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  1. Glock was married, but his wife disappeared along with his son in a freak accident. They all reunited with his grandson in 1998.
  2. He moved to London, UK due to constantly being pursued by the media.
  3. Glock was a psychologist and a neurologist before the New Order was established.
  4. He sold most of his finds to the Royal Museum in London, Royal Territory of Britain to make a quick buck. His actions would get him some attention.


Glock is a white-furred hedgehog and his attire consists of a flat cap, an army jacket with a grey flannel undershirt, leather-colored sweatpants and army boots. He wears glasses due to his eyes not being the best.


He knows how to steal and get away with the act. He used his abilities to steal the Pommel of Schall, but after failing, he became calculative about the MFAA's plans.


Born in June 1st, 1939 to a Scottish-German family, he was a relics theif.

He was caught trying to steal the Pommel of Schall, which got him a nickname, and a hefty prison sentence. He was only saved when a MFAA member realized this advantage over the Nazis, and Glock was given over to the MFAA. He refused and was subsequently throw on a MFAA transport while he was asleep.

The hilt of Schall's mystical sword was discovered near the sleepy town of Mittelburg, Nazi Germany. Glock saved the soon-to-be monarch and his future bride from being mauled by zombies. After the collision of Mobius 13's dimension with the Origins dimension, he fought off the undead horde in Mobotropolis after the surfacing of Divinium.

After the destruction of the Apothicons due to Neinfricat Mesia's dark transformation sucking out all the dark energy of the zombie horde, he fled Mobius and went to London, UK, due to being given too much media attention.

Berlin (Mobius) fell in July 4, 1997 (The Day Were the Whole World Became Free), and he visited to see his family. The following mouths after the revolution, Glock became infamous. He lives in London, UK, as the UNSA representative for the Royal Territory of Scotland.


He has elevated hearing and sight, and used this to steal artifacts.


He mastered the art of stealth, and knows how to steal.


His guilt is his weakness. His guilt only arises when he is caught, and his hearing can be overloaded by extremely high pitches.

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