Great Sonic
Winduct, Sonic Team
Sonic the Hedgehog
Playstation 4, Xbox One
Release Date(s)
Jaguar European August 5, 2017

Jaguar american August 5, 2017
Jaguar flagen August 6, 2017

Jaguar Australian August 7, 2017
Platform, action-adventure
PEGI +12 (Violence)
Junkie XL
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Great Sonic (Japanese: ソニック すばらしいです Sonikku Subarashīdesu) is an open-world, action-adventure platformer video game developed by Winduct and Sonic Team and published by SEGA. The gameplay is similar to an endless runner game and features both side-scrolling and 3D gameplay. Contrary to previous installments, Sonic is the only playable character in the game.

The game was released on August 2017 to critical acclaim and commercial success, with fans and critics calling it one of the best in the series. It sold over 3 million copies and became the second best-selling game in the series.


The game focuses on utilizing Sonic's speed at its maximum effect. The player takes control of Sonic in an open-world environment while he runs at immense speed. The gameplay is similar to endless runner platformers, in that Sonic runs continuously forward in a seemingly endless environment, combining Sonic Unleashed type gameplay with Sonic Dash and Sonic Runners. Sonic can jump, perform spin dash, run through rings, grind rails and perform his usual actions. Players can also stop mid-action and explore the open-world environment, interact with characters and perform brief side-quests.

Stages are finite, meaning that they are connected to each other as a single environment, similar to Limbo and Inside. Players can also take numerous different routes that will affect the game's story. Gameplay remains uninterrupted by cut-cenes. Instead, cut-scenes are integrated into the gameplay with the player retaining control of Sonic.

Gameplay switches from 3D platforming to 3D sidescrolling and overhead. Sonic runs endlessly through all kinds of surfaces and environments such as lakes, oceans, volcanoes, skyships, deserts and forests. Stages sometimes appear to bend in space due to Eggman's interference, forming loops or twists (see here).The player must avoid obstacles and battle enemies and bosses. Several enemies chase the player throughout the game and the player must either flee, seek help from other characters or destroy them. The stages, bosses and enemies are designed to look enormous and towering. Characters such as Tails, Knuckles and Jet help Sonic throughout the game (depending on the route the player takes) either by talking to him via radio or actually joining him in action.

The gameplay has been inspired by several video games and films and can be seen as a combination of Sonic Unleashed, Sonic Dash, Inside and Mad Max: Fury Road. Gameplay has been designed to have a cinematic feel while also making extensive use of Sonic's great speed. Like in Mad Max, the game is a non-stop speed run and chase between Sonic and Eggman's massive bosses.


Setting and characters

The game is part of the main series. The game once again sees Sonic travelling to a wide range of environments. For the first time, however, players get to see Sonic's world as one expansive integral part. The game retains the tone and atmosphere from Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) and The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog series.

Several characters from previous installments make an appearance. No new character is introduced in the game.


Using notes from his grandfather, Dr. Gerald Robotnik, Eggman has designed a mechanical gauntlet that enables him

Maxresdefault (1)-0

Eggman's gauntlet, using the power of the 7 Chaos Emeralds. Courtesy of Marvel.

to control the five elements of the world: Earth, Wind, Water, Fire and Aether. He tests his new gauntlet by destroying unpopulated areas. Tails learns of this new gauntlet and informs Sonic. Sonic races to destroy the gauntlet before Eggman disrupts the natural order of the planet.

Eggman plans on unleashing the gauntlet's full potential by searching for the 7 Chaos Emeralds. Sonic chases him in his battleship while taking on some of his fiercest and fastest machines. Sonic reaches the Great Sea, where GUN forces have engaged in a battle against Eggman's robots. With the help of Tails (or Jet, depending on the route the player takes), Sonic destroys Eggman's naval base, the Egg Waterworld.

