Cquote1 When the lives of individual beings intertwine it is not a mere coincidence. It is time and fate together at work. Cquote2
Grand Father

Grand Father(AKA Father Time) is an immortal being. He manages time itself and takes care of his home and the place the keeps time throughout all universes. The Grand Pendulum. This ancient and great place keeps all time. It monitors all planets, and even the worlds greatest heroes.


Time Keeper

He was an entity through time. He was tasked with controlling all of time. He would monitor peoples. He was told never to try and save or help people as the supreme beings would deal with creating and destroying life. Grand Father also knows that no one must ever use The Grand Pendulum as a time machine else it would cause the destruction of the universe. Grand Father even assembled some of the greatest beings of ancient time assembling them into his The Timekeeper Counsel.They made decisions on the repairing of planets, the new years to come, The Grand Pendulum itself, and all otehr things within their jurisdiction(Fixing, repairing, keeping time, Tracking History, protecting time, etc.)

Quantos the Traitor of Time

Quantos was training to become Caretaker. However he proved to be a villain only wanting to control the clock as a time machine to restore his glory. He took energy from the Chrono Scepter and put it into an amulet. He fled and almost escaped but was reluctantly killed by Grand Father. However the amulet fell from the The Grand Pendulum. Grand Father prayed it would just drift forever in space. The prayer went unanswered.

Timekeeper's Counsel

The Timekeeper's Counsel are hand-selected deities chosen to help Grand Father. They must go through rigorous training in order to be accepted. The counsel includes:

Caretaker: The second in command the caretaker dabbles in most of everything. The position is passed down from generation to generation. They are also granted a staff that with a swing can repair anything. However one hasn't been chosen since the last caretaker who rebelled.

Watchers: These three brothers watch over the planets and make the necessary changes. They also can watch over what occurs on all planets.

Junior Caretaker: E-1205069 is the Jr. Caretaker. He helps repair things, and specializes in caring for the caretaker as well as training those ready to become the caretaker. He is a very energetic character.

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