• Aqua Von Fang  - Glacier's ironically more chill younger sister with a knack for relationship advice, which the cryokinetic greatly appreciates. However, they don't always get along, for the two tend to have arguments about what they should do and who should lead the group. Judging from their personalities, you can guess which one of them is more responsible...
  • Windy Von Fang  - The youngest of the Von Fang sisters, Glacier is incredibly supportive of Windy's aspirations and is protective of her, which is justified due to the latter's crippling illness. Even so, Glacier does find her to be a little arrogant and annoyingly stubborn with her intelligence and insistence that science is the answer to everything at times.


  • Espio the Chameleon - Glacier's love interest and neighbour ever since moving outside Central City. Once she, her sisters, and Voltage had left Huntstonia, they moved into a small house that just so happened to be located near the office of the Chaotix Detective Agency, which led to the two groups becoming well-acquainted. Glacier admires Espio's skills as both a ninja and a detective, and has quickly developed a romantic, as well as a professional, relationship with him over time.

Friends and Allies


  • Sonic the Hedgehog - Glacier first became acquainted with the blue hedgehog some time after meeting with the Chaotix. She initially found his carefree and cocky attitude to be somewhat irritating, while charming at the same time, to which she eventually grew to find amusing. She also shows a level of respect towards his values of simply following his heart and doing what he thinks is right, regardless of what everyone else thinks.
  • Silver the Hedgehog - Silver became one of Glacier's closest friends soon after moving from Huntstonia. After hearing Espio's many stories about him, she grew to admire the young hedgehog's sense of justice, even while it is coupled with an innocent and friendly naivety. In a sense, he has replaced the strong relationship she once had with Ricky Carraway, which has somewhat healed her greatly.


  • Voltage Bouncealot  - Voltage is one of Glacier's best friends. She has known her since they were little and been friends their whole lives. Although this is true, Glacier does occasionally find Volt's temper and un-likable nature quite annoying, always trying to make her be more polite. She also believes that Volt is truly good on the inside, despite her dislike for many things.
  • Ricky Carraway - a schizophrenic, who was once one of Glacier's closest friends. Ricky and Glacier knew each other since they were children, and had been friends ever since, even attending the Hunter Academy together. Over this time, Ricky had become romantically interested in Glacier, eventually becoming slightly obsessed with her. When it was revealed that Glacier did not share those affections, Ricky's symptoms became violent and extreme, leading to him turning his back on his friends and going rogue.
  • Whirlwind Reyes - a GUN soldier she first met during the events of Rage Against the Empire, during which he had joined the Rebellion of Blue at the tail end of the war, the she-wolf befriended the then-temperamental hedgehog and eventually became close friends. Nowadays, she would occasionaly receive visits from the hedgehog, particularly when he was in an unusual mood and needed someone to talk to.


  • Aloe Vera Mackintosh  - Glacier held a strong dislike for Aloe's snobbish behavior and normally couldn't stand just being in the same space as her. However, their adventures together have led them to hold a (somewhat begrudging) respect for one another, but still never really became friends due to their personalities simply clashing far too much.
  • Rocky Mackintosh  - Aloe's twin brother, Glacier initially thought of the panther to be just like his sister at first, but soon learned that Rocky was actually an overall decent guy, though one who is incredibly blunt and straight-forward to a fault.




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