The Glades Gang is an active gang set up in the Evergreen Glades area. While widely considered a notorious gang by people who don't live in the area, the Glades Gang is more of a vigilante group, set up to fight off the numerous other gangs in the area.


Under Construction


Under Construction

Former/Deceased Members

  • Río's father: Deceased

Crimes Committed/Suspected Of

  • Assault
  • Destruction of Public Property
  • Destruction of Private Property
  • Illegal Disposal of Illegal Material/Contraband
  • Illegal Ownership of Weapons
  • Extortion
  • Vandalism


Feeding Frenzy

A brutal gang made up of mainly sharks and other predatory sea-life. Being the main source of crime in Evergreen Glades, the Feeding Frenzy are the hated and bitter rivals of the Glades Gang; members of either gang can't walk by each other without the high likelihood of a fight breaking out.

The Avians

This gang is made up of various birds. The Avians mainly take part in gathering information on the other gangs in the Evergreen Glades, selling the information to whoever's willing to pay for it. The Glades Gang has a strict business-relationship with The Avians, buying information on what the other gangs do or are planning on doing, while also paying them to prevent any information about themselves from getting out. Despite the apparent strictly business relationship between the gangs, the leaders of the respective gangs will occasionally meet up for get-togethers and informal occasions.


Made up primarily of snakes, the Constrictors are known mainly for extortion, drug smuggling, and vandalism of property. The Constrictors are secondary rivals to the Glades Gang, often getting into territorial disputes. However unlike the Feeding Frenzy, the Glades Gang are capable of being civil with members of the Constrictors.

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