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This page is for Greenflower City from ANY person's continuity.

Greenflower City is a major city on Mobius. Little is known about it vast Greenflower fields and close to the Greenflower Mountain. When Dr. Eggman discovered a strange black asteroid emitting powerful Chaos energy, he built an enormous fortress and cannon on it. Willing to demonstrate his power to the world, he targetted the Greenflower Mountain and fired the cannon. Pre SRB2 version 2.2, Eggman had originally wiped out the city instead. When Sonic the Hedgehog made it to the city, it was already a pile of ash. It is unknown whether anyone actually survived, but it's implied the citizens were vaporized as well. The city is no longer mentioned at this point, and the story focuses more on the strange areas that Sonic and co. explore.

Smash and Co.'s Roleplay series

Before the release of SRB2 version 2.2, this was considered an AU version of Greenflower City. While the city was spared of Eggman's new weapon, it still suffered many disasters over the years--from attacks from various villains to people getting kidnapped and mutated, and even having an outbreak of a new plague. The main heroes of the series live in the city, and do their best to keep it at peace.

Greenflower City is a large, country-like city due south from Station Square. Unlike it's busy, industrial neighbor,
GFC North 1

Greenflower City, as it appears in Splice The Hedgehog

Greenflower City is much calmer, and has lots of open fields dotted with flowers. Most people end up having rather big yards due to this. It is also home to the famous fighting arena, The Blitz Pit. There is an industrial district on the edge of town, but there are few factories in that area. The rest of the town is relatively clean.

For the most part, the city is rather peaceful. However, even though the crime-rate is somewhat low, the disaster rate is one of the highest in any cities.

The city's south entrance leads right into Greenflower Zone. There are few residents living outside the city in that area. The western exit has the road end in front of Fox Forest, a known gathering spot for children. The northern entrance is on Station Square road, which leads to the city in question. To the east is the beach and a port.

Various Areas in the City

Greenflower city is split up into several districts, mainly based off of the different maps created in SpTH.

Central GFC, which holds a couple of shops such as the Drug
GFC Central 1

A shot of Central Greenflower City.

store or one for clothing. Aside from a few local homes, it's main point of interest is the city park. A large field outlined by a small wooden fence, Hedgehog Park is the main gathering point of adults and children alike during the afternoons when school is out, and people are getting off work. There is a moderately large hill on the far end of the park, which has an excellent view of the beach, as well as the majority of the city. A few locals tend to use the top of the hill as a spot to watch the sunset or sunrise. There are occasionally people opening up small concession stands during the summer.
West GFC is the main neighborhood. There are only houses in this area. The size of the yards varies a lot in this
GFC West 1

A shot of West Greenflower City

area, as some people have very small lots while others have quite spacious homes.
The western neighborhood is home to Smash The Echidna, (post Season 2) as well as Crystal The Fox. It is also possible, though not confirmed, that Estrella Marina is living in this area as well. Though their houses are on the same street, Speedy and Violet actually live in Central Greenflower City.
West Greenflower City holds one of the three exits to the city. The western exit leads directly to Fox Forest, a known gathering spot for children.

North GFC is a bit more business oriented. It connects with both the West and Central districts as well as the busy Station Square Road. There are fewer houses here, however, the Northern district holds the large Leaf Mall, as well as the library, school, police and news stations, courthouse and prison. It is definitely the busiest area in the city.

East GFC is the other side of the neighborhood. There are fewer houses crammed together than the Western district, which allows for more space in property. It's also one of the quietest areas in the city, as most traffic goes around the area rather than through it.

South GFC is actually very small. It's only really referred to as such due to the southern city limits. The exit leads
GFC South 1

A shot of South Greenflower City

straight into Greenflower Zone, via Station Square Road. Going the opposite way leads straight up, from South GFC to North GFC, to said city. Without this exit, South GFC may as well be part of East GFC.
Aside from the southern outskirts, this area holds a couple of houses and a small farm. There is also a flourist shop and a rares shop right across the street from each other. Farther to the east lies the beach.

The Beach of Greenflower City spans across almost the entire length of the city. There is a fast food restaurant called Burger Joint furthest south, and just outside the beach. There is also a resort hotel nearby, with a fantastic view of the ocean. Furthest north of the beach is the city docks. There are a couple of residents near the docks, most notably Thunder and family.

The Industrial Area is a small district in the north-west corner of the city. There it holds factories and plants.
GFC Indust. 1
Though the polution level is remarkably low, the area still makes most people uneasy. The hospital stands tall in the center of everything.

Splice The Hedgehog

In Splice The Hedgehog, the city is attacked by Dr. Eggman once again, who nearly burns the city to the ground with his robot army. The same heroes of the roleplay series drive him away, but the city is left in shambles. Some houses are left in unbelieveable states. A side quest opens up soon afterwards, involving donating money to repair the city. Though some of the repairs
GFC Ruined 1

A picture of GFC after the attack.

happens as the game progresses, (as some areas are essential to reach later, but are blocked off directly after the attack.) this speeds up the process as well as restores other areas that wouldn't have otherwise. Splice's own house being one of them.

Despite being left in ruins in the very beginning of the game, Greenflower City serves as a home base to constantly return to for the entirety of the game. Considering the fact that it's home to more than half the characters, it is only natural.

Unreal Series

Green Flower appears outside of the Sonic series in Unreal.Like all zones,except Deep Sea Zone which appears under Pookie's castle,they appear on the mutant island of Yamana owned by Hunter D's father.Like SRB2 the story is the same but Eggman is replaced by Nega.

Platinum the Hedgehog Continuity

After a devastating final battle, Platinum wakes up here with no memory. It'll probably end up being a non-canon experience for her character, though.

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