I don't listen to inferiors, especially when they've been trying to kill me!

- Gi the Hedgehog to Dr. Eggman

When Sonic used the Chaos Emeralds and Master Emerald to make an entity beyond Hyper Sonic to fight Metal Chaos, he unleashed another entity, named Gi the Hedgehog. Gi then sided with Metal Chaos, because it reminded him of a friend. Gi was defeated by the timely appearance of Burning Blaze and Super Silver and was warped into the Special Zone. When Team Sonic and Team Dark teamed up to find a Chaos Emerald in the Special Zone, a brown and black blur wizzed past them. The blur was Gi, looking for the same thing the two teams were looking for. Sonic and Shadow went to confront GI while the rest of the team went to look for the Chaos Emerald. The battle ended when Shadow and Sonic spun around Gi, making the Duel Tornado and knocking him out. Gi escaped after that, vowing to get revenge. Gi then went to reside in the poor part of Station Square, fighting gangsters and saving lives to get a greater sense of responsibility. Gi then found Eggman, who was building a second Ark (Ark II). He agreed to help Eggman for revenge on Sonic and Shadow. When Sonic disabled the energy reactor to Ark II, Gi appeared and attacked. The energy from the energy core was unstable and was used by Gi to make Super Gi. Super Sonic and Super Gi battled it out until Gi used his Collateral Damage attack to blast Sonic into space. Gi then proceeded to go back to Earth and became a hero. When Sonic was revealed to be alive, Gi was one of the most renowned people on Earth. Though Sonic is back, Gi has stopped attacking him and instead helps Sonic and his allies (albeit unwillingly). He's made friends with many people like Spike the Wisp (who he met before the events of Sonic Superstar in Red Mountain Zone). He has most recently become a bounty hunter and assassin, making him highly dangerous. His recent switch of proffesion is due to his new philosiphy that there are no heroes or villians, and there are only certain viewpoints. He still shows signs of his heroism, but he plans in the future to repress it.

He has also met his classic self, before he was sucked into the emerald. He tells his younger self to run away from the echidnas, but the Classic Gi refuses to run away from danger. Modern Gi understands, and he teams up with his younger self to defend the emerald from the echidnas. Gi leaves just before Classic Gi is sucked into the emerald.  He seems to be able to pull out weapons from nowhere. He is participating in many adventures. 

Current Status

Relaxing in an undisclosed location.

Gender and Species

Gi is a male hedgehog, born in the outskirts of Mobius, and raised in Erizo Village.


Gi's alignment can vary. He will mostly be a chaotic neutral, but depending on the situation and what side suits him better, he can be downright evil.


Gi is taken from G.I.(government infantry) and the karate clothing, a gi.

He is 3 feet 7 inches.

He has a particular fondness for burgers and video games.


Gi used to be one of the slowest people in the whole village that would be Station Square in 3,000 years. He was, however strong and brave, and often adventured into unknown places. One such place was the Temple of Lightspeed, which was said to hold one of the Eight Pieces of Lightspeed. He narrowly escaped the first part of the temple and came across one piece of diamond. When he picked it up, he was shocked with a green and white substance. From then on, he could run at the speed of light and could easily keep up with a future hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog. After that, he often teamed up with the Echidna clan. He was good friends with Tikal the Echidna and Chaos. When the Echidnas attacked the Master Emerald Shrine to get more power, Gi and Chaos tried to stop them. After Chaos, enraged at the idiocy of the Echidnas, turned into Perfect Chaos, Gi and Tikal tried their best to stop him. Tikal was forced to seal Chaos in the Master Emerald, and Gi was accidentally sucked in along with them. During the events of Sonic Adventure, Gi was not able to escape the Master Emerald like Chaos. The Master Emerald sensed that his time had not come yet, and forcibly kept him there for one more year. After 3,001 years being stuck in a green crystal limbo, he finally escaped from the Emerald because of Sonic.


Gi is 3,019 years old, but looks 18 years old due to him being trapped in the Master Emerald. In Super Gi form, he is covered in white with his normal black quills. His mouth disappears and when he talks his muzzle moves up and down. Super Gi has one ring on each finger (excluding thumbs). The rings give him the power to not need to grab rings constantly to stay in this form. Dark Gi looks like Dark Sonic, but with purple on the ends of his spikes.