A furious Eggman unleashes more robots to track down and steal the remaining Emeralds from Sonic. Tails (or the Babylon Rogues) helps Sonic invade Eggman's sky fleet, where gravity has started to bend due to the gauntlet. With the help of his allies, Sonic takes on Eggman but is unable to defeat him in such an environment. Team Chaotix hacks Eggman's robot and causes it to malfunction. Sonic defeats Eggman and he falls from the skies to his death.

It is revealed that Eggman survived the fall by bending gravity with the help of the gauntlet. Using the gauntlet, he merges the earth's five elements together into a powerful robot in order to get the Chaos Emeralds and unleash its full potential. Sonic transforms into Super Sonic and takes it on with the help of his allies.

Unable to defeat it, Sonic wears the gauntlet and becomes part of the the five elements. The gauntlet breaks and Eggman is finally defeated. A wounded Sonic takes a last race across the sea. He sits at the edge of the world and looks peacefully at the sunrise, with the world's natural order restored.

The fields.

The Fields, one of the game's last 4 possible stages where Sonic battles Eggman before the Final Boss. DISCLAIMER: I do not own this image.


The game deals with the hero's journey and how a hero, despite his small size and obstacles, can overcome even the most amazing difficulties and defeat the undefeated.


Developer Winduct felt there wasn't a Sonic game in the past that utilized Sonic's legendary speed to a satisfying level, mainly due to gaming technology and several other characters being a playable part of the game. Great Sonic was designed to be the one game that would prove how fast Sonic could run.

Development started in May 2016, immediately after Sonic Supremacy and simultaneously with Sonic and the Fountain of Youth. A new gaming engine, Supersonic, was developed to design the game's immense speed gameplay. Development lasted a year and the game was first announced on February 14, 2017. Dutch composer Junkie XL was hired to compose the game's music because of his work on Mad Max: Fury Road. Crush 40 returned to write the game's songs and some additional music.

The game's first trailer was released on February 27. More information will be revealed during the 2017 SXSW festival in early March, along with the other upcoming Sonic title Sonic Freedom. On February 23, the first image of the game was revealed with Sonic running on wave turbulence amidst an ocean. The game's first demo was released on PlayStation Network (PSN) on April 20th, 2017 to critical acclaim from fans who praised the game's cinematic and action-oriented gameplay as well as the game's speed and graphics.The demo gave players access to DLC content such as preview to the game's soundtrack, concept arts and interviews by the developers and trailers.


The game contains several stages that are interconnected with each other as an open world environment. The player


Stage map. Allies are indicated through their head logos.

can choose to take any different route that will ultimately affect the game's story, similar to Shadow the Hedgehog (2005). Bosses are indicated with the red lightning while characters assist Sonic in various parts of the adventure, as indicated by their symbol. Some characters provide the player with side-quests. The player can either ignore these side-quests and continue on or choose to complete them and continue on later. These decisions affect the game's story e.g. Sonic might skip a boss fight or may have to fight two bosses simultaneously.

The player can collect the seven Chaos Emeralds be defeating the seven of the game's massive bosses. An emerald is placed inside some of the bosses. If the player manages to collect seven Chaos Emeralds throughout the game, the final story will automatically unlock, allowing him/her to transform into Super Sonic and continue on. If not, the game ends with Sonic defeating or being defeated by Eggman in four possible outcomes.

Characters and bosses do not always appear at the exact same location. Instead, they move around a certain area and the player might not encounter them. As the player goes on, stages appear to bend more often or form loops, tornadoes etc. due to Eggman's gauntlet.


The game features 11 bosses and the final boss (12 overall). Seven of the bosses contain a Chaos Emerald that Sonic needs to collect to battle the final boss. The game also features sub-bosses in certain areas but are not listed bellow. All bosses are notable for their size and speed, similar to the colossi from Shadow of the Colossus.

Boss: Description: Image:
Killer Egg Whale Eggman's massive orca fortress located in the Great Sea. It functions as a movable water base, armed with cannons, power plants, drills, cranes, rockets and turbines. Unlike most of his robots, the Killer Egg Whale looks much more realistic and organic. Despite its enormous size, it is able to move at an incredible speed, both above and under water. It attacks by firing projectile, charging towards its enemies and forming massive whirlpools and waves.Sonic takes it on while running at super speed over water. If the player has encountered Jet earlier on, he might assist in the battle.

