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Gilbert the Bat is a relatively short, cyan-furred bat, standing at 2'10" and weighing 63 lbs. He has tan-colored skin, and it's shown around his mouth, his limbs, and on the inside of his wings. He has very curly fur, especially around his face where it curls up in some parts and simply loops in others. It becomes more tame around the back of his head. At the tips of his ears and his curly fur, there is either a whitish color or a more dark blue. He also has green eyes, with them not being conjoined.

Gilbert dons circular glasses that have a shiny exterior, a side effect of him always cleaning them. He has two main outfits - his casual one, which is a pink, short-sleeved button shirt (it reads "OBJECTION!") along with pink and blue-striped shorts. He wears white blocks and boots that are both blue and pink-striped. His boots have been modified to be able to have wheels come out of the bottom, allowing them to transform into skates.

However, when he's busy lawyer-ing, Gilbert prefers to wear a dark-colored suit, a tie and a button-down shirt. Though it might sound all professional, Gilbert doesn't allow himself to be restricted by Mobianity - he frequently changes his color of tie, and he prefers pink and green as his main colors.


Gilbert is a go-getter, a workaholic. He always has something driving him, and he's always felt as if he has something to prove. Ever since his grandmother passed away and he got the money from her will, Gilbert knew that he didn't want to waste any opportunity - he wanted to work non-stop! Though sometimes it has its negative effects, like health detriments and him declining opportunities to genuinely enjoy himself, if you tell Gilbert to do something, he will get it down.

However, Gilbert is far more of an introvert, and that's one of the reasons he enjoys working so much - it allows him to just think while doing something productive. While Gilbert tends to think very quickly, when speaking to someone new, he will often stumble in his words, stuttering and saying words wrong. Because of this, Gilbert has always had trouble making friends, and he's appreciated alone time way more. You'd have to have a lot of patience or resistance to really get to know him.

When you do get to know Gilbert, though, you'll find out that he tends to wear his heart on his sleeve, and he's very expressive. Though sometimes he tries to hide his emotions... he's never truly successful. If he's happy about something, he'll grin - if he's mad or angry, he'll start to tear up. If he's surprised, his fur rises. It's really easy to tell what he's thinking.

Gilbert is easily impressed and smitten, too. If he's around someone he likes, he'll usually blush unstoppably and will be completely unable to say anything. He's also really bad at flirting - while Tasha has tried to get him to be more open to others, he will usually just pull out some awkward pickup line before quickly trying to escape the confrontation.


Ha! That's Rich!

Gilbert was born in a Chao Garden his parents owned, the youngest of three with his sister, Dinah, being five and his brother, Ramiro, being nine. His parents had well-paying jobs - his father was a civil engineer (which is part of the reason he was born in a Chaos Garden), and his mother was real estate agent. From the moment he was born, his older siblings had already had plans on what they were going to do... but growing up, Gilbert wasn't so sure. He had a large amount of ideas, but none of them really stuck with him. He thought about becoming an author, but he wasn't sure that his family members would approve. After all, Gilbert always though he had big shoes to fill, so he needed an occupation that would make his family proud.

At an eager fifteen, tragedy struck - Gilbert's grandmother on his mother's side had been murdered in her own home. It shook his mother greatly, and for several weeks, everyone was a bit depressed. Then, after mourning was over, Gilbert's mother decided to reveal something that she thought would lift everyone's spirits - in their grandmother's will, a large sum of money was included for lots of her grandchildren, which would allow them to pursue pretty much any career they wanted to in life. Ramiro and Dinah were joyous with the news - Ramiro wanted to star in his own TV show and gain political power, and Dinah wanted to be an actor. You'd think that with this wonderful opportunity, Gilbert would feel a lot less restricted, right?

...short answer, no.

Gilbert was hanging on to one sole thing - they hadn't found his grandmother's murderer. While everyone else in the family talked about what they would do with the money, Gilbert internally couldn't believe how easily they were throwing away the murderer's chance of getting caught. Gilbert couldn't believe that they weren't all simultaneously wanting justice for their dear grandma. This would have Gilbert growing a small amount of resent for his older siblings that would grow into a rivalry when he was older, but it also had a more positive effect - Gilbert found his dream job.

He wanted to be a lawyer.

