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Contains Spoilers for the fangame, Splice The Hedgehog!

Gladius is one of the main villains in Splice The Hedgehog. He is the boss of the Black Rose Orphanage. Given that he runs an orphanage, it's generally thought that he would be a nice person. However, there are dark rumors of shady business behind the scenes, and he's actually been targetting kids to take into his orphanage to rack up more money. That and there are suspicions of a huge gang that he's involved in.

He has a strong connection with Avarice The Hedgehog.

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Gladius sprite
Gladius is a brown hedgehog with dark skin. He has short, slick hair and crimson red eyes. His quills stick sharply in different places; His top spine sticks outward, while the center one points upward, almost touching it. He has several more long quills that just hang downward like dreads, almost reaching his tail.

He generally wears an entirely black suit, though a white shirt is visible behind it, as well as a black tie.


Gladius, at first glance is a quiet person, who talks somewhat darkly. He often uses phrases that hide subtle threats to whoever he's talking to; it's unknown whether he actually means it or not. He's often found sharpening his two daggers, both which he named after himself.

He's rather easy to provoke, especially due to his love for fighting. Gladius' attitude changes completely when he's in battle. He suddenly becomes wild, erratic, bloodthirsty, and extremely violent. Through it all, he bears an unsettling slasher smile. It's an honest smile; he really does enjoy tearing up his enemies. It often gets to the point where one would call him completely insane.

This is exactly why his underlings follow him. They are too terrified to oppose him.

Strengths and Powers

Gladius is not one to be taken lightly.
His attacks are quick, wild, acrobatic, and most importantly, powerful. He is a hard hitter, and almost all of his attacks seem to be aiming for the kill. It doesn't help that he competently dual-wields daggers. For a normal man, he is a very dangerous person.

One flaw in his style, however, is the fact that he isn't exactly the most strategic person while in battle. It's very possible to outsmart him, but it's not likely that he would give you the time to do it.

General Info

Gladius was the owner of The Black Rose Orphanage in Greenflower City. Making a living off of giving a home to orphaned kids was a good way to publicly gain respect. It was also the perfect cover for his true intentions; nobody expected that the orphanage was the front for a sinister gang of the same name. "The Black Rose" made the orphanage their main headquarters, having an entire facility under the main building in secret.

Not only did the orphanage hide their gang well, but it provided them with a malicious income. The more kids they keep in the orphanage, the more money the city sends them to take care of them. The fact that most of the money was used for their own selfish desires wasn't even the main problem; the main problem was that the gang would actually seek out and murder the parents of children, effectively making them orphans to take in and profit off of.

And the main man on top of it all was none other than Gladius himself. He and his elder brother, Avarice, ran different sections of The Black Rose over the course of many years. Through deception and manipulation, they had almost essentially taken control of the whole city from the shadows, allowing them to get away with crimes and get their hands on a number of illegal items and weapons. Over the course of Splice The Hedgehog, the party only encounters him about once or twice, and is fought each time. Being one of the main villains of the game, he was a difficult enemy to overcome. In their final battle, both Avarice and Gladius were defeated. In the bad ending, they both are killed in the battle, whereas in the good ending, they are spared long enough for them to give you vital information before being put to justice by the police. They were arrested by Officer Speeder and his son, Speedy The Hedgehog, who had taken part in the final battle.

After defeating them, Splice took both of his daggers into his possession.


I'm not entirely sure how I came up with the concept for Gladius and Avarice. While I was thinking of the plot for Splice The Hedgehog, I realized I needed a main villain; someone who needed to be on top of the gang that's been causing the heroes for the past season.

But there was a problem; There were two main operations going on, (The Black Rose Orphanage and the Elemental Rings Factory) and one gang. And I had wrote it out to seem like there was only one leader;a leader for both at once. (That single leader was actually Gladius, but I hadn't thought up a name or design for him until later) Eventually I split him up into two people; Gladius for Black Rose, and Avarice for Elemental Rings. After that I worked on their designs, and their personalities just kind of wrote themselves, almost.






Other Appearances

Splice The Hedgehog (RPG Fangame) ~ As a major villain, he shows up as a reoccuring boss.

Relationships with Other Characters


Ethelia The Hedgehog

Ethelia is his older sister, and a reoccuring boss in SpTH. She is part of the orphanage's gang, yet at the same time, one of the many scientists of the Elemental Rings Factory. He respects her hardworking nature.

Avarice The Hedgehog

Gladius is his older brother, and the owner of the Elemental Rings Factory. The two share the position as "Boss" of the gang, yet the orphanage is their main hideout. Gladius lets him do all the plotting and movements, while he makes it happen with the physical work.


Splice The Hedgehog

He already has a strong connection with him, yet Splice is one of the few people who managed to defy him and get away with it. The two were destined to be enemies. His friends are just an extra to him.

Fun Facts

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