PG-005/Goldra, the Goddess of All Elements
Cybernetic Hedgehog.
Ringstar Island
Evil (Dimensional Chaos), Neutral (Christmas Special #2 and onward)
Chaos, destruction, explosions, fighting with worthy opponents, etc.
Outdated technology, unworthy opponents, people standing in the way of her sprees of destruction, following orders, etc.
Theme Song

"So tell me, Silvra... How does it feel to have been the strongest among the Goddesses...until now!?"
—The upcoming Dimensional Chaos Part 19b

Goldra, the Goddess of All Elements, also known by her experiment codename, PG-005 (pronounced "Pee-Jee-Double-Oh-Five"), is a character from SolarBlaze's episodic fanfic, Knuckles' Chaotix: Elements of Power. She is the last of Dr. Nega's Parallel Goddess Experiments, modeled after her dimensional equivalent, Silvra. Like Syndra, Goldra was originally intended to debut into the story at a much later time (while activated), but ended up appearing sooner than planned, in the second Christmas Special.


Initially, Goldra was shown to be the exact opposite of Silvra in terms of personality, often regarded as the "evil half" of the two, due to her seemingly mindless, psychopathic passion for causing as much chaos and destruction as possible, showing a complete and total disregard for just about all lives but her own. Additionally, Goldra's also proven herself to be quite arrogant, believing herself to not only be superior to Silvra, but the rest of her sisters, as well.

However, many months later (particularly during the events of EoP Christmas Special #2), Goldra's personality has undergone some changes since her defeat at the hands of Silvra. Although she still held a grudge against the former, and still retained some of the arrogance she had in the past, Goldra has gotten much friendlier, and has been shown to get along with her sisters a lot better than she did in the past.

Powers and Abilities

Goldra has the ability to control multiple elements, much like Silvra does. Rather than containing power from the Chaos Rings, her source of power (in addition to her own Multi-Element Gem) is from the Lunar Emeralds (the set of emeralds that Luna protects).


Goldra is the fifth and last of the PG Experiments, created by Dr. Nega. When he, Volcana, and Metal Blaze raid Dr. Robotnik's base for the blueprints to the Egg Merger and EG Experiments, Silvra's was among them, and Dr. Nega opted to make his own "Goddess of Destruction" to aid him in his plans for world conquest. More information to come later.


Dr. Nega

Although Dr. Nega is her creator, Goldra does not seem to be very fond of him at all; not only because of the fact that she does not like to follow orders from anybody, especially those who are physically weaker than herself, but because of the remote control device that he invented specifically to keep her in check. Goldra has next to nothing but disdain for the doctor, as she feels that he's holding her back from doing what she loves most; wreaking havoc and causing as much destruction as she pleases, without being restricted.

EG-005/Silvra, the Goddess of All Elements

"So answer me this, EG-005. Have you ever stopped to wonder why many people prefer gold, while silver is always awarded to the first loser in contests? Take the hint."
Comic Scraps #2

As stated above, Goldra is Silvra's mirror opposite, and as such, the two of them are on bad terms with one another. Being the benevolent person that she is, Silvra has taken an immediate disliking to Goldra; not because of her being a copy of her own design, but because of her penchant for destruction and total disregard for the lives of others.



  • In a past RP that SolarBlaze has done, Goldra was codenamed "EG-006", and was created by Dr. Robotnik to replace Silvra.
  • Silvra and Goldra's relationship is relatively similar to that of Golden Sonic and Silver Sonic's. In their case, however, Golden Sonic was the good half, while Silver Sonic was the evil one.
  • Goldra's current quote (at the top of the page) is a rewording of a line spoken by the final boss of Azure Striker: Gunvolt.


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