Graviton is a male, dark purple anthropomorphic hedgehog who utilizes the distinct power to manipulate gravity.


After the heroes of Mobius prevailed against evil one day, the Chaos Emeralds were scattered. The purple emerald drifted off into space and was lost in time. It traveled through the infinite vastness for what appeared like an eternity until it came across a Black Hole. The intense gravity caused the emerald to be consumed. While inside, the Chaos energies were combined with the power of the Black Hole and began to form a new emerald. The power was identical, only the Chaos energies shifted, creating a Gyro Emerald. Since the Black Hole could not handle the limitless power of the two stones, they were both sent back at the original trajectory with intense speed. The two reached Mobius in a flash and upon breaching the atmosphere; they hurled towards the ground at different directions and struck like a meteor. A delayed effect of the Black Hole began happening just then. A dark purple hedgehog composed of Gyrokinetic energies spawned from the Gyro Emerald.

He had no idea who he was, where he came from or what his purpose was for that matter. What he did know was that he possessed a natural ability and he was spawned from that emerald. He felt the need to take the stone with him and crawled out of the crater that had formed. In his mind, he felt destined to harness his power to become a formidable warrior. Since he had nothing to go by, he began to train himself and aimlessly wander the distant lands. He soon discovered his power was linked directly to the Gyro Emerald. With something unstable such as gravity, seven years passed before he learned to simply maintain his power without it getting out of control. This is the moment his strength rapidly increased. After an additional five years of training, he felt his power had reached its peak, but still felt as if ultimate power was far from his grasp. Currently, he seeks a purpose and continues his training.


Graviton stands at 3 feet, 5 inches tall and weighs 90 pounds with a slight muscular build. Long dark purple fur covers his entire body with thick black streaks running along his arms and legs. Black fur additionally covers an arched portion on his chest as well as a separate diamond shaped section on his stomach. He has a pair of stern and constantly alert eyes with purple irises, black pupils and a glassy white sclera. A long and thin nose rests on his tan skinned muzzle. Triangular ears with tan inner areas are perked on the top of his head. Finally he has a medium length and slightly arched tail.


Graviton wears black gloves with large sock-like cuffs. His choice of footwear consists of purple shoes with black socks as well as a black strap and gray soles. Silver buckles fasten these straps on the inner sides of his shoes.

Quill style

Graviton has 3 rows of 3 elongated quills that protrude from the back of his head. The outer 6 curve downwards while the 3 in the middle curve upwards. One straight and fairly thin quill hangs from each side of his head that point down and reach chest level. 5 quills rest right on his forehead and hang down in an arc. He has two rows of two less pliable, slightly shorter quills on his back. The upper 2 curve upwards while the lower 2 curve downwards.


Graviton has the power of Gyrokinesis, an ability that allows him to manipulate the gravitational force on an object or person and even himself. This is performed by markings of various colors and shapes appearing on both palms and the backs of his hands (see below.) When using this power, all of his quills including the ones on his back appear to float.


Gyro Sphere: To harness this ability, he launches orbs of energy from the markings on his palms slightly larger than his fists called Gyro Spheres. They fly at a moderate speed and he can be fairly accurate if he aims correctly. After traveling a short distance, the spheres vanish. Upon contact from the spheres, an aura of the respective color surrounds the object or person until the effects ware off. If a sphere misses a target and strikes a surface, anything within a 3 foot radius will fall under the effects of the spheres. Up to 5 spheres can be launched in one setting and he must charge energy up briefly before unleashing one. The effects last roughly 7 seconds. He must wait a couple of minutes (or for role-playing purposes, 12 rounds) before his Gyro Sphere usage resets and using one restarts this. He has the ability to switch between the various effects at will and only one can be used at a time. Once all of his power is used, the markings will cease to appear when attempting to use his abilities.

