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Gizmo The Cat

Gizmo The Cat
Gizmo The Cat3
15-16 ~ (In most appearances)
24 ~ (Currently)
January 1st, 1995
Chao, Seafood, working on projects, studying, putting his skills to the test, Being useful.
Chao Hunters, Squids, Sewers, Homework, Being beaten at his own game.
Favorite Food
4Kids First Choice Awards: Smartest Character / (Roleplay award) Camp Crystal's Gold Trophy for Best Invention / Magic Wings for Best Item of the SFW 2011 Winter Awards / Best Genius of the SFW 2011 Winter Awards

Gizmo is a boy who lives on the southern outskirts of Greenflower City. He is the son of Terrence and Anna the Cats. He lives at home with them, and his cat chao friend, Kitty. Like a lot of kids, Gizmo as a child had multiple dreams of what he wanted to be when he grew up. Unlike most of them, he actually made a move on achieving them, thanks to the encouragement of his father. He thought of being a doctor, a scientist and an inventor. But after watching a documentary on real heroes, Gizmo wanted to be one too.

After years of studying, he managed to learn the basic first aids and a couple of more advanced healing techniques, but mainly he was incredibly focused on science and technology. He started out simple, making small unique gadgets like the Laser Drive, an automatic screwdriver with a built in laser and metal cutter. Working from there, he managed to build bigger and better devices. His basement is his personal workshop. As for his heroic dream, he has assisted in saving the city, world, dimension, and possibly even the whole universe. Yet, only his fellow companions know of his deeds.

Character © to Yusef1992/Smash The Echidna/Frost1992. In order of the usernames on Youtube, Myspace, and Deviantart, respectively. Smash The Echidna is also a member at


Gizmo for smash by fracturedmirror-dahw97e

Giz by HauntedPhantom

Gizmo Confident

Gizmo is a red cat with a white patch of fur on his stomach, going up to his muzzle. He has very fuzzy fur on the sides of his muzzle which resemble whiskers. He has green eyes, and a long tail. He wears white gloves and sometimes gold colored shoes. His outfits may vary, but his most recognizeable one is a white T shirt with blue sleeves, sky blue shorts and shiny green shoes. He is very often seen wearing goggles on his forehead, especially when he's going to or after he's worked on something.


Gizmo - Neutral

By Flame-Eliwood

Gizmo is a very curious and smart guy, and tends to experiment with a lot of things. He's very hardworking and always seeks out to complete his projects. He tends to be a bit boastful about his inventions, as he takes great pride in his work. Aside from that, He is generally very kind and considerate, and always willing to help someone out. He tries to make things that will be helpful to his friends and family. Shade the Dark Chao refers to him as the "Geek of the Gang". He doesn't really appreciate that fact.

Gizmo was known for being timid, meek, bashful and shy during his childhood. He was the smart kid who stayed in the back of the line. Despite that, he was just as adventurous as his two best friends, Micheal and Lina. Back then, he was pretty into sports and outdoor games, though he was just as likely to spend a rainy day inside tinkering with objects or building model planes or ships. More than anything, he was a dreamer. Gizmo was easily inspired by people and things around him, and he had built up multiple choices for what he wanted to be when he grew up.

He changed when he moved to Greenflower City. When he left behind all his friends after witnessing the death of his chao, Chad, Gizmo was a quiet and depressing child who felt that he had nothing left. He soon went from that to a hard-working individual who was focused on making his dreams come true. From making new friends, gaining fatherly support from Terrance, and making progress towards his life goals, Gizmo became far more confident in himself and is more than willing to take the initiative when needed.

Strength and Powers

Gizmo - Confident

Art by Flame-Eliwood

Gizmo doesn't have any special powers at all. He's just a regular boy. His main strength is his knowledge on mechanics and general science, and also the basic first aids. He is also known for being able to jump really high. In battle, his main strengths are his creations. He built a few weapons, such as the Claw Gloves, gloves with retractable claws on the back. (somewhat like Wolverine.) Without them, he's pretty mediocre. Gizmo is often very nervous and even scared when faced with a powerful opponent, but the more people he has on his side, the more confident he becomes. When faced alone, his body trembles uncontrollably. It's only in the most dire of situations when he can overcome his fears.

Outside of battle, he can be very useful, as not too many other people are as talented as he. His vast list of creations have served him well.

