List of Creations

The Laser Drive

Laser Drive Card
A small automatic screwdriver which has a flat head on one side and philips head on the other. The reason why it is call the "Laser Drive" is because the philips head side can flip inwards and bring out a small gun which acts like a taser. The same is possible for the Flat head side, which instead of having a taser, it has a hot metal cutting tool inside. Only one side can be out at a time however, and it is toggled by a switch on the side which causes one head to retract and the other to emerge.
Gizmo made a secondary version of it that can unscrew bolts.

Chaos Radar

Chaos Radar Card
A small device which is used to detect Chaos Energy all around the globe. It actually cannot detect everything all over the globe like it should, but it still shows a world map and detects energy that are at most on neighboring continents. The stronger the source of energy, the bigger the dot on the radar appears. Gizmo took a handheld game console and changed it into the radar, resulting in an unusually styled creation. Interestingly enough, it still plays games if a cartridge is inserted.
When used in conjunction with the Power Copy Machine below, it can also be used to track various other sources of energy. It was once used to detect dimensional distortions, as well.

Super Chao Modifier

A small machine which resembles a Chao medal. It boosts a chao's power and, if the chao has a secondary color, changes their secondary color to a gradient glowing rainbow design. The device was origonally supposed to grant a chao a super form, but it only got as far as to power them up. The name stayed the same regardless.

The first one malfunctioned and broke down, so he made an upgraded version. The Super Chao Modifier MK.II is what is currently used. If powered by a Chaos Emerald or something stronger, then it will actually work and transform the chao the way it was supposed to.

Power Copy Machine

OFF Card

A very large machine that is capable of copying powers and storing them inside, and giving the power to an object or person. The amount of time the power remains in its target varies. In most mundane objects, and in some weapons, it remains indefinitely. In weapons that use ammunition, and in living beings, it can only be used for so long until it runs out.

The main powers that it's known to be able to copy are Chaos Energy, and various elemental powers. Gizmo originally intended to use it to experiment with Elemental Rings. However, it's also known to be able to copy other powers as well. There are some types of energies that are incompatible with the machine's copying ability; some that would even cause critical errors and dangerous overheating. (Alternatively, extremely powerful sources of energy, like multiple Chaos Emeralds for example, can cause similar problems.) Gizmo has been weary about using this for powers unknown to him ever since the incident in Moonlight Visitor.

Emerald Trophy2 Voted Best Item of Winter 2011!

The Magic Wings

Magic Wings Card
Gizmo's most treasured creation. He had to study long and hard about the nervous system to even begin to create this project. And birds as well. Through many hardships and months, he created a device that straps to your back and spreads two large magical looking wings of light from two slots. The wings look to be made from beams of light, yet, they are fully controllable by the user. They connect directly to the user's back, making it as if the wings were always a part of the person. It has a safety lock so that you cannot remove them until they are turned off all the way. There is a timer before it unlocks to finish disconnecting and patching up the spot on the user's back (With the use of an Elemental Ring) where the machine connected to their body. This was Gizmo's most dangerous yet successful creation he ever made.

The Magic Wings won Gizmo first prize in the Sonic version of the Kids Choice Awards on the forums, and later won him another prize as noted above. Gizmo added an extra feature that allows you to change its shape and color. The default color is light yellow.

In Memories of David The Echidna, he installed his spare into David's old armor while upgrading it, leaving him to go and make a new spare to store away.

Crystal Cutter

OFF Card

A machine that automatically cuts any type of gem-stone into a variety of different shapes. At the time of its first test, Gizmo used a chaos emerald to power it. But it was too much for the machine to hold, and it ended up chopping the crystal that he put in the machine into 12 pieces, and giving it some of its power. The machine over heated and broke down, but Gizmo had just created what is now known as the Power Crystal.

After its failure, Gizmo scrapped the entire thing and used what was left for spare parts--some of which were vital in the making of the Power Copy Machine.

The Power Crystal

Fused with Chaos Energy, the shards of the Power Crystal brings the wearer to his/her full potential of power. Also, it acts as a key to unlock one’s super form if they have one, but just can’t reach it with just the 7 Chaos Emeralds. (Tails is a good example.) When it’s formed together, the wearer is not only brought to their full potential, but also makes them more energetic. This effect only happens when the crystal is fully restored and worn, rather than two or more pieces put together without it being completely put back together. When its fully formed, it can be taken apart again.

