Grace the Squirrel Grace the Squirrel
Grace the Squirrel (Team Vipers)'''
Skater top, Pink and White Extreme Gear (skate form), Pink inline skating helmet, Pink and white armored skating gloves
Team Vipers
Skater Babe (By Sonic the Hedgehog), Ice Queen
Romantic Interests
Dante the Hedgebear (her ice skating trainer; broke up with him when she discovered he cheated on her)
Her Extreme Gear skates (can kick her opponents with them to deal extra damage)
Inline skating, basic combat, Vale Tudo, Capoeira, Hisou-Ken and Kempo
Ability Type
Speed and Power

Grace the Squirrel is Honey the Cat's good friend and a model for her fashion company, Nekometa Fashion House. She is an inline skater by hobby but is also a martial arts expert.

Fighting Vipers

Grace the Squirrel is the Sonic version of the fighter Grace from the fighting game Fighting Vipers. The Fighting Vipers Grace is easily comparable to Grace the Squirrel. Fighting Vipers Grace looks exactly like a human version of Grace the Squirrel. Grace the Squirrel's theme music is even the same as her source character, and she even has a similar hairstyle.

Grace had her dreams of becoming a professional figure skater broken in high school when her coach betrayed her. Now she makes a living as a fashion model for her friend Honey the Cat's fashion company. She may occasionally look cold and distant but the fire of her rage blazes in the heat of the fight.

Game manual

From her source, Fighting Vipers

Sex: Female
Birthday: 11/17
Age: 19
Weight: 58kg
Height: 175cm
Hometown: Armstone City
Occupation: Fashion Model
Hobby: In-Line Skating
Likes: Pasta
Dislikes: Potatoes


In the past, Grace the Squirrel dreamed of becoming a figure skater. But her coach, who was also her boyfriend, betrayed her and she left the skating world a heartbroken girl, though she now does inline skating as a hobby. To break away from her past for good, she decided to learn to fight, taking classes in Hisou-Ken, Kempo, Vale Tudo and Capoeira (among other fighting arts). She appears cool and intelligent, but inside the flame of anger burns, giving her the power to fight. After the crackdown on Vipers began, mysterious workplace harassment has taken place. Wondering why, she dons her gear and decides to enter the Mobius Kombat tournament.

She is very good friends with Honey the Cat, Raxel the Echidna and Tiara Boobowski. Grace is also a model for her friend Honey's fashion company, Nekometa Fashion House.

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