Grand Metropolis

Grand Metropolis is a location mentioned in The Legend of Fox the Brave, being mentioned in The Lost Pack as the birthplace of Jon the Fox and his son Phoenix.




So far, the only known inhabitants are foxes, as Jon, Mona, and Phoenix, who are all red foxes, hail from the city.


The history of Grand Metropolis is unknown, but at one point was the residence of Jon, his mate Mona(who fled the Red Fox Pack when they got caught in a battle with the Dark Legion), and their son Phoenix.

Notable Areas



Grand Metropolis is the second Sonic Heroes location to be confirmed for the series, the first being Hang Castle, the birthplace of Lerry the Bear.

  • It is also the seventh Sonic the Hedgehog game location to be confirmed overall:
    • The first is Green Hill Zone, E.J.'s birthplace
    • The second is Soleanna Forest, Fox the Brave's birthplace
    • The third is the City of Soleanna
    • The fourth is Hang Castle, Lerry the Bear's birthplace
    • The fifth is White Acropolis, which made an appearance in the story Return of the Werehog
    • The sixth is Kingdom Valley, which also made an appearance in Return of the Werehog
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