Silver Trophy Voted Best Item Runner-up of Winter 2016!

Hi-Tech Goggles

Goggles Card
The goggles Gizmo wears on his forehead aren't just for show. They are heavily modified from their original form, equipped with a small computer that grants night vision, heat detection vision, and allows him to scan people and objects for various stats and other such readings to gather info. All this is accessed through a switch on the left side that goes through four settings from top to bottom: Off, Night, Heat, and Scan.

While Gizmo's eyes can already somewhat see through the darkness, the night vision allows him to see just as well as he could in a well-lit room. The heat-seeking vision is a newer addition, which allows him to spot sources of heat in the vicinity. This is useful when trying to spot something or someone invisible or camoflage, provided it gives off some form of heat.

Gizmo Scan

Gizmo scanning an enemy's stats.

The scanner is one of his more commonly used ones, as it is useful for gathering information on enemies (at least most of them) so to help plan a battle strategy. When faced with an incredible power, it can sometimes give out faulty or corrupt information, sometimes locking up entirely. Jamming waves have a similar affect.

The goggles also have a magnifying vision, to help him while working.

In Splice The Hedgehog, these serve as Gizmo's field ability: Goggle Vision. They allow him to see invisible objects. They also allow him to see normally in dark rooms, as mentioned above. In battle, his Scan ability allows him to see enemy stats as he explains their strengths and weaknesses to the rest of the party.

Little Claws

A weapon Gizmo made specially for chao. Small mittons with sharp blades attatched to the top. Specifically, he made it for his friend, Kitty The Cat Chao.

Claw Gloves

Claw Gloves Card

At the same time as the Little Claws, Gizmo made himself a similar weapon. The Claw Gloves have longer, sharper blades which are retractable. Over the years, he's created several different variations of the Claw Gloves; some are different sizes and made of different material, and some even use Elemental Rings.

Power Glove

Not exactly an invention, but a glove specially modified to fit one of the shards of the Power Crystal inside. It doesn't change the way the Power Crystal works, or add anything onto it. Its just a simple way to equip it. The glove is gray, unlike Gizmo's other gloves.

The Power Claws are a weaponized version of this, being essentially the Claw Gloves with Power Crystal Shards equipped on them.
An upgrade to them allows Gizmo to store any type of energy inside the glove, and unleash it in a wave as an attack. This is especially effective when the Power Claws come into play. When in battle, he uses this in conjunction with the Hand Cannon--as seen in Moonlight Visitor. When he is charging the cannon, the cannon will share some energy within the Power Glove, storing it up until he's ready to use it.

Plasma Generator

OFF Card

A moderately small, but bulky machine that creates plasma inside using a small variety of crushed and ground Elemental Rings. Its main purpose was to use it to power the Hand Cannon's weapon-type: The Plasma Cannon. When not in battle use, he generally keeps it close in his workspace for experimenting purposes.

Ultra Smasher Claws

Smasher Claws Card
Smash's ultimate weapon, made by none other than Gizmo himself. The gloves are green with two large, red, curved spikes coming out of the knuckles. The process of creating the pair of gloves was long. By buying the best quality brand of fighting gloves, Gizmo attatched two razor sharp claws on the back, and fused the gloves with a Star Stone; a small golden star shaped stone that has the power to enhance the ability of any weapon. The gloves were powered up, but then after using the Power Copy Machine to upgrade it with two chaos emeralds, the gloves' color changed as their power was greatly enhanced. Gizmo gave them it's name after he gave them to Smash.

Note: Originated Splice The Hedgehog. The Ultra Smasher Claws are obtained by, as mentioned above, collecting said items and 'synthesizing' them through "Gizmo's Creation Station". The Star Stone is obtained through a treasure hunting side quest over the course of the game.

