Cquote1 I am the greatest Earthbender in the world! Don't you fools ever forget it! Cquote2
Graphene upon escaping the high security prison.

This character is inspired by Toph from "Avatar: The Last Airbender".



  • Age: 17
  • Likes: Practicing his abilities, pulling pranks.
  • Dislikes: Sand
  • Alignment: Neutral


Graphene is a very light yellow color, almost appearing white if you do not look close enough. He has brown streaks down his hair which covers his eyes. He wears black gloves with openings at the fingertips for him to put his fingers through. He wears no shirt but has an amulet with a lightning symbol on it. His pants are jeans that are a deep gray color, they are very baggy so he can position his legs and stance better since tight pants would cause discomfort. He does not wear shoes since he needs his feet to feel the Earth. He has a scar on his left cheek that goes up to his forehead, most of the scar is hard to see because of the hair covering most of his face. When his eyes are visible, his left eye is always shut as a scar goes through his entire eyelid up to his forehead, despite only being hit across the left eye, the hit was hard enough to make both of his eyes useless. His right eye is a VERY deep purple color without a pupil.

The lightning amulet he wears around his neck is attached by a solid platinum bar rather than a chain. This is to prevent the amulet from getting caught in something and choking or hanging the wearer. To remove or attach this powerful amulet, the center must be hit with at least 100 pounds of force. While Graaphene doesn't possess this kind of physical strength himself, he is able to remove it with his earthbending, sending ginormous rocks directly at himself to remove the amulet.


He is usually laid back, but he is also very mysterious. He keeps his personal problems to himself and whenever a question about his past is asked he either attacks or ignores whoever asked the question, depending on who they are. He enjoys joking around to hide his serious nature from people whom he knows will ask if he's alright.

He does not like to classify himself as a hero or villain, while he does fight against evil, he has been consumed by the evil desire for revenge, and he accepts this. Despite him knowing this feeling is wrong, he continues to let it eat away at him, detaching himself from others as he only lets himself focus on his main goal. While he does make the occasional ally, he never allows them to stick around with him for a while. Either telling them to leave or leaving them on his own.

While he doesn't let his mind slip into the void of revenge seeking, he has let it happen to his heart. While he does fight against evil, he tends to do it for himself and not others. If he witnesses a robbery or murder that doesn't concern him, he simply ignores it, However a threat against the entire world seems to get him motivated to do justice. His lust for revenge has grown too strong even for him. He constantly fights himself in his heart to try and regain control. But his desire has grown too powerful. His good side never wins...


Graphene has two themes, One for his darker side and another for his lighter side. These themes work together in fitting this Neutral character.

An Impossible Crime - The Legend of Korra OST

An Impossible Crime - The Legend of Korra OST

This is the theme for Graphene's darker side, not only is the title fitting but in the song you can just feel Graphene sitting in prison alone, lloathing the friend who had betrayed him and being consumed by the lust for revenge.

Before - The Legend of Korra OST

Before - The Legend of Korra OST

This is the theme for Graphene's lighter side. It represents the memories of peace he had while growing up and learning earthbending. As well as symbolizing the struggle he has with himself and trying to stop himself from choosing revenge over forgiveness.



Graphene was born into a very wealthy family, however this family was not wealthy for long. The wealth of his family was obtained by Graphene's father, an excessive scammer and gambler. On Graphene's 6th birthday his father was finally caught in one of his scams and lost a lot of money. Unable to pay for food or their home, Graphene's father planned to sell his only son. But when Graphene's mother would not allow it she was killed without being given a chance to change her mind. Graphene was then knocked out and sold by his father for money. Graphene became a slave, however most of the slave work required that the slaves know how to command stone and the ground beneath them. Graphene was trained and mastered the art of bending the Earth in a matter of months. He had made a close friend where he trained, they grew together and worked together. His friend taught him some hilarious tricks he could pull with their new powers. They had fun for 8 years. At the age of 14 on of Graphene and his friends tricks went horrible wrong. The master they had worked for was murdered and when the law enforcement came to arrest the two, Graphene's friend faked innocent, and his tricky nature allowed him to fool the law. Graphene became instantly furious that his friend had backstabbed him like that. Graphene began to attack his friend but was struck in the face, causing him to become blind, leaving a scar on his left cheek. Unable to see, Graphene had a difficult time fighting the law and he was taken away to a high security prison.

