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This is an article about Glacier Von Fang, a character created by Blaze Sol on 05/9/2013, and primarily edited by CrimsonFlame2K.
Glacier Von Fang
Cquote1 I swear in Lord Reinhardt's name, I will do whatever it takes to find out who killed mom and dad... even if it kills me. Cquote2
Glacier making up her mind to find the truth of her parents' apparent death

She'll probably leave you in the cold if you get in her way. Glacier, real name Laura Von Fang, is a Hunter, a Huntstonian-born individual granted by one of the Huntstones with magical powers which, in her case, is the power to cast ice magic. She is the main protagonist of The Huntstonian Chronicles, in which she sets out with her sisters, Aqua and Windy Von Fang, and her best friend, Voltage Bouncealot, to find the truth of the deaths of Britanny Diamond-Von Fang and Carlos Von Fang. As it turns out, however, there's more to this mystery than meets the eye...


Glacier stands at five feet and one inch (four feet and eight inches as a teenager), sports dark-grey fur around her body, and bears a neck-length hairdo in a slightly lighter shade of grey along with four tufts of dark-grey fur at the back of her head. Her muzzle and chest fur bear the same shade of light grey while her inner-ear fur is white in color. Her eyes have a distinct orange coloring to them and a small fang-shaped birthmark - the mark of the Von Fang bloodline - can be found on her neck.

Glacier's outfit consisted of a dark green flannel shirt with black stripes, a green pencil skirt, a small, green fedora with a lime green ribbon and an orange feather, a pair of white gloves, and dark green boots. She also wore a small, green bullfighter cape, wrapped around her neck in such a way that it looks like a scarf of sorts and a small pouch, where she can keep stuff such as a notepad and pen, can be seen attached at the right side of her skirt. She also wears a sheath where her dagger rests when not in use at the back area of her skirt.


Glacier, while occassionally slightly cynical to those she is not familiar with, is indeed the kind-hearted one of her team. She seems to be a very good leader, as well as very protective of those she cares for, and is always open to other people’s ideas or opinions. Although, do try your best to not make her angry. Otherwise, she'll leave with the cold shoulder.

Despite her skills and abilities, she usually tries to avoid any unnessacary violence or arguments unless there is absolutely no other option. Although not as smart as Windy, she is quite clever, mostly at solving puzzles and riddles and noticing things that others usually don't otherwise. She is also extremely well-versed in history and a number of languages, including English, Spanish, German, and Ancient Huntstonian.

Behind that, however, is a much darker side of her. Due to some very traumatic events (e.g. the mysterious death of her parents), she suffers from a case Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, which can cause her to lose focus, and have episodes of anxiety in some situations.

History and Appearances

Early Life

Glacier was born to Brittany Diamond-Von Fang and Carlos Von Fang in the region of Royalcoast Horizon, the southernmost region of the island country of Huntstonia, as their first and eldest child. She took an interest in her father's history as a bullfighter in his homeland and became friends with Voltage Bouncealot in her early childhood.

Around her pre-teen years, she and Voltage enrolled in the Hunter Academy and learned the basics of Huntstonian Magic. Upon completing her graduation, she and Voltage, as well as the other trainees, travelled to the Temple of the Hunt and received her Hunter's blessing from the Huntstone of Ice. With this, Glacier was granted a strong affinity for the element of Ice. 

However, a few short years later, Brittany and Carlos died of what appeared to be murder, leaving her and her sisters orphans, with Glacier herself making it her responsibility to keep the other two safe from harm while getting to the bottom of this mystery...


Canon appearances are in bold.





  • Aqua Von Fang  - Glacier's ironically more chill younger sister with a knack for relationship advice, which the cryokinetic greatly appreciates. However, they don't always get along, for the two tend to have arguments about what they should do and who should lead the group. Judging from their personalities, you can guess which one of them is more responsible...
  • Windy Von Fang  - The youngest of the Von Fang sisters, Glacier is incredibly supportive of Windy's aspirations and is protective of her, which is justified due to the latter's crippling illness. Even so, Glacier does find her to be a little arrogant and annoyingly stubborn with her intelligence and insistence that science is the answer to everything at times.


  • Espio the Chameleon - Glacier's love interest and neighbour ever since moving outside Central City. Once she, her sisters, and Voltage had left Huntstonia, they moved into a small house that just so happened to be located near the office of the Chaotix Detective Agency, which led to the two groups becoming well-acquainted. Glacier admires Espio's skills as both a ninja and a detective, and has quickly developed a romantic, as well as a professional, relationship with him over time.

Friends and Allies


  • Sonic the Hedgehog - Glacier first became acquainted with the blue hedgehog some time after meeting with the Chaotix. She initially found his carefree and cocky attitude to be somewhat irritating, while charming at the same time, to which she eventually grew to find amusing. She also shows a level of respect towards his values of simply following his heart and doing what he thinks is right, regardless of what everyone else thinks.
  • Silver the Hedgehog - Silver became one of Glacier's closest friends soon after moving from Huntstonia. After hearing Espio's many stories about him, she grew to admire the young hedgehog's sense of justice, even while it is coupled with an innocent and friendly naivety. In a sense, he has replaced the strong relationship she once had with Ricky Carraway, which has somewhat healed her greatly.


  • Voltage Bouncealot  - Voltage is one of Glacier's best friends. She has known her since they were little and been friends their whole lives. Although this is true, Glacier does occasionally find Volt's temper and un-likable nature quite annoying, always trying to make her be more polite. She also believes that Volt is truly good on the inside, despite her dislike for many things.
  • Ricky Carraway - A schizophrenic, who was once one of Glacier's closest friends. Ricky and Glacier knew eachother since they were children, and had been friends ever since, even attending the Hunter Academy together. Over this time, Ricky had become romantically interested in Glacier, eventually becoming slightly obsessed with her. When it was revealed that Glacier did not share those affections, Ricky's symptoms became violent and extreme, leading to him turning his back on the team and Hunters, and becoming criminally insane.


