Gold-type Battle Armor is one of the large variety of powered armors derived from the Steel-type Battle Armor produced by Hammerforge Industries.

Gold-type Battle Armor

Production Information
ManufacturerHammerforge Industries
TypeBasic infantry battle armor
Technical Information
HeightMade to order over a variety of sizes, in both male and female.
Weight150kg (armor, actuators and in-built technology)
Armor GradeLight (walker-class)
Standard UpgradesEnhanced AI compatibility, boosted HUD accessories, two plug-in slots
Known Users
Other Information
Original CreatorFlashfire212


After the success of the Steel-type Battle Armor, members of Hammerforge were intrigued as to how they could improve on the design. Aside from fitting armor enhancements and altering the shaping, most of the designers could think of nothing. However, one of the younger members of the team suggested that the armor itself stay the same, but the electronics within get the upgrade. After consulting with the higher-ups of Hammerforge, it was agreed to, and the metallic codename was decided on almost instantly - the Gold-type.

Features & Attributes

Near identical to it's predecessor, the Gold-type has advanced electronics that fill the suit itself. These are mostly internal upgrades, such as improved HUD layout and graphics, an advanced AI system for interfacing with external computer systems and any plug-in enhancements, plus more effective electronic shielding, lowering the effect of an EMP on the armor itself. All suits bear a series of gold markings, which can range from four horizontal bars on the sides of the helmet, if the paint scheme is customized, to the lining of each armor component being lined in metallic gold paint on a plain suit.

However, as with the Steel-type armor, the suit has an extreme weakness to anti-vehicle weaponry, although it's size means that it is difficult to hit with such weapons.


  • Steel-type Battle Armor - the predecessor of the Gold-type, the Steel-type is slightly cheaper, and as such a lot more common to encounter than the Gold-type.

Known Wearers

  • Lei the Hedgehog - a powered trooper from the G.U.N. Seventh Army Division, Lei's armor was modified with 360 degree visual sensors in the helmet, shadow projectors in the hands, thrusters in the boots and backplate, and a sword sheath for Lei's claymore in the backplate as well, some of the most extensive modifications ever made to a Gold-type suit.

Former Wearers

  • Robin the Hedgefox - a war correspondent who worked alongside the G.U.N. Seventh Army Division, Robin's armor was fitted with osmitically-loading stonethrowers in the wrists and a camera/microphone setup built into the right shoulder. However, he hung the suit up after accepting a promotion within Central City Broadcasting, his employer.
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