Jet Board

Jet Board Card
Gizmo took a surfboard, repainted it, gave it a jet engine, and called it the Jet Board. It took much more than that to get it to work properly without literally killing himself. After completion, the Jet Board works similar to Extreme Gear in terms of hovering above the ground when activated. Controlling it is awkward and takes some time to get used to, despite several tweaks to make it simpler. But when used right, it is a powerful and reliable method of transportation, and is able to fly at 300 mph. In an earlier version, the board ran on corn oil. After learning just how fast it burned through the oil, he installed a Flame Elemental Ring in the engine, which solved his fuel problems indefinitely.

He has a different model which is installed with a Wind Elemental Ring instead. This one is much closer to an Extreme Gear, and generally stays hovering even while inactive. It has incredible air control, but doesn't have the raw firepower that the actual Jet Board does.

Emerald Trophy Voted Best Weapon of Summer 2015!

Hand Cannon

Hand Cannon Card
One of his most well known inventions. The Hand Cannon is a large gun, in which the back has a space to insert one's hand to wield and activate it. On the sides are two compartments, where the power sources are stored. Depending on the power source, the cannon will fire different types of shots. For example, If a battery or an electrical power source is inserted, it will shoot out bolts of electricity. (Gizmo usually resorts to Elemental Rings, as they are simple and effective.) A chaos emerald will allow it to shoot out pure chaos energy in a harmful blast. The two compartments allow it to quickly switch between two different types of ammo.
Cm gizmo the cat by sunlight1236-d3l6e5q-1-

Gizmo charging up the Hand Cannon

Recent upgrades have allowed it to fuse the two types into one combined shot. Putting two of the same types in each compartment simply make them even more powerful.

It can also be charged to fire more powerful shots. (Some ammo types, such as the Plasma Cannon, require charging to be of any affect.) At full power with two chaos emeralds, it is capable of shooting a large and powerful blast, strong enough to push the user back. Gizmo once inserted Kitty inside of the cannon and shot him out to attack an enemy as a power-charged, living projectile.

It's rather heavy, but after wielding it for several years, Gizmo has gotten used to it's weight. Because of its size and mass, it is rather effective as a melee weapon.

Hand Cannon Weaponry - Basic Weapons and Upgrades

Flame Cannon - The first and most standard weapon from the Hand Canon. The Flame Cannon shoots basic fireballs at an enemy, with a fairly decent rate of fire. The fireballs don't pack a whole lot of punch, but they can constantly pelt an enemy one after another, and can last up to at most two minutes before needing to recharge.

Super Flame Cannon - When powered by two fire-type power sources, the Flame Cannon is upgraded to the Super Flame Cannon. The Super Flame Cannon's fireballs are mostly the same, however the rate of fire is taken up a notch. The biggest change is the spread the weapon gets. Instead of shooting projectiles single-file, it fires 5 of them horizontally in a crescent-shaped arc. This makes it ideal for taking out numerous enemies at once. It also has an alternate firing capability to spew flames like a flamethrower.

Frost Cannon - One of the more unique weapons, as it is only effective at close range. The gun blows frigid, subzero air to freeze anything in its range. Its not the most practical tactic, as it requires one to get up close to an enemy with the heavy gun in hand. Alternatively, it may have other uses outside battle. (It would make a very nice air conditioner in the summer if the intensity level was turned down.)

Super Frost Cannon - The upgrade of the Frost Cannon mostly gives it more range and freezing power, but it can also fire mini, frosty whirlwinds to really deal some damage from a distance. If the weapon is charged, it can form a thick, sharp icicle to launch at a target, which shatters on impact.

Lightning Cannon - The Lightning Cannon fires two electrified spheres of energy in single file. The rate of fire isn't very great in comparison to the Flame Cannon, firing once every 1/3rd a second, but with a good rhythm, it's very easy use. The projectiles move very fast, making them difficult to dodge, and more often than not phase right through their targets, shocking them from within (but not impaling them.) The voltage isn't high enough to be lethal, even from that, but it is still a powerful enough weapon to not be taken lightly.

Super Lightning Cannon - The Super Lightning Cannon's rate of fire remains unchanged, but it fires twice as many projectiles as the regular, all four of them laced together with streaks of electricity. The shots fire together as one, moving through the air almost like a laser beam. When charged, this weapon can fire an instantaneous, straight bolt of lightning like a railgun. This blast is amongst the most lethal shots the Hand Cannon can fire.