Regardless of Gizmo's fighting abilities, he is capable of using a super transformation with the Power Crystal and the seven Chaos Emeralds. His red fur flashes a light pink color, somewhat similar to that of Super or Hyper Knuckles. His strength, speed, and jumping abilities increase, but that is all he can make out of this form.

General Info

Gizmo - Happy

By Flame-Eliwood

Gizmo is an only child who lives with both of his parents. It is believed that he has other living relatives, but they never had an appearance nor were mentioned before. Gizmo's father is a doctor, part of the reason why Gizmo wanted to be one too. Gizmo believes that he's already started his own career, even though he hasn't even considered selling anything yet. In his basement, he creates things for himself and his family, and friends as well. He always makes a spare to put on display behind glass, while his main equipment is stored neatly in a cabinet. To help him with his experiments, Gizmo is often found using the Yellow Chaos Emerald to power machines and such. Occasionally, he will go out and find another one to experiment with two. Gizmo's buddy,
Gizmo The Cat In Sonic Riders

Gizmo and Kitty, Sonic Riders style.

Kitty The Cat Chao, is his assistant who helps him work. Over the years of working together, Kitty has gained a lot of knowledge on science and mechanics.

When on an adventure, Gizmo used to be fairly timid, but his loyalty to his friends always gave him the strength to move onward. Over the years, he's become very confident in himself. He is a vital asset to the gang, as his knowledge and inventions are needed more often than not. In battle, he mainly used his hand-made weapons. He always wears his Claw Gloves, in case short-ranged combat is required. Before he created them, he'd been practicing fighting with his bare hands and developed a sort of fighting style where he uses his own claws under his gloves. Strangely, the gloves never ripped, yet dealt as much damage as it would if he didn't wear any. His own pair of claw gloves are designed specifically with this in mind.

Items Currently in Possession:

Every single one of his inventions.

Yellow Chaos Emerald (Often): He often is found with this particular emerald when conducting experiments, or to power one of his creations. (Note, This can easily be overrided by the story of any RP.)

Several Elemental Rings: He completely stocked up on every type of Elemental Ring available before the factory closed down. Not only does he use these for experimenting, he also uses some of these to power his Hand Cannon.

Chad's Whistle: A momento left behind by his first chao, Chad. It was originally a farewell gift after the two parted ways, but landed back in Gizmo's possession after he came across Chad's gray coccoon. He keeps it hanging on a wall in his bedroom, in honor of his earliest of friends, though he occassionally wears it around his neck.

Back Story


Chibi Gizmo

Chibi Gizmo, by PinkLovii

Gizmo originally lived in Emerald Town. At the age of 8, He was best friends with Micheal The Cat (also known as Mike, or Mikey) and Lina The Cat, two siblings who went to the same school as he did. They were playmates and great pals. At the same age, he also adopted and raised a chao, and named him Chad. Chad was a normal looking chao with red highlights instead of yellow (as a child, and green as an adult.) One day, Gizmo took his chao with him to school to show everybody. At recess, Chad had gone missing. After investigating, it wasn't long before Gizmo had learned that one of the students saw someone capture a chao in a net and leave the school. Gizmo, Mike and Lina found the opportunity to sneak out of the school and follow the kidnapper. After their pursuit, they were lead to a very shady building, in which the kidnapper entered through the back door in an alleyway. They followed him inside and spied on him. They learned that the man was a "chao hunter", one who hunts chao for various reasons. He was about to sell the chao to a laboratory for test experiments. The three kids managed to sneak close enough to snag the chao back before it was too late, and escaped the building. The man had chased them, but after splitting up, the man eventually lost them and gave up. They had missed the rest of the school day, but were sort of excused when they explained what had happened. They were still scolded.

After those events, Gizmo started to feel sorry for the chao about keeping him as a pet, and let him loose into a forest. He gave the chao a brown whistle as a farewell gift. They gave their farewells and split up, forever. Years later, Gizmo's family began packing up, preparing to move down to Greenflower City. He was broken up about leaving his friends behind, knowing that he probably wouldn't see them for a long time. The day before he moved out, Gizmo returned to the forest he left Chad in, wanting to see him one last time before he left town. He unfortunately arrived just in time to see a gray chao coccoon fading away. When it was gone, all that was left of the dying chao was a brown whistle, confirming his fears; Chad was dead.

After seeing Chad's death, Gizmo was heart broken. He felt as if he left his whole life behind in Emerald Town as he moved away, but soon grew fond of Greenflower City. As soon as he made it to the city, he had made new friends. And soon he decided to move on and turn his dreams of being an inventor, scientist, and doctor into reality. He didn't know how he was going to do it, but he tried. He studied hard, and his father cheered him on and helped him study being a doctor.

