The Grand Kingdom is the domain of King Arthur in the world of Sonic and the Black Knight. Visible on the game's map screen, the Kingdom takes up the north-west corner of the game world. It is dominated by forests, especially in the north.

Areas visited by Sonic during his adventures in Sonic and the Black Knight that lie within the borders of the Kingdom proper are Deep Woods, Camelot Castle, Knight's Passage, Shrouded Forest, and Dark Hollow.

However, in the canon game, Merlina says that the Kingdom of Camelot will not last forever so chances are it either did exist on Sonic's world along time ago but not anymore.

Fan Fiction

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As S&tBK is based on the original Arthurian Legends, the original stories are based in Great Britain which is an actual country on our real world while Grand Kingdom could be an actual place on Sonic's world based on British culture and history (But modern as the game is based in Medieval times). Similar to the fictional countries in Sonic Unleashed being based on actual locations on actual countries.

Camelot Castle

What Camelot castle town looked like in medieval times.


London, where the game Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games took place. May not be assosiated with Grand Kingdom as Olympic games are spin-offs.

Wherever Camelot actually or still exist in Sonic's world is speculation since Camelot is only a legend in actual Great Britain. But it is usually pressumed that Grand Kingdom is the equivilent to the United Kingdom of Great Britain.

Locations in Grand Kingdom

Notable Residents

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