Image owned by Konami.

Egg Vulcan It is fought near Sky Loop with the help of Tails. The player takes control of the Tornado with both Sonic and Tails on it and has to continuously fire and dodge projectiles while flying at immense speed. The aerial battle takes place near Eggman's Sky Fleet. Due to his gauntlet that controls the world's five elements, the Egg Vulcan is able to fire multiple projectiles such as wind, water and fire. Sonic and also fight the Vulcan by himself or with the help of Wave by running through Eggman's battleships.

Image owned by Konami.

Egg Piledriver It is encountered near Far Away, Pillars of the World and Crazy Egg. The Egg Piledriver is a massive humanoid like robot with electrical chargers for arms and legs. It is able to run at incredible speed but also jump extremely high and adapt to a changing gravity. Since the stage consists of multiple platforms floating in an environment with little gravity, this robot can alter gravity at its will. It can change its body so that it is never upside down; his legs become arms and vice-versa. It shoots electrical currents from its arms and legs and can also project wind from its head. It uses its arms and legs to squash Sonic and like most bosses, it is enormous in its size. Shadow or Omega assist Sonic.

I do not own this image. Image by unknown artist.

Egg Virus It is encountered in Malevolent Matrix. The Egg Virus appears to be a virus planted by Eggman within the government's computer matrix in order to weaken their tracking capabilities. This boss attacks by altering its appearance and surroundings into a series of bizarre and outlandish forms that inflict damage to the player. It can shoot thousands of spikes from its body. shoot whips, lasers, electricity etc. It transforms into a Trojan Horse, a Rootkit and a Worm. It can make walls and floors disappear or close to entrap Sonic. The player must stall and weaken the virus so that Rouge or Charmy plants an anti-virus software.

Image by Konami.

Egg Sorrow It is encountered near Aftershock and Egg Frontier. It flies above ground and fires aether from its ring surrounding its head and torso and laser beams from its eye. It also fires sound waves and light waves that cause immense shock. It is also able to change the weather, causing thunderstorms, whirlwinds and heavy rain. It extends its sharp hands to capture the player and tear him apart. Inside, the ring that surrounds its heads and connects to its torso, a distorted Eggman's face appears sometimes through a holographic projection. Sonic takes in on with either Jet or Wave, flying through Eggman's massive wall surrounding his refineries. It takes its name from the sorrow it was created to cause.

Image by Konami.

Egg Troodon It is encountered near Speed Stadium. It is one of Eggman's first bio-engineered lifeform. Although a machine, it is more organic then most of his other creations by having actual lizard tissue which he obtained from the Biolizard. It is armed with lasers and sharp claws and teeth. The Egg Troodon chases Sonic within the city, terrorizing citizens and demolishing buildings. Sonic must tire it by running around in circles or making a lot of turns. Then, he can land an attack on its head.

Image by Konami.

Egg Mole Eggman's massive drilling mole is encountered near Police Panic. It chases Sonic with incredible speed and drills through the abandoned city's debris.It is fought with the help of Rouge or Espio.

Image by Konami.

Egg Sentry One of Eggman's strongest robots. Unlike most of his robots, the Egg Sentry is not piloted by Eggman but by an A.I. Its purpose is to stall Sonic from reaching Eggman and the gauntlet. It is encountered in The E.D.G.E., Zero Hour, Amazing Rush or the Fields and fought with the help of Shadow, Vector or Knuckles. Eggman watches the match from atop his battleship and controls the environment by using the gauntlet. Sonic must dodge both Eggman's attacks and the robot's while running from debris to debris. If Vector accompanies the player, he will hack the AI controlling the Egg Sentry and let Sonic pilot it. Sonic then uses it to take on Eggman himself with the gauntlet.

