Central part of Green Hill Zone.

Green Hill Zone is the first and probably one of the most familiar stages/zones in the Sonic games series. It is filled with loop-de-loops and unstable cliffs.


Green Hill Zone used to be a vast wasteland that is a peninsula on one of Mobius's many countries. Then, one day, an explorer named George Earnest sailed across the seas of Mobius and found Green Hill Zone. When he found it, he had his crew design a flag for it. The Next day, they made the flag and claimed it for Mobius.

After some time, Green Hill Zone was taken over by Dr. Robotnik for world domination and badniks inhabited the once natural landscap. Sonic The Hedgehog heard of this and put a stop to the badnik activity. After going to other places, Sonic's good deeds were widly celebrated and the many villages there were at peace.

Unfortunately this peace would not be sustained, as humans have destroyed some of the zone's areas and loops. Protests spread throughout the zone, but the people were ignored. Sonic later revisited the zone only to see the madness spreading more and more. After some negotiations, Green Hill Zone was restored to it's former glory, and laws have restricted destroying the natural beauty of the zone.


The flag's colors represent the sights of Green Hill Zone. The browns stand for the earth that makes up the whole thing. The green is the grass and the picture on the top-left corner is a viewing of Green Hill Zone from the sea.


It's first appearance was in Sonic the Hedgehog (16-bit), and has reappeared over and over again (such as in Sonic Adventure 2 when it could be unlocked after getting all 180 emblems). There have been many stages based off of Green Hill Zone also (such as "Green Grove" in Sonic 3D Blast). It has even been remade as a stage in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.


Green Hill Zone's schools are located usually near the sea on high land. There is only one college in Green Hill Zone and it is Green Hill Zone College. There is also a university named Green Hill Zone University.

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