Glomp is a low-level, comedic, almost useless "attack".


When the user finds someone they want to glomp (someone they care about deeply or love, for example), the user will charge the target, usually from the target's blindspot. The user then lunges, and lands on the target while hugging them, surprising, knocking down, and most times disarming the target.

Unless the user is large and bulky, or very strong, this attack does virtually no damage to the target, making it a diversionary attack at best.


  • About everyone can use this "technique".


  • Bullet Glomp: A high-speed glomp where the user seemingly comes out of nowhere, tackling the target. This variant is mildly useful, as it can greatly displace and confuse the target, while having a slight chance of actual harm.
  • Sky Glomp: The user skydives down on the target, glomping them from above.
  • Rollout Glomp: The user uses Rollout while heading towards the target, seemingly aiming to run them over. The user then uncurls, using the momentum to leap at the target.


Being hardly considered a "technique", with virtually no attack potential, and being able to be used by absolutely anyone, this attack has no Rank.

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