves. "Should I...I don't see any hurt in it...I need to realx a little anyways." He picked up one of the leaves and ate it, then fell asleep under a tree.

When he woke up again Rachel and Lu-Lu were still there.

Lu-Lu smiled. "You've returned!"

Gregory smiled. "Yeah, I got tired of all the controversy out there. It's easier to think in here. Plus I'm with you two."

Lu-Lu giggled. "Hey Gregory, do you like hot tubs and swimming pools?"

Gregory grinned. "I love 'em. What did you have in mind?" He asked with interest.

Lu-Lu grinned as well. "Oh, nothin'." she snapped her fingers and a pool and hot tub appeared. "Just a pool and hot tub."

Gregory snapped his fingers and was wearing swim trunks, still grinning. He hopped into the hot tub. "You girls wanna join me?

They snapped their fingers and we're in their bathing suits. "Oh, Greggy your so handsome in that thing." Said Rachel before she and Lu-Lu began to kiss him again then Gregory was abrubly woke up by cold water and the first thing he saw was an angry Krinkinko with an empty bucket.

Gregory sat up quickly. "Well s**t, I guess I deserved that. What's with you?"

"That Timeswarp dude left out a very important detail about this D-Mos scum. And you want to know what that is?" He knelt down next to Gregory and grimaced. "He killed Fa-La-Stu and her we're all going to train...for three days straight non-stop!"

Gregory grinned. "Finally. I've been having dreams of Lu-Lu for the last two days. Let's go!"

"Watch it! Lu-Lu's.....Lu-Lu was my daughter from an alternate future...but now she's dead."

Gregory stopped and frowned. "I'm sorry Krin, but I love her. And it's my fault she's dead, I thought you might as well know..."

"No it isn't. Timeswarp told me the whole story, it was Gunnar's fault."

Gregory looked down. "I'm still responsible for most of what has happened around here, but let's just forget about it, okay?"

"So, what can you do?"

Gregory grinned. "Magi, sword, staves and double-blades."

Krinkinko drew his scythe. "Scythe, dark form, leaf clones, sonic burst, air-grinding, big bang attack, and physical abilities."

Gregory slammed his staff on the ground and two blades protruded from either side. "Also good at Bows and knives."


Gregory nodded. "So, where are we going to train?"

Net:Whatever can help us train.

Krinkinko frowned. "That doesn't even make sense."

Gregory sighed. "Let's just find a place to train."

Krinkinko laughed. "What are you talkin' about?! Look around you!" he threw out his arms. "We're in the jungle. The big, bad, dangerous jungle. Anywhere int his place makes the perfect place to train!"

Net:Right behind you.

Gregory looked around. "Riiiiiight."

Net:Its true.I've trained in jungles all my life.

Gregory nodded. "Interesting. Now let's quit the yapping and start training. I wanna skewer that D-Mos ASAP."

"That's the spirit! So what do you wanna' do? Go to the Elder and take his training or just duke it out with eachother?"

Net:I'm alright with either one.

Gregory looked at him confused. "The Elder has a training course? How does that work?"

"Oh it's the WORST! He has several different assignments for you to do but trust me they really toughen you up in the end. They might be painful but we're short on time and The Elder's way can be done in about three days. "

Net:Sounds resonable.

"That is by far the largest coincidence I've ever heard of...but whetever. Let's go see the Elder." Gregory started walking back towards the entrance.

"It can be done it ABOUT three days. Technically it usually takes around three weeks but if your really pushin' it you can do it in three days. Are you SURE your up for it Greg?"

Gregory turned to Krin solemnly. "What else am I supposed to do? I need more than just sparring. I need to be pushed to the limits in every part of my training. If this is the best I got, then let's get it done."

Later with the Elder.

The Elder looked at Net, Gregory, Krinkinko, Rachel, Timeswarp and Droget who just joined up with the other trainers. He scratched his chin an clapped his hands. "Okay, your first task is to tell each other a deep secret."

Gregory looked at the Elder puzzled. "...Whaaaa?"

