Georgi the Hedgehog is a lieutenant bridge officer in the G.U.N. Third Interstellar Fleet, stationed aboard the Dragoon II-class Frigate Reaper, and daughter of Admiral Noel Hedgehog of the Fourth Interstellar Fleet.

Georgi the Hedgehog

Biographical Information
AliasLieutenant Georgi Hedgehog
Romantic InterestsKurt the Shiba Inu
Physical Description
  • Fur: Lilac, w/ sky blue quill tips & tan skin
  • Hair: Cobalt blue
  • Eyes: Green
  • Black hawk-bill cap
  • White jacket w/ rank signifier
  • Black belt
  • Gray pants
  • Black boots
  • Black fingerless gloves
Political Alignment and Abilities
WeaponryFast Ball (Pokeball, carried for reasons unknown)
  • Skilled Hydrokinetic
  • Trained Electrokinetic, Geokinetic & Aerokinetic
  • Studying manipulation of Metal
  • Respectable speed
  • Moderate combat - hand-to-hand
  • Trained bridge officer - sensors
  • Novice pilot - starfighters
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorFlashfire212


Regarded as one of the more glamorous women on board the Reaper, Georgi is a lilac hedgehog who keeps her fur short, including the wild sky-blue tips on her quills, while her cobalt blue hair sits roughly at shoulder length. With an average figure for a woman of her age, Georgi doesn't stand out much in a crowd, especially not in uniform.


As she is normally stationed on ship, Georgi typically wears the standard bridge officer's uniform for a member of the Third Fleet - black hawk-billed cap, white jacket down to half-way down her thighs, black belt over the jacket, gray pants, black boots & fingerless gloves. As a lieutenant, Georgi wears the corresponding rank with pride on her arm, although she awaits any possible promotion, which can allow for alterations to the uniform, which her commanding officer is a stickler for.


Early Life

A young girl born in United Federation lands, just outside a temple dedicated toward Neso, Georgi was a quiet girl, always studying and trying her best to impress her father, an officer in the Fourth Interstellar Fleet. As such, he was rarely there for his kids, leaving them with his parents. Georgi never got to know her mother well, after her tragic death in a hit-and-run accident. Georgi and her older brother Magnus soon grew to appreciate the time they spent with their father, and as such, both of them desired to enter the Interstellar Fleets and make their father proud. Magnus had brilliant reflexes, and could make it into a piloting or standard career as a soldier, while Georgi had a wide array of elemental powers and had respectable speed, plus above-average intelligence, the makings of an intelligence officer, or a bridge officer. As such, two years after her brother, Georgi entered G.U.N's Interstellar Training Program. As she suspected, she was picked out from the group as a potential bridge officer, and as such, her training began.

First Posting

Three years later, at twenty-four, Georgi had drilled for almost any situation, and her speed at her sensors board was incredible, feeding information to the others on the bridge as fast as she could get it. This skill was noticed by the head of the Third Fleet, who recruited her for a brand-new frigate, a prototype vessel for the Fleet made up of prototype weapons, technologies and ships. The frigate in question was the first of four prototype Dragoon II-class Frigates built by Hammerforge Industries, named the Reaper. The ship instantly had it's crew enamored, and Georgi was proud to be one of the crew taking part on the ship's shakedown cruse, despite her annoyance at the commanding officer, a stickler for detail and rules. However, on the shuttle up to the ship from the ceremony, the officer admitted that something was wrong in a nearby system, and the Reaper was being deployed to investigate.

In her position on the bridge, Georgi was the first to admire the comfortable seating and pristine conditions of her station, something echoed by a handful of other officers. However, as she finished her jump into the system, she was astonished by the sight - three corvettes with unidentified fighters swarming around them, trying to capture freighters and steal their supplies - pirates. Instantly, the captain ordered all fighters to launch. As Georgi was under the impression the pilots were celebrating the new posting in the ready room, she was astonished when the two squadrons stationed on the Reaper launched, clearing out the pirate fighters without major casualties while the Reaper began blasting holes into the three enemy corvettes with it's primary weapons - ten torpedo launchers, loaded with thirty standard high-explosive rounds each, plus six laser cannons for anti-fighter duty. However, one escaped, and as it did, it also revealed the location of it's base ship, a Dragoon-class Frigate, the class built before the Reaper.