Using the money that he had gotten from his grandmother's will with slight reluctancy, Gilbert used his wit in order to finish high school at sixteen years old. He got himself into the right mindset and he started working hard to achieve his goal. He went to college, working his way up through the ranks with his passion for proving innocence and guilt. In the next two years, Gilbert had officially become one of the youngest lawyers in Mobius, graduating from law school at eighteen. Gilbert wasn't done yet, however - he kept working and working, taking cases and making a small name for himself, making his family proud. However... someday, he wants to find out just who his grandma's killer was and finally allow the menace to serve time in prison.

A Lawyer's Loyalties

In the following year, nothing too large happened. Gilbert made sure that he tried not to get too big, which is something that he resented his now famous siblings for. Gilbert was managing to pay the bills with low difficulty, and everything was going well, except for one, teensy-tinsy, insignificant thing...

He had no friends.

That was one side effect of him always looking to work and practically zero play, along with his more introverted personality. He didn't think much of it in the beginning, but eventually, it hit him. He really wanted someone he could talk to besides his parents, and his siblings had become so big that it would be impossible to keep tabs with them and yet still manage to remain not-famous. In the meantime, Gilbert was just wishing for a friend.

He should've asked how.

It was a day after one of his cases. Gilbert had unfortunately been working with a slacker, and though Gilbert tried putting all of his cards on the table, a combination of a persistent rival and a lazy defendant resulted in him losing the case. Gilbert was in low spirits, and it seemed to get worse as when he was heading to his car, someone was attempting to mug him! For as much strength as he had in his words, Gilbert wasn't all too strong, and the rotten thief was about to get away with his wallet when a green flash surrounded them.

A bolt of green lightning surged at hit the attempting thief in the face, knocking them out cold. The flash slowed down to a stop, making a comment on them possibly overdoing it as their shape began to clarify itself... looking for like a raccoon with a... superhero costume? Gilbert couldn't believe his eyes, and his eyes didn't have much time to process all of it because in a few seconds, the flash was gone, having left Gilbert's wallet on the ground and the bat himself extremely confused.

Powers, Abilities and Skills

Gilbert has the ability to read incredibly fast, something he picked up over years of studying law and some of it just coming naturally to him. This ability isn't simply restricted to reading, however - Gilbert thinks very quickly, his thoughts feeling like they're going a mile a minute. Because of this, Gilbert can think about solutions to a problem with a great amount of speed.

Over time, Gilbert has acquired some skills, including being able to tell when someone is telling the truth or lying. Though it isn't yet perfected, Gilbert has trained himself to look for "lying tics" something someone does when they aren't telling the truth. However, this is ironic, since Gilbert has several "lying tics" himself, seeing how expressive he is.

Gilbert's money he'd received from his grandmother also allowed to try out multiple things, such as multitasking and fencing. His athletic skill may not be the greatest, and he might be a bit fragile, but Gilbert can do decently in a fight given the good enough equipment. Gilbert also isn't half-bad as a marksman, and he has decent aim with a gun.

Gilbert is a proud cook, often resorting to baking whenever he wants to take his mind off of something and he doesn't have any work to do. He often makes small foods, like pies and cupcakes, instead of the more filling baked foods. (On the contrary, he doesn't do so well when working with meat - it often ends up charred or mostly raw.)

Gilbert likes writing. Like, a lot. He writes in a diary, professing most of his thoughts since he thinks so quickly, it can be hard to keep track of them all. When working on a case, he likes taking an endless amount of notes, trying to make sure he can remember the important information. When he's bored, he likes to write stories, mostly romantic ones involving brave, masculine men saving cliche damsels-in-distress. (Tasha often gives him suggestions for more interesting female characters, but Gilbert has so little experience with them it's difficult for him.)

Being a bat, Gilbert has pretty poor eyesight, which is why he wears glasses. However, being born a bat has its benefits, too - Gilbert can use echolocation, allowing him to navigate well even with his eyes closed. Gilbert isn't terrible at flying, either, and prefers it to walking in most cases.


  • Gilbert is based on Alexander Hamilton - specifically, the one from Lin Manuel-Miranda's musical.
    • He also takes inspirations from Bitty from the Check, Please! series.

  • Gilbert has an IQ of 140.
  • Gilbert being bi and his main colors being blue and pink are completely coincidental.