"You wanted my training didn't you? This is your first task."

"Um...yes Elder..."

"So, who's first?"

Droget looked towards the ground. "Once....I ate crap because I thought it was a fresh batch of brownies."

"Oh Eldy-Weldy I'll go on a little date with you if I'm excused from this assignment." Rachel said in a seductive voice.

The Elder smiled widely. "Okay Rachel, your excused! :D"

Gregory sighed. "Oh you've got to be kidding me."

"What!? An offer like that only comes once a life time Gregory." The Elder said smiling

"U mad bro?" Rachel asked Gregory.

" secret is I snuck into the girl's locker room...on multiple occasions..." Krinkinko said without blushing.

Gregory nodded to Krin in a humorous respect. "Nice."

Krinkinko chuckled. "I know right?"

Timeswarp folded his arms and looked away from the group. "Hundreds of years ago I had a baby boy.....I accidently killed him by shaking him to death...."

Greg looked at all of them and turned away. "I'm not from this world. This isn't my home...but it's all I got left."

"Heavy...." Krinkinko said looking at Timeswarp and Gregory.

The Elder looked at Net, Llash and Noven. "That leaves you three."

Gregory turned back to them, holding back tears. "Let's hurry this along."

Noven:I once lost a bet and made to eat worms for a week as a kid.

Llash:I once wore a princess dress to fool someone..

Net:I had a beehive stuck on my head as a bear chased me.

Gregory stifled a laugh, trying to calm himself.

The Elder chuckled. "Right, for the first REAL assignment I want you to find the perca berries and lather them onto eachother, after your done report back to the cave immediatley."

Krinkinko smiled. "Yeah, this should be fun!" he said as he ran out the cave.

"Wait up!" yelled Droget as he followed.

"Hmph!" said Timeswarp as he walked towards the entrance.

"Oh brother..." Rachel sighed.

Gregory, puzzled again, looked to the Elder. "Okay, finding berries in this maze of a forest, easy, but...'Lather them on eachother?' ...Whaa?"

Net:Better get a move on.(Follows)

Llash:No time like the present.

Noven:It may be odd,but all will be explain later I can tell.L

Later,the group is in the middle of the jungle.

Droget looked around. " shouldwe go about finding these things?"

Krinkinko folded his arms. "I say I sniff em' out but someone would need to give me a boost up that tree a little." he pointed to a tall tree next to him.

"Not it." Droget, Rachel, and Timeswarp said in unison.

Gregory rolled his eyes and hoisted Krin up with his magi. "Better?"

Krinkinko sniffed for a while before he jumped down and ran south on all fours. "This way. LET'S GO!"

Gregory: [Ran after him, keeping good pace with Krin]

Net,Noven and Llash:(Follows as well)

In no time the group arrived at the Perca berry bush. Krinkinko started lathering it on himself. After seeing his friend do it Droget did so as well. Timeswarp did the same while Rachel did so albeit reluctantly.

Gregory looked at them all, hesitently. "This just went from weird to creepy." Reluctantly lathers himself with the berries.

Noven:YOu can say that again.(laters the berries on him)

Llash:I hope these help us.

Net:We have to see what happens.

Not even aminute after appliying the berry juice the team started to itch severely, wrorse than any chicken pox or poison ivy.

Droget started scratching himself. "IT HURTS!" he cried.

Krinkinko growled. "That old fart! I knew somethin' was up when he said to lather this stuff!" he growled as he scratched.

Noven:This is worse then getting fleas!(Scatched himself)

Llash:(Doing the same)What's the point of itching?

Net:Make it stop!(Scartching too)

"Let's go to ThevElder! Like, NOW!" hnot even two seconds after finishing his sentence he sprinted off towards the direction of Frog Village whilst scratching while Droget followed.

Timeswarp shook his head as he scrathced. "This is simply idiotic!" he growled while he followed at a noticebly shorter pace.

Noven,Llash and Net:Yeah!(Follows)

Gregory catches up with them quickly, resisting the incredibly painful urge to scratch the itch. "If you scratch it, it will spread."

