This page contains the interview of Glacier Von Fang, winner of Featured Article on January, 2019. Blaze Sol was interviewed on January 7, 2018. Q1: When did you first come up with Glacier von Fang?

A) Well, by now, it probably would have been about 10 years ago that I came up with her, so I would’ve only been 7 years old. She went through a lot of phases before being who she is today. There were some things I always knew she was going to have: she would have ice powers, she would be agile, and the current situation of her parents was always a large contributing factor. However, the main thing that changed over time was her look. She was originally a humanoid character with wolf ears and a tail, through a strange dimensional paradox similar to what you’d find in Sonic X, then she evolved into a full wolf, with a very Mexican, Zorro-like demeanour, and actually a pet! A parrot, if I remember correctly. But while I did like that style, I knew it wasn’t who I wanted Glacier to be, and so I changed her outfit slightly, while still keeping that slight-Zorro look, and changed her to a more classic American-like character, with a name that I thought was very unique, but showed both her kind and dangerous sides equally. And so, the Glacier we know today, was born, along with her sisters.

# Q2: How did she spend her time in Hunter Academy? What did she learn there?

A) You qualify to begin your 4-year training at the Hunter Academy at the age of 8, so by the time the main storyline starts, Glacier had already graduated 2 years previous. However, it’s important to note that at the point where she is accepted into the Academy, her name was actually Laura. The elemental names are actually part of a tradition to change your name after you receive your power from the Huntstones. As the first of her sisters to go, she was nervous, especially because her parents were very prominent Hunters in their day, and she never really wanted to cause harm to anybody. But, what she did know, is that she wanted to do her duty to protect her country. She spent her time there with her two best friends, Daniella (Voltage) Bouncealot and Ricky Carraway, where the three of them mostly wished to learn about hand-to-hand combat, mostly due to Glacier and Voltage already having experience with their own weapons (The White Queen and Volt’s whip). The first two years are the basics, where they learn about tactical manoeuvres, hand-to-hand and defensive techniques, all of which Glacier did quite well. Then, after those two years, she chose to undertake the ritual to receive the power of a Huntstone, in which Ice was her chosen power. The next two years were spent honing her cryomancy skills, as well as working with the shape-shifting Hunter Staff, which she uses as a shortsword, along with The White Queen. This is where she really shone, with a natural knack for her powers. She thoroughly enjoyed her time at the Academy, and takes being a Hunter very seriously, but usually would prefer to be more of a civilian than be out completing numerous missions.

# Q3: How did her parents die?

A) Glacier’s parents, Carlos and Brittany, died at the hands of Jacques Gardevoir, a jackal who wished to use the Stone of Darkness to wipe out the population of Huntstonia, as revenge for what the world did to him and his brother, Phillipe. Carlos and Brittany, as Hunters, were called in by the Corps to investigate some disturbances occurring near the Temple of the Hunt, with the two of them convincing Glacier to come along too, for ‘experience’. When they arrived at the Temple, Carlos and Brittany could tell that something was wrong, and that someone had entered the cavern where the Stone of Darkness was hidden under the Temple. So, they told Glacier to watch the entrance in case someone comes. There, they found Jacques and Phillipe with the Stone, and tried to fight them, but Jacques, having only just received his powers, shot a blow to them that was more powerful than he expected. While he only wished to stun them so they could get away, the shot of dark magic was so strong that it killed both Brittany and Carlos. Glacier heard the yells and came down to investigate, only to see her parents dead on the ground, and only catching a glimpse of Jacques and Phillipe’s faces before they vanished. She was heartbroken. The news spread like wildfire and she hardly spoke for weeks. Until Voltage and Ricky finally convinced her and her sisters to go after the brothers.

# Q4: What is the reason you chose green as her colour? Is there a symbolism behind it?

A) There wasn’t really a reason, it was mostly because the only other Sonic character that used green as a main colour was Vector, and I didn’t really want to make double-ups. I was originally going to make her a light blue, like Aqua, but at the time I was designer her, I had a feeling that I would give her sisters, one of which I knew would have water powers, so I decided to leave the blue to Aqua, and give Glacier green instead.

