Golden Fire, also known as Gold Fire or Shining Flames is a very advanced form of Fire created by Hedgedragons. This powerful element uses the force of one's Heart , Mind and Soul to empower the flames, turning them gold and giving them very special properties such as healing, shapeshifting and even forming solid objects from it. Despite being made by Hedgedragons, it is not limited to to their species, instead only those with pure heart (good or evil dosen't matter), have an extremely admant drive or have something very important anchoring them to life.

However, if you do not have one of these traits however, you can train for hundreds of years and never get closer to the goal of controlling this element.

Also, a user must have great emotional control and willpower to manipulate Golden Fire, or the flames will ultimatly consume the user.


What Golden Fire looks like is....WHY ARE YOU READING THIS!!! YOU DON'T NEED A DESCRIPTION!!!!! Alright. Fine. Golden Fire is a very luminesent and intense form of flames that shines a pure gold color and burns at a whopping 3400 Degrees F. It's flames can heal and shapeshift like Plasma, explode like Napalm, melt like Magma, travel larges ranges and burn better in thinner air. During Sunny weather, it's power increases. If the user is skilled enough, the flame can be made to seem solid.

Despite all these strengths, Gold Fire is very weak against advanced water. It also loses 75% of it's power during Solar Eclipses.

It commonly also requires the user to be in an ascended state of power to use.

Being the users life force that fuels the flames, controlling this element drains energy continiously.

Strong Against (Offensive)

  • Ice
  • Nature
  • Metal
  • Water

Strong Against (Defenseive)

  • Fire
  • Ice
  • Nature
  • Metal

Weak Against (Offensive)

  • Inferno
  • Tsunami
  • Napalm

Weak Against (Defensive)

  • Tsunami
  • Mud
  • Nitrogen


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