Timeswarp sighed. "Gregory, I'll be blunt. Your an ignaramus. If you hadn't noticed, I'll tell you now, I have barely scratched but the infection has still spread so scratching and not scratching makes no different. I'm glad my son was smarter than you..."

Gregory hesitated on whether he should make a retort or not, but decides against it and continues walking.

Once they reach The Elder's cave he's smirking from ear to ear. "So, I see you've found the Perca berries." he chuckled.

He stomped, causing the ground to shake a bit. He rushed forward, serious now. "And the purpose of this excerisise is to become fighting under an advantage." he threw a heavy punch at Gregory which if a direct hit, would knock him into a wall.

Noven:This is intese.

Gregory, having not seen it coming, goes flying into a wall, leaving a large hole. He crawls out of the hole. "Okay...I deserved that one..."

The Elder took no time to prepare his next victim the quickly threw another punch at Noven followed by an uppercut both could send him flying up or backwards if he didn't evade or block correctly.

Noven:(Blocked,but is send backwards towards a wall)

The Elder assumed a fighting stance. "Come at me from any direction. Don't be shy, there are no wrong blows."

Llash:(Gets in a stance too,he then flies up and skydives at him with his staff ready to hit)

The Elder quickly shot up his fist up vertically surely knocking Llash to the ground if a direct hit at the cost of his fist being in slight pain due to the collision of the fist and the staff.

Llash:(In a crater,weakly standing up,using his staff to prop him up)

The Elder chuckled. "I won't give you the Perka Berry antidote until you beat me." he teased.

Net:We have to think of something.Any ideas Krin?

Krinkinko growled. "Shut up and stop talking to me! I don't like you, in fact, I HATE YOU! So go ask someone else!" he barked.

Gregory growled as well. "KRIN! GET A HOLD OR YOURSELF! We've got more important things bothering us right now that argueing with each other." Turns back to the Elder.

Noven:You may hate him Krin,but right now,you have to work with him if you want to pass this test.

Krinkinko turned to Gregory with a straight face then he quickly grabbed him by the collar and punched him hard in the face. "Don't you dare raise your voice at me," he said calmy. "I have beef with him and last time I checked, you had beef with that D-Mos guy so you shouldn't say s*** about my beef."

Llash:(Finally on his feet,but still using his staff to prop him)You both have different beef.Greg's beef is to get D-Mos for taking his loved ones.Yours must still be the rivaly of Net cause his relations.So Greg is thinking alot better then everyone else.

Krinkinko turned to Llash, smiled then flicked his middle finger at him.

Llash:That's childish of you.

Krinkinko took out his scythe. "So would it be childish of me to carve a picture on your face?!"

Net:Leave my friends alone Krin.Just cause your mad dosen't mean you can take it out on others.

Noven:I bet the Elder is laughing at us for fighting eachother.

Gregory was standing back, watching them. His black eye was beginning to swell, but he paid no mind to it.

Krinkinko growled. "No, I bet he's laughing at you for..."

"QUIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!!!!!" Timeswarp screamed. A vein mark appeared on his forehead but he quickly started scratching. "In case you guys haven't noticed we're still under the affect or the Perka Perries and the only thing your squabble's doing is giving us rashes!" "He pointed to Llash. YOU, you have no right, NO RIGHT to call ANYONE immature! Tell me this: if he's so childish then why are you guys still convesrsing and why didn't you seperated yourself. You, Net and Noven are just LOOKING for a fight aren't you!?"

Timeswarp pointed to Krinkinko. "You! I don't know what your problem is with him....well I do, I know it has something to do with Fa-La-Stu but this is NOT the time to be fighting! I don't know, kill him in his sleep or something but NOT now."

Timeswarp pointed to Gregory. "You see? That's mature. Krinkinko punched him in the face but he just took it and walked away to avoid further conflict."

Timsewarp pointed at Droget. "See? He's mature too. Even though he's Krinkinko's friend he decided to just distance himself."

