Godzilla is a mutated lizard creature, created via illegal experimentation to mimic the creation of the iconic monster that gives this Godzilla his name.



Godzilla came to be from the experimentations of a brilliant but mentally unstable scientist. Said scientist had always been obsessed with the mutated beasts of iconic old movies, and desired to create such beasts by his own hand. This desire and obsession was only fueled by the existance of artificial lifeforms, created from the numerous studies and experiments of Gerald Robotnik. The scientist was convinced that if these lifeforms could be created almost entirely from scratch, he could create mutated beasts of even greater caliber by using the same experimentation on live animals.

However, the scientist was unable to gain one very important thing: funding. The scientist worked with G.U.N., which had plenty of experience with such experimentation. These experiments had taken a large amount of funding, and all had had drastically mixed results. Due to these results, it was deemed that these experiments were inhumane and no longer authorized. The denial was even stronger when it was made clear that the scientist wished to use living animals for his experiments.

Scorned and furious, the scientist became determined to prove his thesis correct. While working on another project for G.U.N., the scientist stole funding from said project in order to buy the materials he needed from the black market. With all the necessary materials, the scientist was able to conduct his experiments in secret. However, before the scientist could complete his final experiment, Internal Affairs discovered the scientist's illegal actions. While G.U.N. was able to track down the scientist, it wasn't before the scientist completed his experiment...

War of Monsters


Sonic Forces

When the fire atomic breath fire at King Ghiodrah and saving Sonic, Godzilla arevid for battle to fight Ghidorah and Infinite. During the Final Battle, Godzilla join Sonic and his Allies and went to Battle Ghidorah. Mothra arived to help Godzilla at Battle, Rodan was arived in the seen as well. None the less Ghidorah was bite the electricity, in Rage Ghidorah fires Lightning Wings at Rodan, Mothra and Godzilla. When Ghidorah grab Godzilla, the Big G falls to the ground from the sky. Mothra was diead befor Ghidorah finish the Monster off. Though the King of the Monsters survive, Sonic and rest of the allies defeat Infinite. This alows Godzilla to Finish the Monster by fires his Atomic Breath.


Unlike its namesake, Godzilla isn't a towering monstrousity; rather, the mutated lizard stands at roughl 4'6" in height. Godzilla's body is a light green color in its entirety. His physical frame and stance is much like a bipedal dinosaur's. However, Godzilla's arms are very lean and long, his knuckles scraping the ground in Godzilla's normal hunched over position. These long arms are tipped by hands with three sharp dark-green claws. His head maintains most of its former shape, while his eyes are sharper in shape and completely red in coloration. Godzilla's legs are thick and less lean than his arms, and end in three clawed toes. Godzilla's most significant feature is its long powerful tail, which makes up 2/3 of Godzilla's total body length. On his back Godzilla has 5 rows of sharp, jagged spines on his back. As these rows go down his body, they decrease in numer to three rows halfway down Godzilla's back, then two rows from the base of his tail to the tip.


This incarnation of Godzilla wields all of the powers of the iconic monster. His tough hide is strong enough to make virtually all conventional weaponry completely useless against Godzilla. His strength is massive as well, allowing him to tear out a tree with one hand and rip through metal. Its feet are equally strong, allowing Godzilla to easily jump over a small house and leave deep dents in metal. His jaw and neck strength is immense as well, allowing Godzilla to tear through several sheets of metal, and throw a tree several yards. However, the strongest part of Godzilla's body is his long tail. A whiplash from this tail is capable of bifurcating a robot through the sheer force. Even if shields block the actual hit, the raw power of the impact will still send the holder of the shield flying, their stopping point being several hundred meters. On top of his incredible muscle, Godzilla has an incredible healing factor, able to heal injuries within a relatively short time. In short, Godzilla's body is a walking mass of terrifying muscle wrapped in a near-indestructible hide and an enhanced healing factor.

In addition to his physical prowess, Godzilla is a walking nuclear plant. Within his body is a "nuclear core" that stores and mixes numerous types of radiation and nuclear power for Godzilla to use. Godzilla uses this nuclear power as a means to attack enemies, which is done mostly with Godzilla's "Atomic Breath"; a powerful beam of nuclear energy. The heat the beam lets off can leave surroundings charred, while the beam itself is of such power and heat that it incinerates anything it hits. The resulting explosion can also leave behind heat that would rival the Sahara Desert at the height of summer, as well as leaving anything caught in the radius of the blast exposed to high levels of nuclear radiation. Godzilla is capable of not only resisting nuclear weaponry, but absorbing nuclear radiation. Nuclear energy can heal Godzilla and increase his power. With enough radiation to absorb, Godzilla can even increase his size and mass, at his largest being the size of his iconic namesake.

In addition to his immense power, Godzilla seems to have a level of intelligence. While often acting on primordial instinct, Godzilla is capable of remembering individuals and those who have helped him or intended him harm. He is also capable of thinking through certain problems, though Godzilla often prefers using brute force.


Godzilla has a crippling weakness to Electricity, and as such electric-based attacks are capable of injuring Godzilla, even when high-powered missiles fail to do so. In addition, radioactive-retardent materials are able to pierce his tough hide to injure him, and can even leave him lethargic if he is exposed to the material long enough.

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