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The Gold Wisp is a type of rare wisp found on Planet Wisp. These wisp grant the Golden Time Color Power.


The Gold Wisp are said to be the most intelligent of the wisps species, excluding Mother Wisp. They are rarely found on the planet due to gold being a very valuable color, but still do interact with the other colored wisp. However, when their planet was attacked, the golden wisp managed to freeze time and flee from the planet.But one gold wisp that fell behind was struck by a meteorite, crash landing onto Planet Mobius.


Gold Wisp are by far the smartest of the wisp species, and make very logical decisions. They aren't the easiest type of wisps to befriend, but can be easy to get along with if you treat them nicely.

Powers and Abilities

The Gold Wisps are able to control time for a short instant. They can either reverse time, slow it down, or completely freeze it. When they bestow their power on someone else, the user is only able to freeze time. The world around them becomes shifted in colors like a 3D effect, and what they hear becomes blurred and distorted. Everything around them stops, and they are able to still walk around in the frozen world. Once the effect wears off, time will start back as usually and everything will begin normally as if nothing happened.