Red: When positive sign-shaped markings of this color appear, it grants him the ability to increase gravity and make things up to 6 times heavier. The spheres themselves are heavier than others, resulting in reduced range and speed. However, if he were to unleash one at a downward trajectory, their speed increases. Each individual sphere adds the original weight of the object or person. For example; Graviton's weight of 90 pounds would be added by 90 with each sphere, maxing out at 540 pounds for him. When using this in a fight, his enemy would most likely have hindered mobility from being weighed down. If his opponent wields a weapon, Graviton can make the weapon heavier and beyond their abilities to carry. He can also use it on himself for defensive purposes such as if he wished to plant himself in one spot or prevent being launched into the air. If airborne, his increased gravity can be utilized for deadly offensive strikes.

Blue: Negative signed-shaped markings of this color means he wishes to decrease gravity and make things up to 6 times lighter. These spheres are lighter and appear to drift through the air with better range than the red spheres and are not affected by which angle they're fired at. His markings become the shape of a negative sign and each individual sphere subtracts the amount of weight equal to that of the object or person under 6 times the lesser gravity. For example; Graviton's weight of 90 pounds would be subtracted by 15 with each sphere, maxing out at 15 pounds for him. A foe's reduced weight could cause them to potentially float upwards to dangerous heights, most likely if Graviton assists with this concept. Just as the red counterpart, Graviton can use this on himself for mainly evasive maneuvers such as high or far leaps into the air. This can also be used to protect himself from high falls.

Black: Ovular markings of this color give Graviton the power to completely reduce his target’s gravity to zero. These are the fastest of his spheres, able to strike a foe with great speed and travel the farthest. However, it additionally has the longest time needed to charge up. Despite using the same amount of energy as the red and blue spheres, only one of these can be unleashed at a time and he must wait for his Gyro Sphere usage to reset before using it once more.

Purple: The shape of this colored marking is an arrow which always points downward. With this, he can shift the center of gravity and defy the gravitational pull. These spheres are faster the red spheres but slower than the black ones and slightly more range than the blue spheres. He can control their trajectory to an extent, which often results in a slight arc of any direction at the end of its travel. His markings become the shape of an arrow. Graviton can launch one of these purple spheres at a foe/ally, an object or himself, than fire a second one at a wall or the ceiling or even an object or another person. Once the second sphere makes contact, anything under the effects of the first sphere will be pulled to it, thus shifting the center of gravity. Graviton can utilize this to scale across any surface as if under normal conditions. The effects last up to 15 seconds and can be stopped at any time by switching to another gravity effect. Since these require twice the energy as normal, three more of the other spheres are accessible if he has not used them already.

Gyro Punch: Graviton is able to place the power of Gyro Spheres into a melee attack by engulfing his fists in energy of the respective colors. This has the same properties as the spheres, meaning the same effects and only 5 punches can be unleashed for the red and blue before the energy vanishes. The black still only allows one punch and an additional sphere must be used for the purple to be effective.

Forcefield: This defensive attack does not interfere with his Gyro Sphere usage, but still heavily drains him especially after prolonged use. He can create a small circular wave of nearly invisible, anti-gravity energy around him that lasts only 4 seconds. Anything within a couple feet of him would instantly cease all movement. The larger or faster they are, the more energy it takes for the move to be effective. If faced with projectiles, the force-field drops them harmlessly to the ground after the effects ware off. Against a foe, this has the possibility to prevent them from getting within striking distance. If used while airborne, any momentum he has will come to a complete stop and he will hover until it wears off, where he will drop at a normal rate. Using this takes massive amounts of energy and timing plus he himself must remain motionless with his body upright and his arms outstretched to the sides. If he's quick enough, he can reverse the force-field and send any projectiles or foes back at the source in equal velocity with a surge of Gyrokinetic energy. However, the larger the speed or size, the more difficulty he has doing so.

Flight: Graviton is able to utilize anti-gravity energy to fly for moderate amounts of time and reach fair speeds as well.

