Glacial Drive is the fifth stage in Team Metal's story in Sonic Shockwave Riders.


Fang leads an army of SR-4X and pursues Team Shockwave to Frost Peaks, a frozen wasteland.


Frost Peaks is a giant wasteland of ice where a giant island emerges from the ground. The race takes place mostly on the frozen wastelands and frozen part of the island. There are multiple metal ruins and machine debris scattered around the stage which serve as obstacles to the racer. As the race begins, the racer makes his way through a series of destroyed metal gates and enters a frozen lake where pillars emerge from the ground. At some part of the stage, the racer begins to ride vertically up the island and enters a small frozen cave filled with enormous icicles. The icicles are destroyed and serve as sleigh to the racer, leading him out of the cave and into a frozen lake again.


Like in all stages, there are 12 racers in the race: Fang, Atticus, Lavinia, Amy, SR-4X, SR-4X, SR-4X, SR-4X, SR-4X, SR-4X, SR-4X, SR-4X. The mission is to finish in first place.

Mission Finish in first place.
Characters Fang
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