Glitch transformations (or simply Glitchy power-ups) are an ancient technique used by Mobians (and sometimes Seedrians) when they are in combat with robots, usually giant badniks. They appear in Sonic Advance Adventure, created and written by FlowerOfTheWind. They can be worked by using two Chaos Emeralds while spinning around in the air.


To become a glitch transformation, use a duo of Chaos Emeralds and spin around until you hover in the air and a large explosive of white light will appear and you will become what you wished for.  
Glitch Daniel

Glitch Daniel, an example of a glitch transformation.


It's early history is unknown, even though it all started in the 1990's, when a strange glitch appeared on a classic Sonic game which questioned players what it was. Somebody even said it was Hyper Sonic, and others Nazo. However, history is still unknown though.

Powers and attacks

  • Ultra Glitch Blast (very dangerous to use, do not try this at home).
  • Error Arrow (silly name, eh?)
  • Screen Killer
  • Virus Bullet
  • Failure Zapper


  • A glitch transformation can be very unstable if you don't do it right, just like the time Sonic used it and almost the entire Mobius got destroyed thanks to him.
  • Some places of Mobius ban glitch power-ups and illegalise them for being too harmful and dangerous.
  • The age limit of gaining a glitch power-up/transformation is 13 years.
    • However, Inferno, at a very young age, uses it without any harm anyways.
  • For some reason, Daniel's glitch form resembles Ashura, a popular glitch character, due to having black tints to his quills. This might heavily imply that Daniel is an evil future version of Sonic.
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