Gi loves to joke around, which leads him to taunting enemies. However, the real reason he does this is to cover up his shock of being trapped in an emerald for 3,000 years. Gi is serious when he has to be, but he is usually very happy and carefree. As Dark Gi, he is the exact opposite of his usual personality. He is easily irritated and is determined to keep on his mission, even if he has to seriously hurt someone innocent. Gi is quite intelligent and is very good with machines.  He absolutely hates people who call him old, and no matter who you are will become hostile and violent to you if you say that. He has no fears and will leap into any battle, no matter how outmatched he is.



-Shadow (somewhat)

-Sonic (somewhat)


-Metal Chaos (formerly)

-Dr. Eggman (formerly)





-Amy Rose

-Cream and Cheese

-Team Chaotix

-GUN Commander

-Spike the Wisp

-Jack the Hedgehog (Spongebob100)

-Patricia the Skunk (Spongebob100)


-Team Sonic (formerly)

-Team Dark (formerly)

-Dr. Eggman (major enemy)

-Metal Chaos

- Team Chaotix (formerly)

-Team Rose (formerly)

-Bean the Dynamite

-Bark the Polar Bear


He is proficient in the use of most weapons. After being blessed by a old wizard he helped up a mountain, he can summon any weapon he can thnk of to him. The most powerful weapon he has however, is his Lightspeed Power. The already powerful force is amplified by his 3,000 years in the Master Emerald. His Lightspeed Power can, however, be his biggest weakness. If he works himself too hard, his Lightspeed Force will devour him and destroy him, releasing an explosion so powerful it can disintegrate anything in a one hundred mile radius. 

Lightspeed Assisted Powers

Since he has the power of Lightspeed deep inside him, most of the aspects of him can be accelerated, apart from his aging, which is balanced out by the immense power of the Master Emerald he spent 3,000 years in.

These powers include, but are not limited to:

Speed: He can go faster than the speed of light.

Healing: Cuts and bruises takes seconds to heal, major piercing of the skin may take minutes, and normally life- threatening conditions may take three days at most.

Stamina: He can fight or run for days without tiring.

Brain power: He is smarter and more calculating than most people.

Reflexes: His reflexes are quicker than a normal hedgehog's.


Collateral Damage (Super Spiral)

Duel Tornado (with Sonic or Shadow)

Ultimate Duel Tornado (with Super Sonic or Super Shadow)

Triple Threat (with Sonic and Shadow)

Ultimate Triple Threat (with Super Sonic and Super Shadow)

Duplicate Attack

Fake Out (weakest power)


Spike Gi (with Spike the Wisp)

Homing Attack

Heat Streak (also known as Seven Emerald Homing Attack)

Chaos Control

Dimension Leap (also known as Seven Emerald Chaos Control)

Chaos Blast

Nuclear Wave (also known as Seven Emerald Chaos Blast)

Chaos Spear

Lightning Barrage (also known as Seven Emerald Chaos Spear)

Quick Attack

Suicide Bomber (as Dark Gi, sacrifice move)

Saishū-tekina rimittobāsuto (as Dark Gi)

Super Rush (as Dark Gi)

Telekenetic Breakdown (as Dark Gi)

Gallick Blaster

Desperation Laser

One Last Time (strongest attack, sacrifice move)


Lightspeed Gi (True power is awakened)

Super Gi

Dark Gi (weakest)

Ultra Gi (strongest)

Nega Gi (Sol Emeralds)


Getting an S Rank or A Rank- "And that wasn't even my full power!"

Getting a B Rank or D Rank-" Maybe I should have tried a bit harder..."

Getting an F Rank- "Darn it!"

Getting an S Rank or A Rank on boss- "Who's your daddy?!"

Getting a B Rank or D Rank on boss-" Oh, whatever."

Getting an F Rank- Even I know when I've failed....

Losing a boss battle-" I won't make the same mistakes next time."

Fighting Shadow and Sonic- "Hey, not fair! This is a two against one!"

Becoming Super Gi-"See my true power!"

Becoming Dark Gi- Batorumōdo B! Kurai henkan wa, gō! (バトルモードB!暗い変換は、ゴー!)

Dark Gi fighting opponents- I find you annoying. DIE!

Dark Gi winning- You're finished. I knew you were weak!

Dark Gi losing- You must've cheated!

Taunting Opponents- Around and around, the hedgehog goes, where he stops nobody knows!

Theme song

Don't Stop Me Now-Queen


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