On the same day he arrived, his family visited the beach. Not long before they left back home, Gizmo found a chao, unconscious on the shore. Looking closely, it wasn't an ordinary chao. It had cat ears and claws. Gizmo took it under his wing and nursed it back to health. When the chao was healthy again, he spoke in a mixed language of both chao and cat. The chao's name was Kitty The Cat Chao, and he was one of the only survivors of an attack on his island. Many chao hunters, who hunted chao for game, invaded the island and killed many of the chao on the island. Gizmo shuddered at the sound of Chao Hunters, and his hatred for them grew. Since then, he vowed to protect Kitty, and any chao friend of his from Chao Hunters of any kind.

Later, after a journey to find the remaining Cat Chao (Kitty, Shade The Dark Chao, Krysi the Chao and another chao companion were the only ones who went) It was revealed that Kitty was the prince of all the cat chao, Heir to the throne of Cat Chao Island. They were chased off the island, and stopped on a nearby island with a huge forest. The chao hunters had followed them, and ambushed them again. Few cat chao made it off that island. The cat chao were shot with tranquilizer darts and captured to be sold to laboratories. King Katler, Kitty's father, was one of the ones who had been captured. Some died from overdose of tranquilizers. One of the chao killed was Kitty's mother, by a hunter who thought he could make more money off of her by killing her instead of selling her to a lab. Kitty lead his chao friends on a search to find him. They eventually found the laboratory and freed Katler, who was basically used as a labrat. Kitty was overjoyed to have his father back. When they finally got back to Gizmo's house, they told him the whole story. Gizmo was shocked. After thinking carefully about it, Gizmo eventually freed Kitty, telling him that he could not keep him as his pet. Yet, Kitty decided on his own will to stay with Gizmo. Since then, the two had stayed together as best friends.

King Katler went on a journey to gather the remaining cat chao. Instead of going back to his island, he formed a new chao garden in Greenflower Zone. The only entrance was through a cave behind a waterfall. Katler became known as the Chao Elder of the Cat Chao Garden. Gizmo felt honered to be the best friend of a prince, who's father was great enough to be able to form his own garden after the fall of his kingdom. The Cat Chao Garden does not discriminate against any other types of chao, chao of all kinds are free to live in it. The garden is bigger than most, allowing more chao than usual to be able to live in it. Gizmo helped set it up sometime after he learned of the new garden, and even helped build small shelters for the chao to sleep, a platform for garden announcements and contests, or even chao karate. He also built a wooden tower to be the garden's lookout, as well as Katler's house (and office). Gizmo also bought the seeds to plant for trees and berry bushes, and bought a TV and radio for entertainment. It wasn't just Gizmo who contributed to the garden, Many other chao who had come to live in the garden had helped set it up.

History (Authors notes)

Gizmo's personality and looks never did change over the years. He stayed pretty much the same. But when trying to sprite him, all I could do was use a sprite of a real cat, which put him down in quality and general likeability. It took a long time before I came up with the idea of using sprites from two different Sonic Characters to make him what he is now. With Blaze's head and Tails' body, and some severe editing, he managed to look like a normal male cat.
Gizmo The Cat6

Gizmo was probably the best and most original and tolerant character I had back when I first made him, for he was one of my earliest characters. He didn't get enough shine, though, and was overshadowed by the worse characters. But when he did get his chances to show up and be useful, another fancharacter came along, possesing the same traits and abilities as Gizmo, only 20 times more efficient. To put it bluntly, he was a god-modding version of Gizmo. Wave The Cat had stolen Gizmo's roles, and made him look obsolete. That did not help with his lack of purpose. Eventually, Gizmo proved to be the better in every other way and even pulled off a heroic deed, and Wave slowly disappeared from the following RP's until he was trashed. Gizmo continued doing what he did best and gained a little more popularity, especially now that nobody is competing with him.

Tails does not count, for the two have worked together to fix and create things on some occasions.



= RP has been completed.

? = RP has stopped for any number of reasons. Or has never began.

'☆'Smash The Echidna and Luna The Hedgehog's Wedding: Although he never really appeared, he was apparently in the background with the rest of the audience at the wedding.

?The Mystery of Skull Cross: Gizmo was called to a meeting at Smash's house, and was informed about the mysterious group. Learning that they were located in Space, Even he was at a loss of how to find them...(The sequel to Splice The Hedgehog.)

