Grace the Hedgecat is a double-agent within House Thunda, serving as one of their powered troopers in the prestigious Lancer forces, and at the same time a spy and consort for the renegade prince, Toxic the Hedgehog.

Grace the Hedgecat

Biographical Information
Romantic InterestsToxic the Hedgehog (Crush)
Physical Description
  • Fur: Gray, w/ peach skin
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Red
  • Pink dress w/ bubble print
  • Hot pink belt
  • Black stockings
  • White heels
  • Style: Steel-type Battle Armor
  • Color: Brown, w/ gray patches
  • Emblems: 1st Thundan Lancers emblems on upper arm plates & right-hand breastplate
  • Rank Markers: None
  • Customizations: Cyber Core - fitted in the backplate
Political Alignment and Abilities
1st Thundan Lancers (Member)
  • Possesses the genetic ability Equip
  • Advanced Poison-manipulation
  • Trained in the control of Light, Earth & Electricity
  • Some Metal manipulation
  • Skilled marksman w/ throwing knives
  • Advanced combat - hand-to-hand, swords, hammers
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Appearancesto be collected
Original CreatorFlashfire212

Physical Description

A tall, reasonably muscular girl with a bust-size larger than most female close-combat specialists, Grace is a gray hedgecat with black hair that reaches her lower back. Her red eyes often shine with a playful light, even when she swings her legendary scimitar in a slash aimed to kill.


While off-duty, Grace dresses simply in a pink dress, with a white circle pattern over it, plus a brighter pink belt around her waist. She doesn't exactly dress without risk either, with black stockings and white high-heeled shoes catching the eyes of most.


As a young powered trooper, assigned as part of the 1st Thundan Lancers, Grace was outfitted with a suit of Hammerforge Industries Steel-type Battle Armor, a kind of suit reserved within House Thunda's military for the Lancers. As such, her armor is painted brown, with metallic gray markings left to indicate it's status as a Steel-type suit. The 1st Thundan Lancer's emblem, a pair of bronze fighter silhouettes crossing gold lightning-bolt shaped weapons over a gray background, adorns both upper-arm plates, plus one on the right-hand side of her breastplate. A slightly-bulkier than usual backplate has specialized clasps to hold her sledgehammer, and at the same time hides a nanite chamber, or Cyber Core, which is programmed to react to heat-based and explosive-based forms of damage by altering the armor structure to deflect, or increase the power of the air cooling rig.


Early History

Born the child of an intelligence agent and a military officer, Grace grew up under the care of her monarchist grandparents as her parents continued their jobs. As she was a year older than the eldest princes, Toxic and Poison, throughout primary school she found herself with a crush on the elder of the two, Toxic. It was this crush that helped guide her path - she decided to join the military and follow her father's path, hopefully meeting the young prince. She had heard of his womanising ways, and that got the young teenager even more excited.

Joining the military

When Grace joined, she was offered immediate places in the intelligence service, or in a medical role. However, the teen's mind was set, and she continuously stated that she wanted to be a soldier. Finally, a compromise was made, and she was transferred into the Powered Trooper training cadres.

As a powered trooper, it was expected that the young hedgecat learn to use firearms to fight with. However, she pointed out the increased survivability presented by the armor was a boost she couldn't pass up, and began instead training herself to throw knives. At first, her instructors passed her off as a freak, and left her to it, planning on drumming the fifteen-year-old out of the cadets. However, in the first set of trials, her accuracy with the knives surpassed that of most trainees using pistols, and her throws could score a clean hit at ranges outside that of some of the pistol makes that were in use. In close combat training, her atypical choice of a heavy sledgehammer, instead of using her throwing knives as they expected, was another surprising development, especially when she bested a lance-armed trainer with the heavy weapon. However, as she later pointed out, most lance wielders were accustomed to fighting sword-wielders, who had a major weight- and reach-based disadvantage. Her hammer, which she wielded in a similar style to a battleaxe, had the weight needed to deflect a thrust or break a spear outright, plus the same reach as a long-sword. However, her grandfather quickly coined on to her use of the hammer, and began training her himself in the use of a scimitar.

At first, confused by his desire to teach her to use a sword when she was dedicated to the way of the hammer, Grace resisted his teachings. However, her grandfather revealed that he was going to give the young woman an ancient, powerful weapon - the Settoku-Sha, or "Persuader", which was a scimitar used by an ancient demon warlord, the tool of war that convinced him to join his people in their war. Her grandfather never explained how their family acquired the weapon, but asked that she use the plain-seeming weapon well. Eagerly, she accepted.

Hunting the Princes

Within two years, she was famed amongst the Lancers for Settoku-Sha, and her skill with the blade, despite the slight restrictive effects of the armor she wore. As such, she was one of the units chosen by the king himself to go after the four princes, who had vanished four days prior. With the chance to meet her crush, Grace accepted and volunteered to go after Toxic, himself a skilled fighter.

