Glacier Plains is a small, snowy island just of the cost of Antarctica. The island gets its name from the landscape. There are vast expanses of flat and mountainous areas all over the island, thus giving the island its name. The people there are generally friendly and welcoming, but there have been some criminals that came from the island.


Glacier Plains was discovered in 1869, by a Canadian fishing boat, after they had strayed of course. The captain was intrigued, stopped at the island, and later left. One year later, the captain came back, but with a bunch of friends and others, to start a village. The village was successfully made, but upon finding ancient stone tablets regrading the current religion, the people their started believing in the great spirit. After discovering that a resident of the village, Naho, was a cryokinetic, the people started the current Ice Festival, were the cryokinetic is honored with a week-long party. Naho, feeling honored, decided to explore and catalog every thing she found on the island. In doing that, the townspeople named the lake in the middle of the island after Naho.


Glacier Plains, is, as mentioned above, an island covered in snow and ice, with vast plains and mountains. There are many ice caves withing the mountains, creating a popular tourist attraction. There is also numerous ponds all over the island, and are most of the time frozen, making a great skating rink. There is a great lake in the exact middle of the island, named Lake Naho. It was named after the first cyrokenitic to be born on the island, after she had accomplished a great feat. There are also great forests of pine trees, unusual for an island just of the coast of Antarctica. The forests are like a maze, and people have gotten lost and died in there.


The people are warm and friendly, and will often offer to help others with there daily jobs. They follow a unique hierarchy, having one village leader, and six council members. It is the council and the village leader that decides what the village does. Although, the council is not concerned with small things such as parades and the like. The people there praise the cyrokenitics of the village, and upon finding out that they have a cryokenitic in the village, they have a large, week long party in honor of Naho. The citizens are mostly animals, ranging from wolfs to polar bears. However, some other species live there, such as hedgehogs.

Imports and Exports

Glacier plains does not have a lot of things to sell, or to buy. Since the people grow almost everything they need, they normally don't buy things from other places. Although, on rare occasions, they had to buy things such as food from the nearby Antarctica.


The people here believe in a great spirit, how watches over the island in his sleep. They believe that the great spirit's brother had cast a dark spell on him, putting him into an eternal slumber. When ever they work on something, they believe that they are slowly lifting the curse that has silenced the great spirit. One more thing they believe in is that if the great spirit ever dies, he takes the world with him.


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