Glacial Prairie[1] is an arctic country located several miles north-east of the United Regions of Gemton. After its discovery during the reign of King Macarius II, it was made part of the Regions, which was a faction of the United Federation at the time and was not officially named anything but Gemton.


Early History

Not much is known about the country prior to its discovery by Gemton, save for the fact that a clan of polar bears named the Clan of the Snowy Gale were the sole inhabitants. The clan praised Khione, Goddess of Snow and daughter of Boreas and Oreithyia, and had nought to do with the world outside of their subzero homeland. The clan was led by a tribal leader named a Vasiliás (male) or Vasílissa Chióni (female), aswell as a Krýo Ieréa (or "High Priest") who would conduct religious ceremonies.

Notes and References

  1. Glacial: Having the appearance of ice; Prairie: An extensive area of flat or rolling.
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