Greg the Hedgidna

Biographical Information
  • Heartless Saga: 8
  • Post-Heartless Saga: 15
Romantic InterestsUrsula the Mongoose (future wife)
Physical Description
  • Fur: Red, with tan muzzle
  • Eyes: Green
  • Black patterned hooded jacket
  • Navy blue t-shirt with lightning patterns
  • Whitewashed black jeans
  • Aviator-style sunglasses
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Dual pistols, heavily modified
  • Single sword
  • Electrokinesis
  • Possesses Sharingan Eyes (two stages seen)
  • Marksmanship, specializing in pistols
  • Swordsmanship specializing in short swords
  • Chaos Powers
  • Super-speed
  • Low-level super-strength
  • Breakdance and Martial Arts
Super Forms
  • Super Greg
  • Storm Greg
  • Shattered Greg
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorFlashfire212

Greg is the youngest son of Will the Echidna and Maddy the Hedgehog, and the brother of Daniel the Hedgidna and Ellie the Hedgidna.

Physical Description

Greg has traits from all his grandparents: dreadlocks, super strength and knuckleblades from his paternal side and quills and super speed from his maternal side. His quills have grown in the shape of Hyper Sonic's, giving him a similar appearance to Vicious the Echidna. He has red fur and green eyes, also creating connections with his grandfather in fur color. In the way of clothing, he wears one of two things: During the Heartless Saga and while training, he wears light, flexible battle armor made by Flare the Wolf for him, while when not in a combat situation (for the most part) a black hooded jacket with colored interlocking lines across it like a map, a navy-blue t-shirt with electrical patterns and whitewashed black jeans. In both sets of clothes, he also wears a pair of aviator-style sunglasses with special lenses in them, which give him tactical data from GUN networks, and keeps his two pistols and his sword on him when there's a chance of a fight.


Early Years

Greg was born two years after his siblings, but that didn't slow him down at all. At the age of three, he proved he wasn't exactly average by launching a lightning bolt into and straight through a tree. Unsure about how to train him, Will did for a while, but Greg was learning and developing power-wise at an amazing rate, eventually exhausting Will's knowledge of electricity before his fifth birthday. Having exhausted all of his ideas, Will turned to an old contact: Statyx the Hedgehog. At Statyx's suggestion, Will worked his way through GUN's channels and enrolled his son as a GUN agent, one of the youngest non-Ultimate Life Forms in the group. There, he studied hard with not only Statyx but Shadow the Hedgehog as well, becoming a full agent in record time, considering his age, becoming a half-decent marksman and skillful electrokinetic before the age of six.

Heartless Invasion

Greg's life fell to pieces that year. Mobius was invaded by black beings with golden eyes known as the Heartless. These things killed his paternal grandfather and maternal grandmother, possessed his maternal grandfather and one of his mentors, and captured his parents. Taken in by his aunt and her husband Speedy, he felt an internal turmoil within him as his normal, calm and cool side struggled against a darkness greater than anything he had ever experienced. Even with his training, he wasn't able to contain this bloodlust and joined into the battles with his two pistols, often fighting alongside his father and grandfather's allies against the Heartless, one of the youngest members of the Freedom Fighters mk.II and GUN Remnant. He found his father, whom had been transformed by absorbing one of the beasts into himself, but refused to believe it was him, attacking him with such vigor it took all of his father's skill to stop Greg without harming him. He took his father to the part of the family that had been caring for him, but demanded to still be allowed to fight. This was allowed, and he took part in a large amount of major battles, including the mission to activate the mechanized armies built by Tails, Ronan and Eggman in the years of peace. He took part in the creation of PureChaos and Demon Chaos, and was seen not only giving energy to them but almost reaching his own Ascended form. After the timeline was altered, it is believed that this version of Greg still fights the Heartless.

Post-Heartless Saga

After the Heartless Saga, Greg started to excel in areas such as basketball, track and field and dance. His experiences within the Heartless Saga forged his personality into one very similar to his fathers, where he would venomously attack anyone who threatened or harmed his friends. He became captain of the basketball and track and field teams by the age of 15, being one of the most popular guys in the school. He also has a team with his friends Hardrock the Echidna and Groove the Squirrel, who dance, adventure and race extreme gear with him. He has a crush on Ursula the Mongoose, a childhood friend whom "disappeared" in the Heartless Invasion, and views her team, Team Gals, as a rival group. He also has a talent with guitar and drums, which his super speed increases somewhat.


Greg has inherited his mother's super speed over his father's super strength. Unlike either of his siblings, he has inherited only one kinetic ability, that being electrokinesis, but his abilities and skills with it greatly surpass both of his siblings, due to his training with Statyx, and not only his father. Like both of his siblings, he possesses Sharingan Eyes, and has revealed the ability to redirect and aim natural lightning with it. He has some swords experience taught to him by his father and Shadow, but his greatest weapons-based skill is a proficiency with firearms provided by his training by GUN. He can play guitar and drums, and has great speed and flexibility, coupled with break-dancing skills, and some low-level super-strength, and has the same sort of Chaos Powers as his siblings.

Electrokinetic Attacks

Other Attacks


During the Heartless Saga, Greg had a rather calm personality when he was happy, being extremely laid-back and happy to relax. However, when angered, he revealed a massive bloodlust and hatred towards the beasts that decimated his family, which he struggled against for the majority of the war, even attacking his own father in the belief that he was a Heartless. However, after the time-change, he settled down and started using his super-speed in sports to help suppress the bloodlust and fury that lies within him. This has also triggered a side of him that attacks anyone who threatens his friends and family with insane furor and strength.

Friends & Foes

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  • The Heartless Armies -
  • BloodSonic - Greg doesn't trust Blood due to the fact that a Heartless lives within him and he can access it's powers, along with other shadowy powers, even though Blood claims he is in control.

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