God's Realm is a Balance-elemental technique. It is the original technique and basis for most other Balance-elemental techniques, as well as one of the most powerful and effective techniques.


The user first starts by creating an orb created from the Balance element. The user then crushes the orb, and from that point a grey transluscent cube expands, spanning several meters with the exact size varying based on the user's willpower and capability. Anything within this cube becomes greyscale, and anyone caught in this cube is subject to the user's will; their powers are nullified, and physical movement and reaction is reduced to a crawl. The user however, is uninhibited by the cube and even able to use the faces as platforms, but they are restricted to Balance-elemental powers. Any injuries suffered while caught in this cube glow a white light, and while the initial attack is felt, no actual injury is dealt to the target. However, when the cube "shatters" under any condition, the attacks dealt become very real and the full effects are felt. Attacks from the outside are completely ineffective, going through one end and out the other, and invisible and unfelt within the cube. Chaos energies however, are able to disrupt the cube and if powerful enough, pierce the cube.



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