He was kept there for 2 long years while his friend roamed free. He became bitter and vengeful, quietly training by himself in the prison cell. He mastered the art of seismic sense, making his reflexes and reaction time so precise that he can sense where someone is and what they'll do by their interaction with the Earth. He can also do this by sensing the vibrations. HE can do this so well in fact that he can tell when someone is lying by feeling the vibrations of their heartbeat. When caught practicing he was then chained to the walls so he couldn't move. He sat and meditated to himself for a month, soon he did what no other earthbender had been able to do. With a simple flick of his fingers the steel chains bent open and he was free. He escaped the prison with little to no effort. Graphene knew that he couldn't trust anyone so he began his search for his old friend who betrayed him. He carved a lightning amulet for himself out of gold to symbolize how vengeance strikes, he dropped it in a lake during a storm and returned the next morning to retrieve it. The amulet had been struck several times overnight and now it gives whoever wears it the ability to decide where lightning will strike the ground.

Current Status

Graphene is currently still seeking vengeance on the enemy that he once called a friend. However his search has gradually been slowing down as time goes on as he begins hearing rumors of the death of the one he was searching for. Nevertheless, he continues his search in case this whole death thing is another prank. When he isn't constantly on the lookout for his enemy, he is training vigorously to improve his earthbending and metalbending. He won't stop until he becomes able to bend highly refined metals such as platinum. A material that many other benders say is impossible. But Graphene knew that since he learned to see without his eyes, anything was possible.

To keep himself from fully succumbing to the desire for revenge, Graphene has meditating sessions. By doing this and focusing intensely, Graphene has gained the ability to store up enough energy to pull of powerful attacks that he calls "Focus Abilities." However he does need lots of preparation and meditation so he can store up energy to pull these devastating attacks off so surprise attacks render these abilities completely useless.

Graphene's Adventures and Encounters

Graphene has met many friends and foes along his journey. One of the being a sly cat named Toph. After Graphene escaped the prison he was locked away in, a huge reward was put on the line for his return and Toph has been after that reward. Graphene has encountered Toph several times as she continues to sneak up at him at random instances. Graphene comes out victorious but something keeps him from finishing her off. She's the only one that he hasn't had the heart to kill after being victorious. The two continue to fight every now and then, seeming to enjoy battling with each other as it becomes more about fun than the reward.

Another stranger Graphene has met on his travels is Bolin, a cray old monkey who can locate just about anyone. Graphene would get the information about the friend who betrayed him from Bolin, but there's a catch. Bolin demands a price to be paid for the reveal od the location and Graphene isn't incredibly wealthy. Graphene cannot kill Bolin either, he can't take the risk of losing his only source of information.

Friends and Family


Graphene's mother was a busy echidna, she was hardly ever home and when she did come home, she hid weapons covered in battle damage in her closet. Nobody, not even her husband knew what she has been doing, and her constant absence from the house may be the reason Graphene wasn't phased after losing her. While none of her family may know what she's been up to, we may find out soon...


Graphene's father was very greedy echidna. Since his wife was out all the time, he was able to lie about his occupation so he wouldn't get into trouble with his wife. He was a brilliant scammer and gambler who loved nothing more than money. However when he lost money he'd blame his family for being too expensive. Putting his pride and greed above others. However, soon he lost too much money and something had to be done. He had to murder his own wife when she denied him the permission to sell Graphene into slavery. After the murder, his father proceeded to do just that. As of now he is still a very wealthy echidna, safe from Graphene's revenge because if it weren't for him, Graphene would have never learned earthbending.


  • Udan - Udan is the name of the master that taught Graphene and his friend how to control Earth (Element). He was a wise echidna but also very strict. If one mistake was made there would be a punishment to follow it. Despite this, he still became very close with his pupils until he was killed when a prank started by Graphene's friend went wrong.
  • Toph - Toph is a sly cat who makes money as a bounty hunter, when Graphene escaped the high security prison she began her search to find him and collect her money, but upon their many encounters and battles with each other she began to fall for him. Even though Graphene won every battle they've been in, she still proves herself to be a very capable fighter thanks to her incredible agility. Despite them growing close, Graphene still refuses to tell her anything about his past and what his motives are.
  • Bolin - Bolin is a crazy old monkey who knows what you need to know and always has what you need to have. The catch? He charges heavily for it. He is a greedy scumbag and doesn't offer discounts even for friends. Despite this he's still been able to befriend Graphene.


