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The ghost lands, while holding the name is not the underworld, but instead the prison of the souls of the dead and those who are wicked. It was created by the warden, the original keeper and creator of the ghost sword, Relegatus.


The surface is barren, only possessing dead trees, ad the shades of those long passed in the lands. The air mysteriously is not toxic to the living and they can pass through the land freely


The lands are permamnently cloduy


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Significant Populations

The ghostlands are known to have the souls of those who failed to escape it's grasp. It is also known for having a mysterious guardian who is tasked of guarding the realm of the truly dead. It also holds the spirits of the dead.

Notable Areas

The Fallen Prison: This holds the criminals and wicked who were banished by Relegatus. This composes most of the ghostlands.


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