Copyright disclaimer: I do not own this image. Image by unknown.

Egg Titan It is encountered near Hanging Gardens and Dune. Eggman has built several such robots whose mission is to drill oil from the desert or bellow the sea. It attacks by hitting the sea or sand and causing massive thunder or sandstorms. Sonic must disorientate the robot into falling on whirlpools or quicksand while landing attacks on its head.

Image by Konami.

Egg Army & Metal Knuckles The Egg Army consists of thousands of Eggman's robots that pursue Sonic in Rail Canyon. Sonic and Knuckles must grind the rails while avoiding the army's attacks and take them on whenever possible. The army consists of many robots, both new and familiar ones; there are motorcycle robots attached on the rails, robots that look like monster trucks, tanks and freight trains. They shoot several projectiles and even destroy rails or set them on fire. The army is led by Metal Knuckles. One way that the player can destroy the army is by setting explosives inside the mines where the rails pass.
Assault wheel

Image by Konami.

Egg Gideon A hybrid robot created by Dr. Eggman. It combines artificial intelligence with human DNA and is not piloted by Eggman. Instead, he hovers next to it inside his Eggmobile. It is encountered in Gravity Palace. The robot is always flying above ground and fires several projectiles at the player.
Number c15 gimmick puppet giant hunter by 1157981433-d81x15i

Image by Konami.

Egg Apotheosis The game's final boss. Using his gauntlet, Eggman merges the earth's five elements with his Egg Gideon, forming the Egg Apotheosis. It is one of Eggman's most powerful robots and his biggest one. It consists of a lava, a volcano, a forest, an iceberg, tornadoes, water and aether. Eggman stands atop of the head-mountain and controls it using his gauntlet. It attacks by firing lava, fire, water, wind, thunder, ice and aether. The player controls Super Sonic as he races to reach the being and destroy it.
Number 6 chronomaly atlandis by alanmac95-d6gz811

Image by Konami.


Sonic is the game's only playable character. However, certain characters appear throughout the game and assist Sonic in his quest, depending on which route the player takes. For example, Jet might show up and pick up Sonic with his hoverboard. Therefore, the player takes control of both characters at the same time.


  • Sonic the Hedgehog


  • Miles "Tails" Prower: Tails appears three times during the game with his Tornado airplane. He picks up Sonic and the player takes control of the plane. Some bosses are fought while airborne.
  • Knuckles the Echidna: Knuckles appears in the rocky areas such as Rail Canyon. He assists Sonic in destroying rocks and uncovering hidden areas.
  • Amy Rose: She appears near Metal Mirage and Volcanic Zone. She assists Sonic with her hammer.
  • Shadow the Hedgehog: He appears near the end of the game. He assists Sonic with chaos control.
  • Rouge the Bat: Rouge appears near Police Panic. She helps Sonic by flying with him over and into skyscrapers in order to chase Eggman's robots.
  • E-123 Omega: He meets Sonic close to the end of the adventure close to the area of Crazy Egg and the Pillars of the World. He attempts guides Sonic through the areas and assists him by firing at enemies.
  • Big the Cat: He appears near the River of No Return where he attempts to fish his biggest fish ever. If Sonic helps big chase after the fish, Big will assist him by riding with him in his motorcycle and flying with him using his umbrella.
  • Cream the Rabbit: Cream is the first to appear. She tries to get into the adventure and help Sonic.
  • John Washington: John Washington is the human G.U.N. soldier from Sonic Adventure 3: GX. He appears piloting a robot that is able to match Sonic's speed. He appears near Speed Stadium and helps Sonic by firing at enemies or hovering above areas with him.The area is often surrounded by Eggman's robots that the player must take down.
  • Espio the Chameleon: He is encountered near Forbidden Labyrinth and assists Sonic in escaping the labyrinth.
  • Charmy Bee: Charmy finds Sonic after Closed Circuit and will either follow him to Malevolent Matrix. He gives Sonic a hacked secret disc so he can escape the zone.
  • Mighty the Armadillo: He appears near Turtle Islands. He is on a mission to help Sonic along with his team, the Chaotix. He assists Sonic to enter uncharted areas.
  • Vector the Crocodile: Vector comes in near the end of the game, after Station 42 and before The E.D.G.E. G.U.N. has hired the Chaotix to obtain information about the gauntlet. He helps Sonic fly when necessary using his bubble gum.
  • Jet the Hawk: He is found in the area close to Hanging Gardens and The Great Sea. Jet challenges Sonic to a race with his hoverboard. If the player beats Jet, then he will show up later near Axeleration to assist Sonic. If the player loses, Jet does not reappear.
  • Wave the Swallow: She appears between Supersonic Turbulence and Eternal Wall. She rides her hoverboard in extreme speed. Unlike Jet, she does not challenge Sonic to a race. Instead, she had received word from Tails to help Sonic break into Eggman's massive base where the laws of gravity no longer apply.
  • Dr Eggman: The game's main villain. He is encountered several times throughout the game in his robots.


