Grace the Squirrel

Biographical Information
PetsMagda the Flickie
Romantic Interests
Physical Description
SpeciesMobian/Flying Squirrel
  • Fur:Brown
  • Hair:Orange
  • Eyes:White
  • Cowboy Hat with messy blond hair beneath
  • Black long sleeved dress with white lace collar
  • Orange boots
Political Alignment and Abilities
AffiliationsSilver Lake Hotels (Maid)
  • Super Speed
  • Flight
  • Aerokinesis
  • Cleaning skills
  • Can fight w/ mop
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorFlashfire212

Grace the Squirrel is a young squirrel maid from Silver Lake.


Grace was a hard worker at the Silver Lake Hotel, working alongside her sisters and a large number of her friends as maids. This was something they all enjoyed, but after each day at work, she would spend her time in a little cafe, where a pair of exiles from the Pyranic Empire worked. The younger of the two, Zhao the Pyrohog, was shy and normally waited tables, but Grace found herself enraptured in him, amazed by him, eventually building up the courage to ask him out. The two of them went down to a small beach-side restaurant, then down by the lake itself. Zhao admitted that he had never had such a good time with a girl before. She laughed, and the two of them relaxed by the beach, until a fireball struck the dirt besides them. The Day of Scorched Earth had begun. Together, Zhao and Grace managed to fight their way back to the hotel, where she kissed Zhao, who fled with his friend Han the Otter, leaving Grace with her family and friends to fight the Pyranic Empire, who eventually claimed the town as theirs, allowing the people who defended the Hotel to keep working there. After the town fell, Zhao returned with his old crush and girlfriend at the time, Napala the Hedgehog, who he admitted was a member of the Pyranic Empire. Saddened but not tearful, Grace thanked him for letting her know, before returning to her life as a maid, wishing that she could forget the entire thing.


Grace is a trained maid, so she uses a variety of cleaning tools to great effect. However, don't be fooled by her maid's exterior. Within her supposedly fragile shell, there is a tough girl. Trained by her mother as an Aerokinetic, plus access to her father's abilities of super speed and the flight of her species, she is a well-rounded fighter. Often, she creates spinning balls of air, which are then thrown at her target. This is the only one of her Wind-controlling abilities that she uses in her work, the others being powerful medium to long-ranged attacks which she revealed to Zhao on the Day of Scorched Earth.

Wind-Type Abilities

Elementless Abilities


Grace is a gentle, quiet girl, however, she isn't afraid to fight for her home and job. She cared deeply for Zhao, and still feels that they are friends after the Day of Scorched Earth, even though she met his girlfriend. She loves the beach and the lake, and often swims at the beach, which allows her to show off her body away from her uniform.

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