This is an article about Gloria, a character created by Konnichiku on 10/31/2015.

Gloria is a damsel in distress who turned out to be a jewel thief. She lured Sonic into a trap so he couldn't stop her.


Gloria is similar to Madonna, both with curvaceous figures and short dresses. Gloria wears a black dress similar to Madonna's, as well as black gloves and black high-heels. She originally wore a pink coat that she ditched when she got rescued.


Gloria is coldhearted, hardhearted, voluptuous, and seductive. She at first seems to be a generous person, but then her true identity is revealed.


Gloria was first shown crying out for help, as she was tied to railroad tracks that an approaching train was crossing. Sonic rescued her in time and untied her. Gloria thanked him and invited him to her house. Sonic went to Gloria's house and was made tea, and Gloria danced for him. They then went shopping at the mall. Madonna found out that Gloria was a jewel thief, and tried to warn Sonic, but Sonic was too busy dancing with Gloria at the mall. Then Gloria tied up Sonic and revealed the truth, and she left. She formed an alliance with Shadow, Knuckles, Silver, and Evil Sonic (Infinite had yet to be introduced) and took down Central City Police Force. Madonna arrived and saved Sonic, and the two called Breezie, Amy, Sally, and Mina to arrest Gloria. Gloria was arrested and taken to jail, but Sonic still had feelings for her and thus was a bit upset. 


Gloria has excellent tracking powers.


Gloria can jump high, similar to Madonna.


Gloria has great firing skills, similar to Shadow.


Gloria was running from the police for about the majority of her appearance.

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