Godefroy Allard is a young dog employed as a mech suit pilot by the G.U.N. Tenth Army Division, one of the two main home defense units. A recent graduate from the academy, Godefroy has always seemed somewhat sketchy in his behaviors, leaving some to question his true affiliation.


Sometimes jokingly referred to by his allies as the "walking mop", Godefroy is oftentimes fairly hard to distinguish his facial features through his thick curly chestnut brown fur. His eyes are noted to be light brown, though they are often missed. Due to this, Godefroy is often questioned by his superiors about his appearance, something which rarely seems to improve his atypical actions.


Typically; as a member of the G.U.N. Tenth Army Division, Godefroy is seen in the most common uniform of any G.U.N. division, the standardized khaki fatigues and black body armor of the Home Defense Divisions. As a mech pilot, however, Godefroy often substitutes the fatigues for a pilot's bodysuit of the same color.



Due to being a fairly recent graduate of G.U.N's academy, it could be expected for Godefroy to follow the standard combat style common amongst the armed forces of the United Federation while sparring. This has never proven to be the case. Rather than fighting fairly with the traditional mixed martial art, Godefroy has a fighting style that places emphasis on speed and confusion more than physical power, with rapid feints and fake-outs frequently intermixed with lunges and grapples designed to pin his opponents, a style radically different to any of his routine sparring partners in the Home Defense Divisions. Similarly, he also employs psychokinetic powers in the form of telekinesis, utilizing these powers while out-of-mech to launch small stones at high speeds like a bullet. While it is fairly effective, it is not particularly notable due to the relative lack of range compared to an actual gun, and the easier-to-dodge projectiles.

As a fairly uncommon breed of canine on Mobius, Godefroy is often noted for his thick, curly fur. While this distorts his physical appearance fairly well, it is more primarily noted as being capable at keeping him relatively warm and dry in wet situations. While not commonly seen as an aspect, it is something that many regard as being worth paying attention to in emergency situations. Indeed, figures matching his rough physical description emerge from time to time in places he shouldn't be.

As a mech pilot, Godefroy does not employ one of the high-grade G.U.N. mechs, nor one of the imported interdimensional technomage creations. As a member of the Tenth Division; one of the two large legions kept aside for the defense of the United Federation, Godefroy instead employs a vaguely humanoid mech with a couple of rocket launchers in the shoulders, one built not far from Westopolis. His distaste for this vehicle is fairly well documented, with fairly explicit rants occuring infrequently in battle when the small vehicle suffers major damage.

As somebody reliant on psychic might for ranged combat when dismounted, Godefroy is at a major disadvantage when confronted by Chaos wielders. Indeed, the power of the Chaos Emeralds is far beyond anything he can hope to defend against, with even shards proving to give him issues. Similarly, while his fighting style is unpredictable and atypical, it has a number of flaws in the over-reliance on feints, leading him to be ironically predictable.

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