The game's music is composed by Dutch composer Tom Holkenborg, also known as Junkie XL. The game's music is extremely fast-paced and action centered, like most of Holkenborg's scores. It incorporates elements from rock and pop music. Some parts of the game includes original songs written and performed by Crush 40 and Junkie XL.

The game's theme song, composed and performed by Crush 40, is called The Best of Me. The song describes Sonic's destiny to take on Eggman's evil plans.


As I run through fields and planes

And I see the world ahead

Mighty winds pull me away and I can see your evil self

You'll wait and see the show

It's covered blood and snow

The sky and sea's with me

Seasons and years have passed

Yet now's the time to show who I really am (This is who I really am)


You've seen the best of me

It's between you and me

And I keep running, faster, stronger

Until the end of time

This world's not yours but mine

I will remain and shine

As I keep reaching my one true fate


As I speed through lakes and bays

And I come face to face with you

I prepare my strength and will

Yet time remains so cold and still

It's time to take you on

The card of fate has already been drawn

Now witness all of me

I flash beside your eyes with everything I got (This is everything I got)


You've seen the best of me

It's between you and me

And I keep running, faster, stronger

Until the end of time

This world's not yours but mine

I will remain and shine

As I keep reaching my one true fate

[Guitar solo]

All I see now is memories of a once rekindled past

It's now or never to decide your future at last

Cause I can see in your eyes

The hatred that has spread like lies

I'll take my chance and dream

Of visions empty of your scheme

Now doctor be on guard

Cause I'm about to show who you're messing with (This is all the best of me)


You've seen the best of me (You've seen the best of me)

It's between you and me (It's between you and me)

And I keep running, faster, stronger (stronger)

Until the end of time

This world's not yours but mine (but mine)

I will remain and shine

As I keep reaching my one true fate

Critical reception

Sonic Supremacy
Aggregate Scores
Aggregator Score
Metacritic 89/100
Gamerankings 90.47%
Review Scores
Publication Score
Edge 10/10
Eurogamer 7/10
Famitsu 39/40
GamesRadar 9.5/10
Game Trailers 8.4/10
Gamespot 10/10
GamesRadar 9/10
IGN 9.8/10
Nintendo Life 9.8/10
X-Visual 7/10
Destructoid 8/10 7/10 A-

Pre-release reception of the game has been universally acclaimed. Critics and audiences praised the game's innovative, adrenaline rushed gameplay and visuals. IGN described the game as the best experience of supersonic speed ever captured in a videogame. The game's demos received acclaim for their attention to detail as well as the stages' epic scope.

Upon release, the game received overwhelmingly positive reception. Fans and critics praised the game's departure from previous story oriented and character buffed Sonic titles and into a non-stop action-packed game. Edge praised the game's presentation and cinematic gameplay, awarding it with a rare perfect 10/10, remaking that "this is what the Sonic games are all about; speed. And Great Sonic achieves this the best possible way". The magazine also praised the game's immersive environments, comparing it to The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog series. IGN gave the game a 9.8 out of 10, the second highest score for a Sonic game after The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: Rise of the Heroes. They complimented the game's groundbreaking mechanics and visuals which they thought were just what the Sonic franchise needed at the moment.