Cyclone Cannon - One of the more non-standard cannon variants, the Cyclone Cannon fires a large, horizontal wind tunnel to blow enemies away. Anything caught in range of this whirlwind will be swept into the current, sprawling wildly until either the wind dies down, or if it ends against a wall or other hard structure to end it.

Super Cyclone Cannon - Truly one of the more frightening upgrades, this one requires charging before its enhancements can be shown. At full power, it fires an enormous version of the original wind tunnel, which not only draws in anything nearby, but cuts and slices those caught inside with sharp wind blades as well. This one lasts much longer, and is more likely to tear through walls and trees before it dies down.

Hydro Cannon - The Hydro Cannon works like a high pressure hose, generating water from the Aqua Elemental Rings. It doesn't have the best damage output when in battle, (despite how much it hurts getting shot by it,) but it can keep enemies at bay by pushing them back. Because of its high pressure, there is some noticeable recoil from it.

Super Hydro Cannon - The Hydro Cannon sees the least changes in its upgrade, simply being stronger. However, it needs charging in order to use in its powered up state, and it doesn't last as long. The recoil is also very strong, strong enough to actively push you back. On the bright side, it's powerful enough to completely topple enemies, if not outright blast them away. One crafty use of this is to fire the hose downward to give yourself a huge aerial boost.

Stone Cannon - One of the most basic weapons, the Stone Cannon, as the name implies, fires a large stone. It takes a moment for the stone elemental ring to generate new rocks for each shot, so it has the poorest rate of fire out of them all. On the other hand, it deals the most physical damage out of all the regular, cannons including some upgrades as well.

Super Stone Cannon - The hand cannon needs to be charged to show the power of the Super Stone Cannon. When the cannon charges, it forms a cluster of stones to form one large, bulky boulder of a projectile. Because it's so big, it has to be formed outside of the cannon, so all the magic can be seen at work. Once the rock cluster has been formed, it can then be fired off just like the regular stone cannon. It doesn't go quite as far, but it deals massive damage due to its size and mass, and also due to the fact that it explodes on contact.

Plasma Cannon - Gizmo's personal favorite weapon. The Plasma Cannon fires large, green blasts of plasma which explode on contact with anything, bursting into sparks that rapidly shock and stun its target. The initial blast is very powerful, on par with the Stone Cannon's physical force. The projectiles are also very fast, and capable of overpowering most weaker types of ammunition with ease if used to counter enemy fire. However, the Plasma Cannon is the only one that requires charging before it can be used with no upgrades, which can put him at a disadvantage when caught alone.

Blast cannon by frost1992-d4uyh3v

Full powered Chaos Cannon

Chaos Cannon - Powered by a Chaos Emerald, the Chaos Cannon fires green blasts of pure Chaos Energy. The rate of fire is very poor, however, the ammo is limitless. It's capable of firing multiple shots at once, although it needs slightly more charge time in order to pull that off. In addition, it can freely charge up for bigger and stronger projectiles. Overcharging it, however, results in a huge laser beam of fierce and incredible destructive force. This cannot be used too often at a time, as the weapon itself needs time to cooldown. This also means that once used, the weapon cannot be fired again or else it will overheat, and possibly explode.

Hand Cannon Weaponry - Fusions

[Coming Soon]

Chaos Plasma Fusion -

Flame Wind Fusion -

Ice Bolt Fusion -

Plasma Earth Fusion -

Water Earth Fusion -

Hand Cannon Weaponry - Special

Kitty Kannon - A unique physical ammo type--Kitty loads himself into the gun from the front, and is shot out like a cannonball. This has been used both offensively to headbutt, punch or kick an enemy, or tactically to reach a destination incredibly fast. While some might think this unethical, this attack was entirely Kitty's idea.

Hero Stone Cannon - By loading up a replica of the Hero's Stone, the Hand Cannon was able to fire blasts of the pure energy from the artifact. It is unknown exactly what attributes the power from the stone contains, but it is a direct counter to the evil magic of Dracomancy that certain enemies are known for. It may or may not be very useful otherwise.