Timsewarp pointed at Rachel. "See? She's mature she distanced herself so she could avoid..."

"Nope," Rachel said. "I'm just trying to get better reception."

Timeswarp sighed then scratched some more. "Sense you guys lack the ability to problem solve, I'll do it for you. Krinkinko, Droget, Gregory, and I will be on a team and Llash, Noven, Net, and Rachel will be on a team. So now that that's cleared up can we get some actual WORK done?"

Noven:Sounds far.

Gregory nodded and stepped forward, eyes closed. He opened his eyes and the black eye began to heal slowly. "Okay. Truce?" He held out his hand towards Krin.

Krinkinko shook his hand. "Truce..."

"I know how to beat The Elder!" Droget said.

Llash:We're all ears.^^

Gregory listened to Droget intently.

Droget picked up a magazine with a women wearing a bathing suit. "If I were you I wouldn't look in gets pretty weird but anyways this is one of The Elder's magazines! If we give it to him we can distract him and attack him!"

Net:Like the idea so far.

Gregory looked confused. "Everything I've heard so far is so confusing to people handle things very differently compared to what I do...anyways, I'm down with it."

Krinkinko frowned. "Well we're short on time and we REALLY need that itch cream. Besides it's not cheating because we found his weakness."

Droget picked up the book. "Okay let me just flip to a page he'll like and..OH MY GOD!" he threw down the book. "Oh god...oh god childhood....I think that was the end of my childhood...oh my god I can't unsee what I just saw." he held out the book. "Someone take this...give it to him..."

Gregory rolled his eyes and grabbed the magazine. He then walked over to the Elder.

Noven:Hope it works.

The Elder looked at Gregory then at the magazine then quickly snatched it. "Young boys shouldn't be reading this kind of book. It's only for observation...."The Elder starts flipping the pages. "Yes sweet observation...Sweet sweet observation...."he starts to drool.

"He's scaring me..." Droget said.

"NOW'S THE TIME!" Krinkinko screamed.

Gregory swung his fist st the Elder so hard that it would knock him clear across a long distance into a building if connected correctly.

The Elder hit a wall a slid down. "Okay, now I mean business...let me just finish looking at...I MEAN reading my magazine." he went to his magazine and resumed scanning it.

A sweat dorp appeared on Droget's forehead. "Don't get me wrong. He's a cool guy but The Elder is a grade-A pervert..."

Noven:I see.

Gregory grabbed the Elder, his hand glowing a dark green aura. He delivers an uppercut that caused the Elder to fly into the air and hit the ground hard, leaving long cracks in the ground.

The Elder twitched his eye and sighed as he took out the antidote. "Here if I give you this will you let me stare at women...I mean read about the economy in peace?"

"Yup." Takes the antidote and gives the magazine back. "Thank you, mr. Elder." Walks back to the others.

"Wait," the Elder took the antidote back. "Now you all will need to stand still for four hours...wihout....scratching!"

Llash:What's the point of that?

The Elder smiled. "Elementary my dear Llash. This is to prepare you when you fight an enemy wiith a disadvantage. Say your arm's chopped off you'll have to learn how to ignore the pain and focus on dealing blows."

Net:I see.

"So I'll read my sweet magazine while you suffer-I mean wait patiently for four hours!"

"Whatever." Gregory leaned up against a wall.

Noven:Yep.He's enjoying it.

Droget stood still fighting the urge to scratch."W-why are you guys so calm?"

Llash:I had training like this when I was young.

The Elder smiled. "Does anyone have any spare Perka Berries?"

Droget meekly held them out, The Elder then took them, then threw them to Llash. "Here it'll amp up the itch." he then threw some to Gregory, Timeswarp and Noven.

Net:Is that to make it harder?


Noven:I see.

Gregory flinched at the berries, clenching his eyes some, then relaxing again. "Not funny, but fine."

