Grainne the Hedgefox is a child being raised among the Word of Kiritsu by her parents, a pair of experienced mages. Despite her youth, Grainne has shown potential in manipulating Nature through similar magical means.


On the tall side for her age, Grainne is a cobalt blue-furred hedgefox with dark exposed skin on muzzle and arms. Atop her head and quills; her fur is thicker and styled into cornrow-like ridges along the length of her quills, adding a further ridged appearance to her spines. Indeed, Grainne has a slender body and long limbs, though her hands appear delicate from a life without hard work.

Her eyes are pale gray, and unless focused on magic or the natural world around her, she tends to appear bored and disinterested.


As a child growing up around the Word of Kiritsu; Grainne tends to dress fairly casually in the relaxed way that many of her fellows do. Much of Grainne's clothing is black or darker in color, with a faintly tie-dyed hippy fashion aesthetic her preference. Indeed, her clothes tend to be made of natural fibers and sustainable materials.


Like many of the Word's members, Grainne was born to two experienced members of the group on Blackpoint Ridge. Her mother Kerran Rell possessed a power gene that aloud her to use the power of Vulpine Cunning, a major asset to the Word. Neither of her parents had magic, so it was extremely surprising when Grainne turned their living room into a forest. Word of this incident (pun intended) eventually found it's way to the Soul of Kiritsu, who demanded she be taken from the Word to be trained in the magical arts in Kerro. However, after a court case in Kerro, however, the Parliament ruled that Grainne would stay with the Word, much to the Soul's chagrin. Ironically enough, Grainne knew none of this and spent much of her childhood playing with plants.

When she started training for the Word, she came to detest the technology used by the Word, preferring to stick to her own natural powers. While she was never bullied by fellow trainees, many saw her as unusual and stayed away from her. She had a few friends, including her soon-to-be-squadmate Carson Mercury. However, disaster struck when Kabletech attacked Blackpoint Ridge, leading to the death of her aunt, Nivan Rell. Although Grainne didn't know her well, Kerran was distraught by the loss of her sister and was off on leave for some time after that. The Word activated a Delta Scenario, leading to members in training being moved into full squads for an attack on Kabletech. Grainne was placed in Squad 17 with her cousin Mammoth the Moth and friend Carson. During the assault, Grainne first displayed use of her Vulpine Cunning, using it to fight Wraith the Cyberhog to a standstill and save Mammoth from certain death. Since then, she has fought valiantly alongside the Word, learning more about herself all the time.


Despite her youth, two aspects of Grainne's future strengths have been seen. The first is the genetic ability inherited from her mother, Vulpine Cunning. While subtle, Grainne already shows the natural grace attributed to such an ability, although other abilities are yet to show themselves, having not even truely accessed the One-Tail Form yet.

Equally, and unlike the many kinetic-based fighters within the Word of Kiritsu, Grainne has an almost natural understanding of magic in nature and plants; particularly vines and grains. Despite her youth, Grainne has already displayed the ability to magically create vines to strike targets or grasp things at a distance, while she has also managed to make crops and grass grow to help hide her position. It is uncertain which source this natural magic is from, as her family and bloodline are not believed to have ever had a member in the Soul of Kiritsu.

Due to her youth, Grainne has not truly begun to explore her limits, and as such it's not sure how much power she wields, or what her natural weaknesses are. It is noted that so far, she has refused to learn even basic self-defense techniques, and has shunned a lot of the technology that others within the Word utilize.


Grainne is very relaxed compared to her comrades, often seeming like she's daydreaming all the time, constantly smiling. Sometimes she actually is, but a lot of the time she's listening intently to everything around her. She has a very good eye for detail, notcing things most people wouldn't. She tends to shun technology and anything that would hurt the enviroment which, while sustainable, often means she doesn't use important things like communicators, resulting in uncomfortable situations for the word. She does sometimes use technology but acts like it's a bomb about to go off, to the worry and laughter of her squadmates. Her penchant for daydreaming often means she's easy to catch of guard, but it's hard too tell when she isn't.

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