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Even too much of a good thing can be bad.

"We gods can be quite generous."
-Grau to her followers.

The "gifts" of the gods are special rewards bestowed upon champions of the gods by their respective patron god. They vary in purpose and design between each particular god.

Many of these gifts vary in form and functionality, they can be weapons, armor, or special traits and abilities bestowed upon their lucky recipients. However they are given by a specific god and asking for gifts from multiple gods my lead to undesirable consequences.



  • Champions of Grief
  • Eternal Army soldiers
  • Champions of Helussa
  • Champions of Cyrus
  • Champions of Grau


Gifts of Grief

Mark of Grief
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Eternal Army forces mobilizing for war with the sanction of their patron god.

Followers and champions of Grief that receive Grief's mark are imbued with the Fighting God's rage and hunger for battle. They become essentially fearless. In close combat they become even more vicious and animistic thus they are known to lose restraint and will become even suicidal in battle.

Mark of Grief

The Mark of Grief

Blessed Guns

While the Fighting God likes a good old close quarters combat and melee brawl, he is also fond of things that shoot and go boom as well. Thus his followers often recieve 'blessings' to their weaponry making them more potent with each hit. These blesseings are often well proclaimed towards their enemies with a glowing aura of purple and red. This is intentional as Grief belives it spreads even more fear into the hearts of his blasphermers thust furthering degrading their morale.

Geist Panzers

In this modern age you cannot win a war without heavy and mobile armor. Grief knows this so he gifts his favored commanders some of his most treasured vehicles dating back to the Age of Man. These 'ghost tanks' are known to follow orders from Grief directly, yet will assume the orders of the leader or commander which Grief has bestowed upon them for as long as the Fighting God wills it.
Eternal Army Geist Panzer

These mysterious ghost tanks date back to the Human Era where entire battalions of them were lost from their masters in some of mankind's darkest days. Now these zombified relics of the past serve as the Fighting God's personal reserve divisions, often holding the flanks or rears of his armored forces.

Gifts of Cyrus

Mark of Cyrus

The Mark of Cyrus

Mark of Cyrus

Followers and champions of Cyrus are imbued with the blessings of the God of Passion. They gradually are molded to suit Cyrus's personal viewpoint of perfection, (which fortunately coincides with mortals for the most part). Also they may receive as mortal version of his Siren's Screech attack as well.

Angelic Wings

These beautiful wings are granted sometimes to followers of Cyrus, they mutate and grow out the back of their recipient and thus allow the blessed individual to take flight and soar gracefully in the heavens like and angel. Also some wings are so large and blessed that they can be used as shields to deflect minor projectiles. 

Two Steps From Hell - Archangel-0

Two Steps From Hell - Archangel-0

Acoustic Arms

Cyrus blesses his followers with accustic and musical based weaponry capable of ditorting, disorienting, and fludding the senses of his adversaries. These rythmitic weapons often take the forms of speakers, harps, guitars, maracas, bells, and whistles.

Gifts of Grau

Mark of Grau

The Mark of Grau

Mark of Grau

Particular individuals who are bestowed Grau's mark become more sneaky and tricky. They often gain the ability to be more discrete and concealed thus becoming more stealthy as well. Also their fortunes become more beneficial through n increase of good luck and  an increase of bad luck to their opponents.

Gifts of Helussa

Those who have proven to be clever enough, ambitious enough devotee of the Grand Sorceress are given the mystical mark upon their flesh, thus granting them various powers and abilities. It is believed that Helussa's mark has allowed her followers to be able to decipher and understand forbidden secrets, giving them a meager amount of psychic powers, and allows their own mana supply to regenerate much rapidly than by their lonesome.


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