Llash:(Flinches too at 1st,but them calms down)

An hour the Elder had given each person atleast two more berries to rub on themselves. Krinkinko was trying his hardest not to itch and every few minutes his hand jerked up but he quickly stopped himself before he scratched. Timeswarp still hadn't lost his cool but his eye began to twitch. Droget on the other hand was in more noticeable pain. His rash had spread all over his body and tears were visible in his eyes. "How much time do we have left?" Droget asked.

"Only three more hours." The Elder answered.

"Three more hours!? That's insane grandpa!" Krinkinko protested.

"Hey, this is the only way you'll be able to defeat D-Mos." The Elder answered as he began to read another magazine.

Net:Enduring pain helps one in battle.(TRies not to scratch too)

Gregory was still leaning against the wall in the same position. He seemed to be fine, looking normal, but upon closer looks, his arms, neck, and legs were very tensed up, teeth clenched tightly. "Yeah, but it's a hell lot worse when you have a little tickle on your nose..."

Two hours and fifty-three minutes later,

Krinkinko and Droget were in visible tears while Timeswarp was biting his hand in an attempt to refrain from screaming which caused blood to spill out. Rachel though was bawling uncontrollably.


The Elder slyly smiled. "Only thirty more seconds baby. Then I can rub the antidote on you."

"W-what did you say gramps?!" Krinkinko said, shocked at his grandfather's sly remark.

"Errrr....nothing?" The Elder's eyes darted left to right.

Gregory had slid down on his butt, hands hiding his face. He was constantly throwing back his head and clenching and unclenching his hands tightly. "Hahaha! I'm not saying anything to that one, Elder."

The Elder turned to Net and his group. "And how are you three faring?"

Noven:(Clenching his teetch as his eyes are closed)

Llash:(Looks still,but a closer looks shows his feathers vibrating)

Net:(Has his arms crossed,but still trying not to screath)

The Elder smiled. "You passed the second excesise. Go ahead. Scream, scratch. Do whatever you'd-"

Rachel ran to the Elder and hugged him. "Please Eldy! Give me the antidote first and I'll go on TWO dates with you!"

Without hesitation the Elder handed her a bottle of the elixir. "Here you go. Enjoy!"

Gregory facepalmed out of sheer humiliation of Rachel's actions. "My gosh, you're insane, woman."

Rachel turned to The Elder. "Make him apologize Eldy-Weldy! :3"

The Elder turned to Gregory. "Say your sorry Gregory."

Gregory sighed. "I'm sorry sir, but you're helpless."

The Elder gave everyone an antidote and shook their hand for endurance.

Droget sighed as he lathered the lotion on to his body. "So, what are we doing next Elder?"

"Next, we'll be training underwater." The Elder said with a smile.

Noven:What will this help us with?

The Elder chuckled. "I see you don't swim much. I'll just put it simple terms. You move slower in water. If you become fast in water you'll become extremely fast in normal air." he explained.

Llash:That makes senses.But how can we breath?

"We'll come up for air when we need it you idiot!" Krinkinko explained, annoyed,

Net:We know that.But what if the enemy dosen't give you a change to go to the surface.

Gregory sighed. "Then you go by instinct. Just remember, your enemy will need to breath as well."

"Exactly. Besides, we are here to increase our speed. Not water tactics. Now, are we ready to go?"

Noven,Llash,and Net:Ready.

Gregory nodded silently.

Krinkinko threw a fist into the air. "I'm ready!"

Droget looked serious. "Anything to avenge Fa-La-Stu!"

Rachel hugged The Elder. "You know I'm ready baby."

Timeswarp absently nodded.

The team then trekked through the jungle, through a mini desert then finally arrived at a large pond at sunset.

"So who's first?" asked the Elder?

Krinkinko cracked his knuckles. "LEt me go first gramps. I'm ready to kick some ass. Some pig ass that is! I'm going to train with Net!"

"Elder. This is a big lake. Can't two groups fight at once?" Droget asked.

"Good observation young one. Yes, two people may fight at once. Who else would like to train."

Droget smiled. "This is my natural element. It'll be pretty hard to take down me." he said. "Who wants to be my training buddy?" he asked.

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