Draco Stone Cannon - The Draco Stone contains all the sealed power and magic of an ancient evil wizard that wrought havoc on the world over 800 years ago. Dracomancy is an unholy magic that, while having many different forms, is mainly based around draining the life energy from any and every living being it strikes. By loading up the Draco Stone into the cannon, Gizmo can fire beams of draconic energy that burns away at the flesh and soul. It is a very dangerous weapon, and one he only resorted to thanks to extremely dire circumstances.

  • World Liberation Cannon - After realizing that a simple blast wouldn't be enough to win the battle, Gizmo overcharged the Draco Stone Cannon far beyond its limits. The ensuing blast was several times larger than anything ever fired from the Hand Cannon, making even their mightiest foe flee in terror--and the recoil excrutiatingly painful to say the least. The blast destroyed the cannon from the inside out, and turned the Draco Stone to dust.

Remote Controlled Bow&Arrows

OFF Card

Another prize winning creation. He still hasn't come up with a name for it. But it's obvious now that he doesn't even care anymore. A friend suggested "Jet Arrows", but that would only apply to half the invention. The bow looks like a regular wooden bow, with metallic parts patched over it. The arrows that come with them are completely metal. The bow was designed to shoot the arrows which then activate a jet on the back, increasing its momentum. There are buttons on the bow's handle, which allow the shooter to remotely control the arrows to go wherever they want. The jet on the back helps keep it airborne. Each arrows have a different frequency, which activates the bow's control over it as it gets shot through an invisible sensor on the bow at a certain force or higher. Thus allows the bow to control one at a time without having any errors. Gizmo created this with the help of Kitty in the RP, Camp Crystal, for a contest. He won first prize, a gold trophy.

Dimensional Remote

A small handheld device that opens up a rift to an alternate, parallel dimension with the push of a button. It was a collaboration with Lucy and Kitty, as they worked to try and solve a problem with several identical portals opening and closing all over the country, effectively tossing things back and forth between the dimensions. With this remote, one could hop from one side to the other with relative ease. The portals only last about five seconds before closing, but there isn't really a limit to how many one could open at a time. (Testing these limits is not advised, however.) Even after resolving the Dimensional Disaster, the remote still works.

Dimensional Door

Basically a step up from the remote, the Dimensional Door was created during the events of Odyssey and used to reach the final area. While inactive, it appears as a large, round, blue doorframe doorframe. There is a round, yellow light bulb at the very top. While active, the lightbulb switches on and the doorframe holds a big portal; a swirling vortex of colors.

Next to the door is a console to control it, and in the center of it is Levi's APD (All Purpose Device) filled with the power of an alternate universe counterpart to the Master Emerald. The spare of the Dimensional Remote was recalibrated to use alongside the Dimensional Door, as a way to return from whatever world one has been transported to. Unlike the original remote, this one only works if one returns to the exact spot where they entered.

Unfortunately, there has to be at least one person staying behind at the console to make certain that nothing goes wrong, and ensure a safe trip.

Chaff Gun

Chaff Gun Card

A small dart gun that shoots electrified needles that short circuit any electronic equipment when pierced through it, completely disabling it for as long as the needle is in there--if it didn't destroy it beyond repair that is. Most small units wouldn't be able to withstand it. Against tougher, thicker metals though, it's not unlikely that it'll simply bounce off.

This was also a join project with Lucy and Kitty.

Force Phaser

Force Phaser Card

Created with the help of Tails during the events of Splice The Hedgehog, this machine is capable of deactivating almost any type of force field. However, if it fails, it malfunctions it's own self. So far, there haven't been any failures yet so Gizmo has yet to encounter this problem.

Emerald Trophy2 Voted Best Item for Winter 2014!