Attraction and Repulsion: This also does not affect his Gyro Sphere usage. Utilizing his Gyrokinetic abilities and aiming a palm at his target, Graviton can mentally pull objects towards him or push objects away. The larger an object is the more energy this drains.

Gyro Blast: (Unlocked through his Super form.) This devastating attack requires his remaining Super form power. Graviton can generate his own miniature Black Hole that reaches a 35 yard radius. Anything caught in this vortex would most likely be crushed into oblivion. Anything within a close proximity could possibly be pulled in from the intense gravity. The Black Hole will shrink then vanish after a short-lived time. This takes considerable amounts of power plus a rather lengthy charge up time. If too much power is placed into this, he runs the risk of being absorbed into the void as well.

Other abilities

Graviton can deny requirements for a long time such as the need of food, sleep and even water. His body composes a substitute agent from kinetic and potential energy to fulfill the metabolism. Like most hedgehogs, he can curl down into a ball, taking on a diagonally pivoted and ovular shape. Although he cannot use the famous Spin Dash or Homing Attack, he does use this as a midair attack against foes below him or at far distances if he gets a running start. His ball form also grants him slightly more protection than normal. He is constantly training himself to become stronger. Through time, he trained his body to effortlessly adapt and able act normally in both high, low or no gravity without the normal effects caused by the high gravity or weightlessness on body, both instantaneous and/or short/long term. This has made him quite durable and he can suffer high extents of damage before going down. This has made his legs powerful as well. He can reach speeds up to 120 mph and leap far or high distances. After enduring a handstand for the full duration of the 6 times gravity, Graviton has formidable strength in his arms and boasts surprising agility to boot. He is highly disciplined and knows his body's limits.

Item in possession

Graviton holds an item called the Gyro Emerald, which is almost a copy of the same colored Chaos Emerald. Cylindrical in appearance with pointed edges on each end, it has infinite power but has a limit on maximum power it can hold at one time and can be drained after prolonged use, going through various color cycles. While donning a glowing aura of its color, it’s at full power. Standard color with no glow means it’s at roughly half the capacity. The glow can fade and the emerald can have a grayish hue to it, meaning only a quarter of the power is at Graviton's disposal. Finally, all power can be used and the emerald is left a dull black, leaving it useless for the time being. Through time, it can gradually restore its full power so long as Graviton does not use its power. While only one exists, Graviton can create more by connecting his emerald with a Chaos Emerald. After he does this, he can transfer all of the Gyrokinetic energy into the Chaos Emerald. This will result in the Chaos Emerald spawning another Gyro Emerald of the same color and can of course be used only once per emerald, maxing out at 7 as expected. He is currently unaware of this ability. The emeralds are linked to each other and with only one emerald at his disposal; Graviton can warp the other emeralds to his location so long as he knows exactly where they are and detect them. He can sense the energies from far distances and can differentiate them from Chaos Emeralds despite their identical power. It is the main power source of his Gyrokinetic abilities. Unlike the Chaos Emeralds, these emeralds do not have positive or negative polarities, but has neutral energy instead. Each Gyro Emerald Graviton is in possession of doubles the maximum power of his Gyrokinesis and adds 5 Gyro Spheres to his disposal. He also must wait twice as long with each emerald before his power resets. His physical capabilities are not affected at all.


Super form - Void Graviton

If all 7 Gyro Emeralds are collected, Graviton can harness their energy and unlock his ultimate power. His fur becomes a pale green, the streaks on his arms and the fur on his stomach/chest turn white, his eyes turn green and his facial features are sharpened. His gloves, cuffs and socks become white, his shoes become green and the straps becomes white. The quills on both his head and back become noticeably longer, curve upwards and appear to float. A black vortex crackling with energy shrouds him. His muscular density is increased and his voice gains an echo. He is granted the power of flight without the need of anti-gravity energy and can fly for unlimited amounts of time at incredibly fast speeds, able to just barely break the sound barrier. His durability and physical strength are greatly increased, able to withstand his maximized weight of 3,240 pounds with ease. His agility is augmented as well, able to deal his deadly strikes with blistering speed. His force-field has increased range and can be used while in motion. His power is seemingly limitless in this form, and having access to 35 Gyro Spheres makes him no easy opponent to overcome. Much like most Super forms, he must use 50 rings as a trigger and without a stable supply, the form doesn't even last a full minute. Once its duration is over, the emeralds become colorless and scatter in random directions. Graviton is rendered unconscious for prolonged amounts of time once the form subsides.


