Gloria the Power Hedgehog, also known as Captain Gloria Sibelle, is a Tank Pilot in the Sky City Army as well as the mother of Reaper's Legion member Anne the Power Hedgehog and aunt to Reaper, Anne's lover.

Gloria the Power Hedgehog

Biographical Information
Alias Captain Gloria Sibelle
Romantic InterestsScott the Power Hedgehog (Husband, deceased)
Physical Description
SpeciesMobian/Power Hedgehog
  • Fur: Rust-colored
  • Hair: Black bob-cut, w/ three spikes on each side of her head at back
  • Eyes: Midnight blue
  • True blue helmet
  • Full-body Tufts blue pilots suit w/ inbuilt shoes
  • Black fingerless gloves
Political Alignment and Abilities
AffiliationsPower Hedgehog Army (Captain, Tank Pilot)
WeaponsHalfmoon Zamandar
  • Super Speed
  • Super Strength
  • Flight
  • Heightened Reflexes
  • Advanced Combat - Hand to Hand, Daggers
  • Massive amounts of Chaos Energy (formerly)
  • Advanced Omnikinesis (formerly)
  • Advanced Spectrakinesis
  • Advanced Piloting - Hover-tank
VehiclesElement-Enhanced Hover-tank mk IV
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorFlashfire212


Early Years

Gloria was born into the Sibelle family, a proud pilot dynasty. Her father was the commander of the military mechanized forces, while her older brother seemed destined to fly aircraft and spacecraft for the honor of the Power Hedgehogs. Gloria, however, lacked the reflexes to be a fighter pilot, but as she grew, revealed the intricate knowledge of command and driving. As such, her father had her enrolled in the Military Academy, where she specialized in tank driving. Upon her sixteenth birthday, she received her tank, a brand new Element-Enhanced Hover-tank, with seating for three - gunner, pilot and navigator. Gloria, as a graduating captain, started out as a member of a patrol squad, using her omnikinesis to increase the power of the zero-gravity engines, while Wolfe, her typical gunner, and Louise, her navigator, willing accompanied her on missions against bandits, sky-pirates and other targets, alongside the rest of her four-tank squad. Her father was proud, and imagined her by his side as one of his commanding generals.

A Knightly Problem!

However, a problem soon emerged after a number of patrol squads were ambushed by flying beings in armor, armed with melee weapons, who then systematically dismantled all of the hover-tanks. Enraged, her father asked her to lead her squad, along with five others, against the "Knights of Terror". As well, a pair of Soul Reapers and a team of Power Hedgehog Inquisitors were assigned to the team. This included her future husband, Scott, as well as their future in-laws. Approaching the problem area, Louise reported a strange fog in the area, but Gloria received the order to proceed, prompting her to increase the power of the engine with Fire, forcing the flying tank forward. However, as soon as they entered the fog completely, nearby tanks began reporting damage and attacks from beings with naginata, swords and axes. Wolfe began launching blast after blast of water into the shadowy figures, but to no avail. Suddenly, a phoenix in knight armor emerged and began to sing, and Gloria, as well as her crew-mates fell asleep. The tank, with no propulsion from Gloria's powers began to fall towards the enemy camp on the ground. Upon impact, the armor crumpled and the engines exploded. It was believed all on board perished.

Rescue ahoy!

However, they were wrong. Gloria awoke in pain. Wolfe and Louise were both dead, but somehow, she had managed to protect herself with her powers, even though it had cost her. Pain consumed her body. There was shards of plexiglass, metal and crystal sticking out of different parts of her body, with blood oozing out around them. Something was sticking out of the back of her neck, right on the one pressure point in Power Hedgehog physiology that affected powers, but Gloria ignored it, freeing herself and starting to crawl towards buildings made of the same red crystal as the ones embedded in her body. As she did, a group of strange beings surrounded her. Each wore a mask, and appeared to be made out of darkness. They reached for her, only for the leader to have his mask split in two from a powerful blast of light - help had arrived. Two members of the Inquisitors and a Soul Reaper burst in, the Reaper's sword blocking every blast from the beasts, with the Inquisitors blasting the creatures in return. As they did so, one of the two Inquisitors got up and rushed over to Gloria, lifting her and taking off into the air, followed by the other two. As he carried her to the air-ambulance, the Inquisitor introduced himself as Scott, and his fellows as LeToya, his younger sister, and her boyfriend, Caleb. Scott promised to help her as much as he could, which was when Gloria passed out.

