Graviga the Hedgehog


Age: 21

Likes:Forcing others to do her bidding

Dislikes: Disobediance

Strengths: She can control a certain objects gravity and throw them around with telekinesis

Weaknesses: If the object is larger than 5 times her own size, she cannot control it with her powers.

VOICE ACTOR: Pat Carroll - You may recognie her as Ursula from The Little Mermaid


She has the heart of a tyrant, she formed an alliance with 2 other people from her home planet. She obviously takes the role of leader in her alliance and even though she could get out there in battles and do her own part, she selfishly sits back and enjoys the blood spilling of her enemies, however if both of her allies are defeated she has to step in and can usually take a regular person down in moments.

She definitely does not work well with others, she's dark, creepy, and strikes plenty of fear into the hearts of many. She would do anything to get her way and destroy anyone who got in her way.


So why is she so strict? Well she is the daughter of the Tyrant of Time, He rules the Eternal Kingdom as well as their entire home planet, Graviga stole her powers from the Thunder Kingdoms Sorcery spell archives and gave herself the ability to control Gravity, after doing this she sought out to begin her own kingdom, but suddenly war broke out and she was forced to flee because she knew she wouldn't survive a day if she stayed.

She is determined to go back someday and take her fathers place as ruler. She is just waiting for the right time and she is the only one of the princes or princesses who knows when that right time is. Someday she'll return, the time is almost upon them...


Gravity Powers

  • Graviga (named after herself) is an ability she uses to manipulate the gravity of living beings and objects
  • Gravity Strike is a technique she uses to force a significant amount of gravity onto someone to make them fall to the ground and have a hard time getting up because of the greatly increased mass they now have
  • Gravity Shift is when she manipulates her own gravity to thrust herself at blinding speeds into enemies and fly
  • Telekinesis is the ability to move things with her mind
Critical Drive - Birth by Sleep & 358 2 Days & Re coded OST - CD3 Track 4

Critical Drive - Birth by Sleep & 358 2 Days & Re coded OST - CD3 Track 4

This theme shows that at first you expect it to be a tough battle, but as the music tenses you realizing dealing with Graviga will be harder than you imagimed/



"Hmph, My name is probably the last name you'll hear... I'm Graviga" - Introducing herself

"This is going to be too easy" - Battling an enemy

"What a huge waste of my time" - Defeating an enemy

"No! I will not accept this!" - Losing to an enemy

"..." - Getting an S rank on a mission



  • None


  • Everyone
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