After being beaten by Sonic again, Zor goes back to his lair on Lava Mountain, and loses his loss of love, thanks to a certain Zeti. While this is happening, the tune of "It's Time" by Imagine Dragons.

Included Characters

  • Zor
  • Zeena
  • Sonic
  • Zavok
  • Zonom

The Fanfic Itself

Silent Forest. The place where Zor, the youngest Zeti, felt at home. He was just lately over-thrown by a blue hedgehog with the name, "Sonic."

When he came back, he heard Zavok, his leader, and Zonom, a fat idiot, talking about, "Instruments of revenge" and "scramble you like an omelet!"

"Boring," Zor thought. Everything was pointless. The fighting, the arguments, the abuse, the robots. All of it was pointless.

Zor continued to think to himself as he climbed up the stairs to his room. He knew Zavok would punish him later, and everyone would agree.

As soon as Zor sat down, he heard a knock at his door.

"Zeena, come in."

A green female Zeti walked in, putting lipstick on her lips.

"So, even the almighty Zor couldn't beat the hedgehog?," she asked.

"Yeah. He ran too fast, and bragged infront of my lifeless face.," the gray Zeti replied.

"There's a pointless comment. I think..."

"That nothing is pointless? That's a lie. It makes me sick."

"Whatever. So, besides that, I think Zavok is going to talk to you in a sec," Zeena said.

"Sigh. Another pointless conflict is about to begin.," Zor replied.

"You know, not everything is pointless. What made you this way, anyway? You're sister told me you used to be the most joyful thing ever."

"Well, she lied. You know what happened with Zizor and Zacki when I was younger."

"Listen, I need to show you some other emotions. It..."

"Doesn't matter.," Zor said, sighing.

"Drama King.," Zeena replied.

"What's so important about emotions, anyways? It's a flaw on an already flawed world.," Zor moaned.

"What's so?...Emotion is what we, well, express ourselves! For instance, right now, I'm shocked, and your depressing."

"That didn't put a damper on my life."

"See? You need to feel more than just drepressed! You can feel happiness, sadness, shyness, anger...," Zeena explained to Zor.

"Sounds KIND OF interesting, but are there more?," Zor asked.

"Of course! And...there's one I know well...."

It was then that Zor experienced the weirdest thing in his life. More than having a tattle-tale sister. More than having a pink monster as your step-brother. More than being abused for more than 18 years.

It was weird to be kissed.

At first, Zor was in shock. No one had ever kissed him before, let alone love him. He was about to push Zeena away when...

"I feel...odd.," Zor thought. But he closed his eyes, and gave in. It felt good to know that someone loved him..


Zor's room door slammed open, revealing Zavok standing there, looking angry.

"Zor, we need to...," Zavok started to say, but now before he saw two Zeti kissing each-other.

"We'll continue this later.," Zavok said, slowly closing the door.


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