Although his kinetic power is strong, it is impossible to even use without at least one Gyro Emerald in close proximity. His kinetic ability also uses huge amounts of power and he can find himself completely drained if he's careless. Due to the constant shifting of gravity, Graviton has little to no sense of balance. Although wet or rainy environments or shallow bodies of water will not hinder him, Graviton is no swimmer and will sink significantly. Graviton's combat ability only covers close to mid-range. His options would be limited against an opponent with long range tactics. Despite his durability, his defensive capabilities such as blocking and evading are poor. If a foe were to capitalize the weakness, Graviton's chance of victory could be slim. Even though he is well aware of his body's limits, his determination to win a fight will frequently overlook this and he could be left in a vulnerable position. His most prominent weakness is his lack of combat experience. Graviton has spent his life only training. It is unknown to him if the battle tactics he formed will even be useful in an actual fight.

Combat style

Graviton relies heavily on offensive tactics. He can quickly overpower a foe with his quick and deadly strikes which can be quite lengthy at times. Alternating between heavy and light attacks, he focuses on pressuring a foe with these combos and targets crucial areas such as the stomach, chest and face region.


Upon meeting someone for the first time, Graviton has a tendency to act very on-edge and somewhat hostile. This is simply his confrontational demeanor, where he acts downright rude to those who show the slightest hint of getting in his way, which makes him almost unapproachable sometimes. However, this is just a trait he cannot help and he frequently apologizes for his attitude afterwards if he thinks that person doesn't deserve it. If he were to ally himself with anyone, he can show his friendly side, which only goes so far as to helping his allies if they are in need. His thirst for battle is quite high and he's almost always on the lookout for a good fight. While in battle his demeanor becomes brash and confident, typically pointing out his opponent's mistakes in a mocking manner. One thing he will never, even for a second, consider bringing harm to the innocent. This may seem noble of him, but if an innocent individual is in harm's way, he will not go out of his way to save them. He remains ever vigilant and somber in the face of danger or when things go awry. He can be quick to act on something and thinks out every possibility before making a decision. The laws of good and evil do not apply to him. He lives and dies by his own rules and nothing will shake this demeanor from him. He is just a hedgehog who concentrates on his motives and when Graviton is determined, he is quite literally unstoppable.


  • Graviton was created in an attempt to create an original hedgehog.
  • His original concept was a bounty hunter who duel wielded swords. Most of the old concepts were passed down to Fotiagos Imperium
  • Speaking of the wolverine; both of their appearances revolve around the mixture of the colors red, blue and black, 3 of the creator's favorite colors. Their abilities also revolve around increasing and decreasing their respective elements. Because of this, a hypothetical fusion between the two named Gravitagos was considered, but never created
  • Graviton was also turned into a Griffin for a short amount of time. After the idea was scrapped, the information created with that species was passed down to Tharros the Griffin.
  • Because of his many changes, the creator briefly imagined a Gyrokinetic, dual sword wielding, bounty hunting Griffin, which was thought of as the "true Graviton".
  • His origin is inspired by a character of the Godzilla series. The evil Spacegodzilla was formed when the DNA of Godzilla made its way into space and then a black hole.
  • The changes in color in his Super form are identical to Sonic's. Both hedgehog's fur color inverts (Sonic's becomes yellow while Graviton's becomes pale green.) He also has traits of Super Scourge as his attire colors invert as well.
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