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Poor, poor Nightbone. Even with all the gold and slaves in the world, something just seems missing from his afterlife.


Gold N Nightbone is a human skeleton adorned in garish pirate clothing, this being a bright red vest with a white multifolded bit of cloth covering the chest, a dark-gray undershirt, and similar-colored pants, with the edges cut and deteriorating. His skull is coated by a golden mask that morphs perfectly to it's surface, allowing Nightbone to physically convey expression when he speaks. He also wears a bright red wide-rimmed hat with a small dagger tightly tucked into one side of it.


Nightbone is a wealth-obsessed brute who considers those without money to be lesser than him. He sees little use in such people and usually assaults then enslaves them, making them into permanent members of his crew of hundreds, if not thousands. He often uses fear tactics or incentives of gold to get people to do what he wants, but is not afraid to blow the competition right out of the water. Despite this he seems a bit calm, almost smug in his confidence of things going in his favor and can be very difficult to anger. It's also shown that Nightbone is a bit insecure about his true place in the world, using luxury and the torture of his slaves to keep him distracted from the whole ordeal.


Gold N Nightbone's true backstory is really unknown. The Arch-Face of Greed chose him for being apparently a generous and jovial man, corrupting his mind into how he is now. Nightbone now scours the seas searching for treasure and people to enslave.

Events of the EQuartz Committee: Season 4



Nightbone has an interesting power, this being the power to spawn explosives from virtually nothing. He can spawn anything, from small firecrackers to an atomic bomb if needed. However, the size, strength, and number of these explosives can affect how long it will take for him to finish. Being able to spawn explosives, Nightbone is also immune to said explosives if one were to explode near him. If needed, his gray undershirt can morph into two dual-mini cannons on his hands (two cannons for each hand) to fire said explosives more accurately and with more force.


Nightbone, being a skeleton, can detach parts of his body and control them while detached. While this may seem to have no practical uses, Nightbone tends to get a bit creative with this, often detaching his pieces to more easily hide or to completely break himself apart to escape capture and reform once freed. However, this too has it's limits, as the bones cannot be more than 100 feet apart from eachother, and also are completely useless when submerged in liquid of any kind.


As stated before, Nightbone has his fair share of weaknesses. When his bones are detached, they can only be up to 100 feet apart from his skull, as any further would put him under great physical stress. Not only that, but his bones are also completely useless when submerged in any kind of liquid. Nightbone's carefree attitude can also be a negative, as he often underestimates his opponents and just assumes he'll win from just looking at them. It's also shown that he is also a bit insecure about his true place in the world, using gold and the torture of his slaves to keep him distracted from the whole ordeal.

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