# Q5: What is the significance behind The White Queen?

A) The White Queen was actually just an old kitchen knife that Glacier’s mother, Brittany, had used in her restaurant, and decided to pass onto Glacier. However, before she did, she decided to take it to a sorcerer, who gave it a special power: a kind of... telepathic connection to Glacier, similar to Thor’s connection with Mjolnir in the MCU. Glacier is able to control it with her thoughts, as well as with her cryomancy powers, so that she can have a better chance of fending off enemies. This knife (which she nows calls a dagger, with the name The White Queen), was sort of a way for Glacier to always have a part of Brittany with her to help her, similar to her cape that was given to her by Carlos. So, it’s extremely special to her, especially after their death.

# Q6: As a history buff, does her knowledge of the past serve her any practicality in life or in battle even?

A) Well, her knowledge of history is actually where the story of The Huntstonia Chronicles begins. In the version I am currently writing (a screenplay that is entirely separate from the Sonic fandom), Ricky Carraway has accidentally burned the Huntstonia Chronicles, the main book of history, geography and legends of Huntstonia. As a result, Glacier, as Ricky’s friend, and a devout history enthusiast, decided to take on the task of rewriting the Chronicles, which, in the end, she did with even more detail and penmanship than the original book. Her knowledge was also a key part in the journey to find Jacques and Phillipe Gardevoir, and find out how they killed their parents and what they were doing at the Temple of the Hunt, and with the Stone of Darkness. There are also some little parts of the story that become important, but SPOILERS. But yes, her knowledge has very much come in handy.

# Q7: What did you enjoy most when you were making this character?

A) I guess I enjoyed just being able to experiment. Creating a character that I find very much mirrors who I am as a person, but also has traits that are extremely different to mine, being able to understand and create the circumstances that affect a character’s personality, like Glacier’s PTSD, or her changing relationship with Ricky over the years. It’s just fun to see a part of me on a page, it makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something that hopefully people will enjoy.

# Q8: What is the greatest feat she has achieved with her cryomancy powers?

A) One of the greatest, and probably scariest things Glacier has done with her powers was pretty much freeze half the ocean surrounding Royalcoast Horizons. Glacier had just graduated from the Academy, and Aqua wanted her and Windy to come swimming with her, a favourite pastime of hers even today. Glacier hadn’t really been swimming much since she had received her powers, and so, didn’t realise the immense effect it would have on that specific environment. At one point, Aqua had used her own powers to bring a wave over Glacier, catching her by surprise and pushing her below the water. She was startled so much by the impact, that her power spiked, causing the water around her to quickly start to freeze. She got above water quick enough, and watched the surrounding waters freeze, until she realised that Aqua was still under the water, freezing. In her panicked states, she couldn’t get rid of the ice, but used her dagger to carve through the ice and drag Aqua out. Aqua was on the verge of hypothermia, but luckily, they got her warmed up thanks to Ricky’s fire powers. But the water surrounding most of the bay was still there, until Glacier was able to quite easily get rid of it, but found it difficult at the time due to her fear that she’s lost her sister.

# Q9: Tell us one thing Glacier and you have in common.

A) Both Glacier and Voltage, in my opinion, pretty much encapsulate the entirety of my personality, and as such, have many qualities similar to me. While Voltage is the temperamental, rough, slightly unforgiving side of me, Glacier is the kind, open-minded, hopeful side of me. Glacier has been through a lot in her life, but still manages to keep going and have hope for the future, not only for her own sake, but for the sake of those around her. While my parents are still alive, I’d say my life has been tough in more than one aspect. But I like to think I am the same, that I have that same resilience and courage about me that drives me to keep going and achieve my goals.

# Q10: You’ve worked with Crimson Flame 2K multiple times on your characters, what is your affiliation with him?

A) Crimson and I have been friends for about 5 years now. Although we haven’t met in person (yet), he and I have been extremely close over the years; in fact, we actually dated for nearly 2 of them. Crimson has been an extremely good friend to me in some tough times, and is basically in charge of these pages on the Sonic Fanon Wiki while I focus on writing my original stories, separate from the fandom. Crimson has provided a lot of advice for my characters, particularly with Huntstonia as a place, even coming up with most of the Hunter Academy. And, while he and I have had (many) arguments in the past where he’s wanted to change something and I have completely disagreed and will not budge on my decision, he has been vey helpful in fine-tuning my ideas over the years. So, hopefully he and I are still friends for a lot time.
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