Within three days of receiving the mission, Grace had found the prince of her dreams, on Resort Island. Toxic was astonished that a soldier of his home had found him already, and immediately went on the offensive with his heavy war-spear and acidic powers, which Grace countered with her own acid sprays and elemental techniques, along with the power granted to her by the sledgehammer. However, after a few minutes dueling, Toxic spotted Grace's weak spot, an inability to shift between her sledgehammer and her other weapons with any rate of speed. Due to the bronze gauntlets he had been wearing, he simply dropped his spear and charged at her, the wicked blades within the gauntlet's extended and ready. By contrast, Grace fumbled with her sledgehammer, instead of dropping it and drawing her scimitar. As such, Toxic was immediately on top of the girl, knocking her to the ground and slicing off the restraints of her helmet, revealing her to be a woman. Instantly, he backed off, his natural womanizing instinct cutting in over his desire to end the fight quickly, and instead followed the path he felt was honorable and withdrew from their bout. Instead, he offered to talk with her back at his room in the resort, in order to decide what he was going to do with her.

Two hours later, freshly changed and out of her armor, Grace met her dream man outside the resort's pool, where he was lounging. Almost instantly she could smell the power of his pheromones, and found herself intoxicated as the duo spoke about his parents and their intentions. Toxic made his mind up in a single instant, and kissed the girl full on the lips, his pheromones bursting into her mind as she lost herself into the passion she had for him.

Her conscious thoughts returned to her hours later, where she found herself naked, lying next to the prince in his room, their clothing strewn over the place. It was there that the young hedgecat realized that she couldn't betray him, and told him as much. The prince suggested that she become his contact, with this very place, their regular meeting spot for her to pass on information to him...and for him to "reward" her. Without even thinking about it, Grace agreed.


One of Grace's greatest skills is her use of her genetic ability, known as Equip. Due to it, she was only able to use roughly fifty percent of her power reserve, a factor that limits her actual combat potential with her powers. However, through physical contact with her, another person can draw upon her power to strengthen their own techniques or use more power than they could normally access. This skill is one that plays well in squad scenarios, when her teammates need extra firepower to break a barricade.

A talented fighter with three different weapons, Grace prefers to keep the technology in her suit, and the weapons on-hand to be as simple as possible. As such, she uses a mixture of throwing knives, a hammer and an ancient, powerful sword as her primary weapons. Her skill at throwing knives is a well-known trait, with slightly longer range and higher accuracy than most of the other powered troopers her age, who utilize pistols instead of her blades. Likewise, unlike a pistol, where the ammunition is only capable of being used once, her knives can be picked up and thrown again later. Likewise, her sledgehammer is mostly used in close-combat against opponents using long-reaching melee weapons, or against armored targets. Grace has considerable strength, and wielding the heavy weapon against an armored foe provides her with the capabilities for massive damage against a single target.

Grace was given an ancient weapon, the Settoku-Sha, or Persuader, by her grandfather soon after finishing her first year as a cadet. The scimitar was dated back from the Demon-Celestial War, where it was a gift from the Demons aligned to Rageik to Tsumari, a warlord demon who had refused to align with Rageik's people. The weapon, charged with the element of light, became famed for it's ability to store and release a burst of light to stun targets, or to generate light along the edges to create an edge microns thick, comparable to an energy blade. In Grace's hands, the blade has become legendary once again, while her own swords skill isn't lacking at all, although she hasn't quite reached legendary status herself.

Element-wise, Grace possesses four elements - Poison, the same as her dream man, Light, which helps her get the most from Settoku-Sha, as well as Earth and Electricity. Her skill in Earth is respectable, as is hinted by her use of an advanced element, Metal. However, due to her genetic ability serving as a restricting attribute, she cannot truly get the best out of her powers.

Aside for her power limiter, Grace's weakness is not elemental in nature, but rather physical. While she can throw knives and use her scimitar at once, a sledgehammer requires both hands on the handle at all times. This requirement makes it a lot slower for her to switch from her sledgehammer to her sword or knives, and vice versa.

Poison Abilities

Light Abilities

Earth Abilities

Metal Abilities

Electric Abilities

Elementless Abilities


A young woman dedicated to her dreams of the crown prince of House Thunda, Grace was originally loyal only to the country and the military forces that she fought for. However, due to her love of the prince, upon meeting him her loyalties changed, becoming split between her love and her country. As such, while she takes no direct action to interfere with her home's actions, she takes a weekend off every two months to visit and 'confer' with Toxic on their plans.

Allies and Enemies

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  • Toxic the Hedgehog - the love of her life, Grace betrayed her country to keep the teen safe, and goes out on a limb not only to keep him safe, but also to keep him informed of the military actions his parents order.






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