?Odyssey: After getting sucked into a wormhole, Gizmo finds himself swept up in an all out battle for their world, and the future of all the dimensions.

Moonlight Visitor: Gizmo's best friends, Micheal and Lina, come over to visit for a big party at Smash's house, a few days before the Blitz Pit World Tournament. That night, a mysterious figure leads Smash and Mike into the forest, where they find a girl covered in a brilliant light. Everyone felt some sort of evil presence radiating from the girl, but Mike felt it to be pure...

Other Appearances:

Splice The Hedgehog: (RPG Fangame)

SRB2: As a W.I.P. character.

Mega Man 8bit Deathmatch: (FPS Fangame. Gizmo appears as a playable character that you have to download.)

Relationships with Other Characters

Family Members

Gizmo's family rarely served any real importance to the main storyline, outside of his backstory of course. Its known that is father is a doctor and is a big inspiration to Gizmo. Though his father has been appearing more and more often, they rarely appear in any roleplays. Other than his parents, it is unknown who the rest of his family are.

Terrence The Cat

Gizmo's father, and the biggest source of inspiration he had. His father helped encourage him to follow his dreams, even if they seemed farfetched. Though he is a very busy man, and doesn't always have the time to spend with his son, he is a loving father.

Anna The Cat

Gizmo's mother never really showed her face too much for the majority of the series, but Gizmo loves her like any son would. She often has a cat mouth smile.


Gizmo has made a lot of friends since he moved to Greenflower City. The main buddies he hangs out with often refer to themselves as "The Gang", since they live the closest to eachother and its easy to keep in touch.

(Official Characters)

Sonic The Hedgehog

Gizmo knows Sonic mainly by the stories he's heard about his adventures. He's actually accompanied him on one of them. The two of eachother are more of aquaintances rather than friends though.

Miles "Tails" Prower

They met during the aformentioned adventure, and found much in common with each other. They worked together to invent things to help the rest of the gang, and have kept in contact even after parting ways.

Knuckles The Echidna

Gizmo is not entirely familiar with Knuckles. He mainly knows him through Kyle and Tails.

(FC's by same creator)

Kitty The Cat Chao

Gizmo and Kitty are great pals, and often called partners in crime. Kitty is Gizmo's right hand man, and he can count on him for almost anything. There is an unbreakable bond between the two.

Smash The Echidna

Smash is the friend that Gizmo see's the most often. Although Smash is a lot older than he is, they still hang out often. Smash is probably the friend that is the most interested in what he comes up with, as well as the one who commissions work from him the most. Gizmo has made at least three variations of the Guard Gauntlets for him--two of which by request and one as an upgrade. He's also responsible for refurbishing David's Power Armor for him. Since then Smash has always paid him for his work, despite Gizmo never asking for anything in return.

Pearl The Echidna

Smash's little sister, and another friend of Gizmo's. They don't see eachother often, but they still think of eachother as good friends.

Violet The Hedgehog

Gizmo and Violet hang out when they're with everyone else, but they rarely chat together with just the two of them. Gizmo would actually feel awkward doing it, since they don't talk much at all.

Splice The Hedgehog

Gizmo and Splice are okay buddies. Splice comes to visit him every now and then just to hang out, or see what cool new inventions he's been working on. Very rarely has he come to ask him for any favors, and when he does they're usually pretty simple. In fact, he tends to come looking for Kitty more often than not--apparently Splice has appointed the chao as his official "taste-tester" for his baked goods.

Thunder The Hedgehog

Though he doesn't see him much, he often tries to stay in touch with him. He likes to hear about their adventures, and is very interested in any kind of treasure they might find.

Electric The Hedgehog

He thinks that Electric is an ideal big brother, and sort of looks up to him.

Zap The Hedgehog

Gizmo has seen him around more often than his brothers, but never has he gotten one single conversation out of him.

Kyle The Hedgehog

Gizmo and Kyle's lifestyles have a huge gap between them. Kyle doesn't even use modern technology, while Gizmo is learning advanced technology. He never ceases to facinate Kyle with his inventions. They share a mutual respect for eachother.

Crystal The Fox

He and Crystal are good friends, especially since Kitty mated with her chao, Krysi. They both take care of Kitty's child, taking turns of keeping the young chao in their houses. That is, whenever Kitty and Krysi aren't together.