Critics favorably compared the game's presentation to Inside and Journey, where the main character wanders off in dangerous and unknown lands, uncertain of the future and his choices. Gamespot awarded the game a perfect 10/10, one of two Sonic games to achieve this (the other being The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: Rise of the Heroes). They commented that the game took risks that paid off at a time when video games have become extremely competitive. The game's music and sound design was also praised for being cinematic and moving forward the plot. Famitsu awarded the game a 39/40, saying that the game's highlight is the overwhelmingly fast gameplay and minimalistic story told through action instead of cut-scenes and exposition. The game's option of having players choose their route was praised by fans and critics for its originality and replay value.

Negative comments were aimed towards the game's simple story and lack of multiplayer and online.


The game sold more than 3 million copies within its first week of release. The game became the fastest-selling PS4 game in Europe and the fastest-selling Sonic game for the PS4. In the US, the game sold 1.5 million copies within 10 days. It became the best-selling video game of August 2017 and the second best-selling Sonic title in history after The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: Rise of the Heroes.


Year Award Category Result
2017 Golden Joystick Award 2017 Game of the Year Nominated
Best Visual Design Won
Best Audio Won
Innovation of the Year Nominated
Best PlayStation Game of the Year Won
The Game Awards 2017 Game of the Year Nominated
Best Game Direction Nominated
Best Art Direction Nominated
Best Audio/Music Won
Best Action/Adventure Game Nominated
IGN Best of 2017 Awards PlayStation 4 Game of the Year Nominated
Best Action-Adventure Game Won
Best Original Music Nominated
Best Visuals Won
Slant Magazine Top 25 Best Video Games of 2017 Game of the Year Nominated
EGM's Best of 2017 Game of the Year Nominated
The Sixth Axis' Game of the Year 2017 Awards Best Action/Adventure Game Won
Best Visual Design Nominated
Best Character (Sonic the Hedgehog) Nominated
Game of the Year Nominated
The Lazygamer Awards 2016 Game of the Year Nominated
Best Art Direction Nominated
Game Developers Choice Awards 2017 Game of the Year Nominated
Best Audio Nominated
Best Design Nominated
Best Visual Art Nominated
Innovation Award Won
Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences D.I.C.E. Awards 2017 Game of the Year Nominated
Adventure Game of the Year Won
Outstanding Achievement in Visual Engineering Nominated
Outstanding Achievement in Game Direction Nominated
Outstanding Technical Achievement Won
Outstanding Achievement in Animation Nominated
Outstanding Achievement in Sound Design Won
Outstanding Achievement in Game Design Nominated
Outstanding Achievement in Art Direction Nominated
14th British Academy Games Awards Artistic Achievement Nominated
Audio Achievement Nominated
Best Game Nominated
Music Nominated
Game Innovation Nominated


  • Sonic Team developed a new game engine for the gameplay so that Sonic can run faster. It has been reported that it will be the fastest game ever made in terms of gameplay.
  • Junkie XL's first involvement with the Sonic franchise.
  • The game's working title was Sonic Gauntlet, based on Eggman's new weapon. It was changed to its current title to focus on Sonic's speed and heroism.
  • Sea Gate and Rail Canyon return as stages from Sonic Heroes.
  • Charmy hands Sonic a hacked secret disc so he can escape Malevolent Matrix. This is a reference to Shadow the Hedgehog (2005), when Charmy was searching for secret discs in Prison Island with Shadow.
  • The boss Egg Gideon is called "Egg Wishmancer" in the Japanese version of the game.
    Maximum Effort (Deadpool OST) - Tom Holkenborg aka Junkie XL

    Maximum Effort (Deadpool OST) - Tom Holkenborg aka Junkie XL

    Music used in the Official Trailer.

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