  • Aloe Vera Mackintosh  - Glacier held a strong dislike for Aloe's snobbish behavior and normally couldn't stand just being in the same space as her. However, their adventures together have led them to hold a (somewhat begrudging) respect for one another. 
  • Rocky Mackintosh  - Aloe's twin brother, Glacier initially thought of the panther to be just like his sister at first, but soon learned that Rocky was actually an overall decent guy, though one who is incredibly blunt and straight-forward to a fault.




Powers and Abilities

As an official Hunter, Glacier has the power to cast Huntstonian Magic spells and, with the blessing of the Huntstone of Ice during her ritual, she possesses a strong affinity with ice magic and can generally control the ice and snow around her. With this specialization, she can temporarily turn her body into ice, increasing her defense, or into a chilly mist, allowing her to easily dodge foes while freezing them should she pass through them. Her main utilization of this power, however, is creating several ice constructs, such as floating shields or flying spearheads, to attack from a distance or bolstering her own physical attacks.

She can also use her primary weapon, a Hunter Staff, as a combat tool either by using it as a casting rod for her spells or by morphing it alternate form, which is that of a shortsword, and back if she wills it. When her staff is in its shortsword form, she can unleash ice-coated strikes and even extend the length of the blade by applying additional ice on the blade. She can also apply her magical power to her prized dagger, the White Queen, and utilize it as a sidearm.

Speaking of which, Glacier also sports an impressive proficiency with swordfighting and is comfortable with almost any regular-sized blade. However, she has a high preference for shortswords, mostly due to their light weight, meaning she can effectively wield them with only arm with ease while leaving her other arm free to utilize her dagger, which she often uses in tandem with her sword.

Her other abilities include an above-average level of agility and reflexes, allowing her to most dodge enemy attacks with ease, and a heightened sense of smell and hearing, allowing her to easily detect possible faraway threats coming her way, even in harsh conditions.


  • Hunter Staff - The official identification of offical Hunters and Glacier's primary arms, the staff serves as Glacier's tool for majority of her spellcasting, but it can also be morphed into another weapon of her choice which, in this case, is a shortsword.
  • The White Queen - Glacier's prized dagger, passed on to her by her late mother, it serves as a suitable sidearm in a number of situations, both in and out of battle.


  • Stats are based from 1-10. 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest.

Attack: 7 - Glacier's attacks are plenty powerful on their own, but making use of her potential can allow to her to utterly devastate her foe.

Defense: 7 - She is also a very tough nugget to crack, and she only becomes tougher when she covers her skin with ice.

Speed: 7 - She is very quick on her feet, allowing her to cover good distance in a few seconds, and her attacks come out fairly quickly.

Magic: 8 - Glacier makes very good use of her ice magic for both offensive and defensive purposes.

Evasion: 6 - Glacier is also capable of dodging a fair number of incoming attacks in a row, but there are instances where she becomes distracted by something else (such as her PTSD), giving her foes an opening.

Intelligence: 7 - She is very much capable of solving a fair number of situations with her head and can come up with some legit strategies.

Skills: 7 - Combining both impressive physical prowess, potent ice magic, and a buttload of experience throughout the years definitely makes Glacier pretty good at her job.

Accuracy: 8 - Combined with the speed of her attacks, Glacier often makes her mark and her spells seem to rarely miss.

Stamina: 7 - Naturally, Glacier's body has been trained well-enough to allow her to keep herself from tiring out for a while in battle.

Tolerance: 6 - For all her power, Glacier is still very much mortal and far from immune to feeling pain.

Overall: 70%


Due to her magical powers running primarily on mana, as all users of Huntsonian Magic are subjected to, Glacier can only cast so many spells at a time before needing some time to recover her energy. This means that should she waste all of her mana in one go, she'll be limiting her combat options for a good while. In addition, her ice magic spells are rather ineffective against fire magic and the ice created from any of her spells almost always ends up shattering against anything made from sound waves.

Although Glacier does likes dark places, she actually has a fear of being in pitch black dark, essentially making her useless in those kinds of places. Strangely enough, she seems to be incredibly unwilling to swim in any body of water, though this may be due to a slight fear of her powers suddenly spiking while underwater, causing it and everyone else who happens to be in it to instantly freeze.

Another weakness is her PTSD which, as mentioned earlier, causes her to lose focus on pretty dire situations. This is especially bad if it is triggered mid-battle, leaving her open to an enemy onslaught. Aside from all that, however, while it isn't an actual weakness, Glacier foes sport a strange allergy for strawberries.



"Glacier Von Fang. Eldest daughter of Carlos and Brittany Von Fang."
—introducing herself
"Holy frostbite!"
—whenever something goes wrong
"I am surrounded by lunatics..."
—whenever someone is acting crazy or stupid
"See ya in the next life!"
—Glacier's way of saying goodbye
"Ready for a cold one?"
—Glacier’s [actually really punny] taunt
"When you mess with a Von Fang... You get the... fangs..."
—An example of Glacier's weak humor showing itself



  • All three of the Von Fang sisters actually have corresponding main and eye colours.
    • In this case, Glacier's main color motif is green while Aqua sports the same color for her eyes.
  • Her Hunter Staff being able to morph into a shortsword was originally an ability her dagger possessed.
    • The latter was inspired by Keith's knife in the Netflix series, Voltron: Legendary Defender, where it was awakened to its true form in one episode of its second season.
  • As the first two drawings in Glacier's gallery might attest to, she originally wore what was supposed to be a cowboy hat but was eventually changed to the fedora you see today.