  • ??? - This is the one that Graphene once called friend, they grew together, played together, and worked together. They had a great time pulling tricks on their other friends and teachers as well as helped each other with the slave work they were given. However when a prank went wrong, this mysterious friend shifted the blame on Graphene and then fled the country, hiding away because he knew Graphene would be seeking revenge.


See Graphene The Echidna/Abilities for more info.


He can bend any part of the earth that is stable, unstable ground such as sand make it not only difficult for him to bend but it makes it difficult to use his seismic sense ability. He has gained the ability to bend mud as well and even plants but sand still proves to be difficult for him. He can also bend any type of metal except for very highly refined metal such as platinum. The lightning amulet he wears around his neck gives whomever wears it the ability to decide when and where lightning will strike the ground during a storm.


Like the rocks he can bend, Graphene needed to build up a high defense so he picked up the defensive fighting style of karate. His reactions and reflexes are extremely precise, since he is fully blind his seismic sense is more useful to him than it is to most people he has advanced it far enough to tell when someone is lying and he can even tell where someone has been by feeling their footprints in the ground.


While he can manipulate sand and turn it to stone temporarily it's still extremely difficult for him to fully bend since it's highly unstable ground. It causes his seismic sense to view everything fuzzy. He also needs any part of his arms to earthbend. If his fingers are covered he cannot use his abilities, hence the reason he wears gloves with holes where the fingers should go. His lightning amulet also does not work only for him, if he is not wearing the amulet he does not have the powers it possesses, someone could easily steal it and use the power for themselves, While they wouldn't be able to control the Earth like Graphene can, they'd still be able to control where the lightning hits and when it will hit. He is fully blind after all so seismic sense requires him to use his feet to sense and see where everything it. This is why he goes barefoot since shoes would make it difficult for him to see.

Graphene's amulet is also very weak to elemental and magical attacks, one bad hit could malfunction the amulet's lightning abilities, forcing Graphene to shut it off until he has time to fix it. A simple energy beam should be enough to make the amulet go nuts.

Another massive weakness he has is The Master Emerald. The Emerald holds the power to travel to the spirit world if held by the Avatar. However if a bender who is not the Avatar gets near the emerald, their bending becomes completely neutralized until they are at least 100 feet away.

Interactions with Canon Sonic Characters

Sonic The Hedgehog

Graphene was promised an increase in power from Eggman who had tricked Graphene into thinking Eggman had a strength enhancement chamber in his lab. In order to gain his reward he would need to take care of Sonic. The two battled for a long time until Sonic had to become super. Graphene still held his own against the golden hedgehog. Using the lightning abilities from his amulet to send bolts of lightning towards super sonic since Graphene himself was not capable of reaching anywhere close to super Sonic's incredible speed. It was pretty evenly matched until Sonic pulled out the super emeralds and became hyper sonic. It was all over for Graphene after that. He was easily defeated by Hyper Sonic but luckily for Graphene, his life was spared.

Knuckles The Echidna

Graphene has attempted to steal the Master Emerald and sell it to Bolin for information. However, Graphene was unaware of the element neutralizing capabilities of the Master Emerald. As soon as he got within 100 feet of the powerful emerald, his bending was gone, leaving him with only his seismic sense and karate. But this wasn't enough to beat Knuckles. Graphene lost and was unable to obtain the emerald. He just barely escaped.


  • Graphene's strengths and weaknesses are based off of Toph Bei Fong from the "Avatar: The Last Airbender" franchise.
  • Graphene can sense the Earth, even if it isn't connected to the ground. While he can't detect the opponent he's fighting if they fly, he'll still be able to find them while they fly by the dirt on their feet or clothes from the Earth's surface.
  • Graphene was named after the strongest material known to man, the material is only 1 atom thin but is tons stronger than steel.
  • Since Graphene's abilities and weaknesses were based on Toph and a few other fictional characters who control earth, a few of his abilities are taken directly from those characters. Such as Sand Burial which comes from Gaara of the Naruto franchise.

Roleplay Appearances

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