Grapple Gun

Inspired by various cartoons from his childhood, He went to work on one of his favorite commonly used invention on TV shows. This invention went through several different models and versions before it's final release. At first it was a giant bazooka with a grappling hook sticking out the front. It was far too bulky, and too heavy for him to lift high enough to aim properly, let alone shoot.
Kitty then suggested a smaller, more compact gun. The next model looked to be a large pistol with the grappling hook still sticking out. It seemed to work at first, but the grappling hook's mass compared to the pistol itself made it too complicated to be practical, as it interfered with the aiming.
The next model had a smaller grappling hook, along with a laser marked viewpoint for better aiming. It was better, but the grappling hook sticking out of the front proved to be a hindrance for portable storage. Gizmo then modified the grappling hook to fold and fit inside of the gun. It broke. At first it got stuck inside, then when it finally shot out, it broke against what it was supposed to hook onto.
Finally, Gizmo came up with the last model which worked better than he originally imagined it. He took the spare Hand Cannon that he had up for display and modified it into the Grapple Gun. The grappling hook itself still folded, but it was about as big as the original size, and had an automatic lock function so that it would be more secure when unfolded. Gizmo also added the feature of it retracting by itself for both convenience in putting it away and to pull himself towards the target he shot. An alternative would be to pull whatever he shot towards him. But he found that dangerous as it could get stuck inside of the gun. So he added another feature where it folded in by the push of a button, rather than being automatic reacting to it being close to the inside. Later, he upgraded the hook to be able to transform into a claw, so that he could grab smaller objects and pull them towards him without getting anything stuck inside the gun. It also worked double as an alternative way to grapple towards something.
The final touches to the grapple gun were painting speed arrows on the sides of the gun. The compartments that were used as power sources now hold large, rechargeable batteries. He intends to keep it that way, although it can still use other power sources.

Airship - The Sky Lion

OFF Card

Gizmo decided to put his skills to the ultimate test. Is he capable of building an aircraft? He drew the blueprints for it, but where to start? It wasn't until the events of Splice The Hedgehog took place when he found an opportunity. By the end of the game, he does end up commanding a large, red airship of his own. He keeps it in the cave at the Cat Chao Garden.

The ship was later upgraded to be able to travel through space--it probably would have happened in The Mystery of Skull Cross, but the RP never reached far enough to confirm it. Thus, it ended up getting the necessary upgrades in Moonlight Visitor. The airship's name is The Sky Lion, however, Gizmo feels the need for a new name due to its ability to go beyond the sky and the stars.

Guard Gauntlets

Silver Trophy Voted Best Item Runner-Up for Summer 2016

A small shield lock-on for Smash's gloves. They can be used on any gloves, or even by themselves and lock onto one's bare hands. Made of tough and thick steel, they are meant to guard the back of one's hands down to just below their wrists. He created it with battling bladed weapon users in mind. With this, Smash is able to block and parry such fighters while keeping to his bare-handed fighting style. The top of the shield just barely covers his lower knuckles, which means they will also hit enemies at the same time as his fists do. With that in mind, they are useful for both defense and offense.

Plasma Guard

An upgraded model of the Guard Gauntlets. The shield takes the form of a plasma energy barrier; in other words, it's a miniature force field. Not long after presenting the original Guard Gauntlets to his friends, Gizmo suddenly received a request to make a special version that resists energy-based weapons from Smash.
The model was successful. The barrier took the shape of a flat hexagon with a light-pinkish hue. It was unfortunately destroyed in battle, shortly after being presented to Smash. On the bright side, Gizmo is known to keep spares of all his inventions.

Plasma Knuckle

While experimenting with the Plasma Guard, Gizmo was able to expand the forcefield to cover one's entire hand. He then created a separate pair and weaponized them. The Plasma Knuckles are bronze gauntlets with the plasma generators on the back. They are activated by a knob on the back, rather than a button or a switch which could easily be toggled in the head of battle. The plasma power surrounding the hands packs an extra punch and, like the Plasma Guard, resists energy-based weapons as well. Physical attacks go through the forcefield, however.


OFF Card

A strange device in the form of a bamboo and metallic fishing rod. It's equipped with a remote control lure with a hidden camera, so the fisher can scan the area for fish and ultimately have a better chance at catching them. It was made as a birthday present for Electric The Hedgehog, who enjoys fishing.

Moon Boots

A pair of black and silver boots with wavy, neon green streaks running across the sides. The green streaks across what appears to be a black screen, as the streaks actively move about like electricity. The boots have a noticable vibration in them.
This strange pair of boots not only grants the wearer the ability to leap incredibly high, but to also walk on walls. The latter is an unorthodox ability, due to how gravity tends to work. But if one gets a running start, they might even be able to manage running on ceilings.

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