Marriage and Family Life

When Gloria awoke, doctors passed the unfortunate news onto her - a shard of crystal had imbedded itself in her spinal column, and in removing it, there was slight damage to the section of the spinal column that controlled her powers. In other words, her powers were almost completely removed from her. Panicking, Gloria unconsciously unleashed a blast of darkness around herself, revealing that at the very least, she retained that. However, by losing her omnikinesis, she was viewed as a cripple, and her father found himself with no choice but to ask her to retire. However, Scott made good on his promise, beginning to date Gloria and aiding her day and night, when not busy on Inquisitorium business. Eventually, with her father's permission, he proposed to her. Gloria was dumbfounded, unable to believe that a high-ranking Inquisitor would marry a crippled tank driver, but Scott simply said that love passes all boundaries. The wedding ceremony was performed, and the two's love triggered Caleb to propose to LeToya. Gloria was suddenly surrounded by love and started cheering up within herself. Soon, they were blessed with a son, Lance, who took after his father in most ways, excluding appearance. Lance was followed after a year by Florence, who was more like her mother, but was still in-between the two. Another three years later, Anne was born. Anne was a bubbly and bright girl who was awake more at night then the day. Finally, after three more years, there was Victoria, a girl who resembled her mother. The family remained close with Caleb and LeToya, as well as their son, Matthew. That would prove to be a problem.


Anne fell sick soon after her thirteenth birthday with glandular fever. As such, she started to stay in her bedroom constantly, with Gloria being one of the few people to see her every day, bringing her each of her meals. The other person was Matthew, who seemed to be the only person able to make Anne laugh and enjoy life. Scott began to get suspicious of this, and one night went up to Anne's room to talk to her about it. The next thing Gloria knew, there was the sound of a scuffle, then a sudden shake of the house and the sound of breaking glass. She rushed to Anne's room to find Scott there, dead, and Anne missing. She contacted Caleb and LeToya, with Caleb arriving at the scene barely two minutes later, examining the scene with the experienced eye of a Soul Reaper. He then came to the shocking conclusion - Matthew had killed his uncle and run off with Anne. With that disturbing conclusion, Gloria rushed to her father, ignoring Caleb's protests that only a Soul Reaper could catch and capture the two. The crippled pilot pleaded with her father to send soldiers to rescue his granddaughter, something he was only too happy to do. Caleb argued the decision, but was restrained until he calmed down. Then the news came in that Matthew had easily managed to escape, forcing Gloria back down and leaving Caleb irate and rubbing it in her father's face - he had known that was going to happen. With the knowledge that her daughter and nephew had run away together and had attacked the people sent to rescue her from Matthew, Gloria began to pressure her father to allow her to retake her former rank and position in the tank corps. He agreed. Once again, Gloria took up the command of a Mk. IV Element-Enhanced Hover-Tank, now an antique, and began to discipline her self once again to be able to command attacks against the traitorous members of her family.

Physical Description

Gloria is a rather short hedgehog with a lithe but slightly bulky shape in a hourglass figure. She has rust-colored fur, and short quills on the back of her head, while her black hair is normally kept short in a bob-cut, with three spikes at the back of her head pointing in both directions. She has deep midnight-blue eyes, and quite a few raised pink scars on her body from the accident that stripped her of majority of her powers.


Even out of the military, Gloria wears a Tufts Blue bodysuit with inbuilt shoes, the uniform of a Tank driver, complete with her unit patches. This suit is festooned with pockets and hidden compartments, allowing her to carry just about anything she would likely need. She also has a true blue helmet which she wears on occasion, which features a dark fold-down visor to enable her to hide her face and the injuries upon it from prying eyes.


Gloria is a talented tank driver, able to fit her hover-tank through places none would consider it able to fit. Due to it's elemental-channeling systems, she can pour shadows through it to make the engine better for stealth, but not much more than that. Originally, before her accident, Gloria was skilled with using all elements, both in combat and through her tank's engines, with each element providing a different effect. Even Chaos Powers had an effect. However, in the time since, she remains still deadly with her mastery of Darkness and Shadows, and strives to improve constantly. Even though physical combat can cause her great pain from movement, she is still a skilled fighter, able to match most soldiers blow-for-blow in hand-to-hand combat.

Darkness Abilities

Elementless Abilities

Forms and Fusions

Dark Gloria


Before her accident, Gloria was a level-headed, confident and slightly egotistical Power Hedgehog, with the only true people to receive her respect being her family and squadmates. After the accident, however, she changed completely. She became more prone to hysteria, constantly unsure of herself, and hating how she appeared. Scott, and the eventual family she had with him, changed that idea of herself somewhat, but not to a degree where she could once again be as she was.






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