Micheal The Cat

Mike is Gizmo's best friend, and the two go way back. They used to do everything together when they were kids, but since parting ways they rarely see each other anymore. They are still constantly keeping in touch, however, and try to arrange for meet-ups whenever possible. When they were younger, Mike was always looked up to as the leader of the small group of four. But these days, Gizmo seems more likely to take charge after all his experience adventuring.

Lina The Cat

Lina, being his other best friend, was very close to him as well. Lina always sends him letters, despite Gizmo preferring email. That aside, even though they live in completely different regions, Lina holds strong feelings for Gizmo. Gizmo has a slight crush on her, but doesn't really think of his feelings as romantic. At least, not until he met her again, when he began feeling conflicted about how he really felt.

Amber The Cat

Gizmo met her during an adventure. For a while, the two didn't really know eachother that well, but had a natural respect for eachother as they are both cats with a soft spot for chao. Lately they've been trying to get to know each other better and be friends.

(Other Fancharacters)

Speedy The Hedgehog

Gizmo and Speedy are friends to be sure, but Gizmo doesn't trust him as a very "responsible" person; he has a history of borrowing his things and losing them or returning them late and/or damaged. He's also known for coming to Gizmo to fix some of his own broken things--sometimes the same damaged item over and over.

Lily The Hedgehog

Lily is a strange one indeed. As a part of the gang, Gizmo hangs out with her every now and then. She almost never fails to weird him out. Gizmo constantly wonders if its even possible to have a remotely sane conversation with her. He feels embarrassed just by looking at her hat, which she calls "Steven". Its a black top hat with a long, fat tongue sticking out.

Tab The Cat

Another member of the gang. Gizmo thinks of her as a good friend, and respects her for being one of the more levelheaded, intelligent people amongst their group, but he sometimes can't help but feel like Tab doesn't look at him the same.

Lucy The Cat

A very absent minded girl who is very easy to impress. The two share a few things in common, as they both are skilled in mechanics. Although, Lucy lacks a little in the common sense department, she still manages to make some useful things. Gizmo likes her as a good friend, but is occasionally irritated by her tendency to wander off both physically and mentally. They very often work on collab projects. Others have noted that they tend to act like siblings when together, though Gizmo disagrees.

Shade The Dark Chao

Shade is a very spiteful and rude guy, but he's pretty good when it comes down to it. Gizmo mainly tolerates him because he's best friends with Kitty. Aside from that, he see's Shade as a critic when it comes to creations, and always does his best so that he won't have to hear Shade's smart remarks.


Gizmo has few enemies, but they all were ruthless and threatening.

(Official Characters)

Dr. Ivo Eggman Robotnik

A classic villain. Gizmo faced him very few times, but always kept in mind that he could be a threat, so that he can come prepared if he should attack.

(Characters by the same FC)

Darkyle The Hedgehog

Gizmo has only heard about him from Kyle. A dark hedgehog that uses Kyle's name in his own, and murdered the previous guardian: Kyle's father.. Gizmo has a feeling that he didn't tell him the whole story.

(Other Characters)

Queen Lucretia

An evil queen from another world, who came to Mobius to capture Princess Diana, whom he had already made friends with. Lucretia successfully kidnaps her, as well as his best friend Mike. Gizmo was more determined than ever to stop the queen's plans.


Rank Quotes

  • S-Rank - "Yes! Perfect!"
  • A-Rank - "Exactly as I calculated."
  • B-Rank - "Nothing to it!"
  • C-Rank - "I gotta try harder."
  • D-Rank - "Oh man, that was way worse than I thought it'd be."
  • E-Rank - "Why?"

Fun Facts

  • Gizmo's failures tend to end in very, very embarrassing moments.
  • Gizmo used to be afraid of the dark, and only got over that fear when he was 13.
  • As much as Gizmo studies and tries hard to learn new things to help him with his projects, he hates homework. He feels it takes up the time he could be using to work on physical projects.
  • Gizmo's tail tends to frizzle out when he gets startled. Sometimes it stays like that until he brushes it off.
  • The only type of seafood that Gizmo will not eat are Squid and Octopus.
  • Gizmo's goggles look stylish when he wears them on his forehead. But when he wears them over his eyes, he looks incredibly goofy.
  • "Giz" is a nickname reserved for friends only. He very much dislikes when people he doesn't know or particularly like calls him by this, and will ask/tell them not to. It's a good way to tell if he considers you a friend or not.
  • Gizmo has a tendency to talk to himself while working.

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