Strangely, after being visited by a representative from the planet, thanking the Mobian frigate for flying out and dealing with the pirates, the pilots began to get sick with a virus rare to Mobius. As such, the need for pilots became dire. Because of her speed and lightning-fast mental processing, Georgi was chosen as one of the temporary pilot replacements, and was given a rather fast course in the piloting of a Saber-type Interceptor. As soon as she was certified in a simulator, one of the pilots in Scythe Squadron formally loaned Georgi his Saber, something the other pilots performed as they got over their illness, which was revealed to have been spread by the planet's representative. Soon, the Reaper encountered two more corvettes and their fighter screen, and the temporary Scythe Squadron was deployed, with Georgi using the call-sign Neso. In her assault, Georgi destroyed two of the defending fighters and one of the two corvettes with a laser salvo to the bridge, and with no casualties taken by the squadron, she returned to the Reaper, three kill signatures now chalked onto her record.

Soon, Georgi was back into the cockpit, the Reaper following the pirate trail to a nearby system. Using the Saber, she was involved in reconnaissance, as were the rest of the temporary squadron. Unfortunately, an ancient Technomage destroyer floating through space nearby turned out to be not quite as dead as first thought, opening fire on the squadron and the Reaper with ionizing blasts designed to disable, not destroy. The entire temporary Scythe Squadron began to battle the derelict warship, and were quickly joined by the returning Skull Squadron, and with additional fire from the Reaper, managed to destroy the ancient destroyer before it was fully refurbished, and without major losses.

Returned to the bridge crew, Georgi was alerted by one of their Sabers soon after the event in another nearby system, broadcasting a strange signal and sending back bizarre sensor readings, reporting four frigates and multiple corvettes, armed freighters and fighters all preparing. Georgi was convinced it was a malfunctioning sensor unit, but the communications officer recognized the signal the pilot was sending as an intelligence alert code, and confirmed that what he was broadcasting was the real thing - instantly, the commander ordered for backup. This quickly arrived - the final three prototype Dragoon II-class Frigates, with crews nowhere near as experienced as those on the Reaper. Despite this flaw, all four ships jumped in on the assault, and despite critical damage to one, three of the four enemy frigates were destroyed. As such, the other three frigates took on portions of the final ship's load as they prepared to hunt down the final pirate ship. To Georgi's surprise, two of the people who flew over to join her on board the Reaper were Magnus and his adopted son, Sampson the Rabbit, who was traveling with his father in an apprenticeship of sorts. Georgi offered to take Sampson with her down to the other underage passengers, in order for him to be reasonably safe.

Unfortunately, while down in the school area, the frigate was attacked by suicide runs from a squadron of interceptors, cutting off the only way back to the bridge and hangers from the school, which was positioned close to the aft of the ship. While there, however, she treated some of the wounds alongside Sampson, who proved that he'd learned rather advanced first aid for someone his age, before finally patching some of the leaks on the side walls with her Metal-manipulation. Eventually, the Reaper was rescued - by none other than a pair of G.U.N. Destroyers from the Fourth Fleet, commanded by her father, who had reached the rank of Admiral. With the sudden addition of more than two hundred guns and six squadrons of fighters along with the two and a half from Reaper, the pirates were rapidly obliterated, and the Reaper evacuated to a skeleton crew of Hammerforge pilot 'bots to transport the ship back to it's drydock for emergency repair. Reunited with her father, Georgi couldn't help but break down into tears, but quickly prepared herself for her return to Mobius, and eventual return to the Reaper, which came over two years later. In that time, not only was the damage repaired, but the Reaper had been upgraded with greater shields, and more powerful engines, including a brand new Chaos Drive for improved speed in jumping from system to system. Even so, Georgi had also met Kurt, a smuggler who was known for his love of speed and his skill with his mercenary team in command of the Starfire, a modified Renegade-type Corvette, and the man who stole her heart. With a promise to one day settle down together as she returned to active service, Georgi simply found herself hoping that Kurt wouldn't end up doing work that put him under her allies guns.

Recent Activity

In more recent years, Georgi has remained with the Reaper, although it now rarely operates on it's own, instead with a rag-tag fleet of prototypical vessels, and a few weaponry testbeds, all under the command of an Admiral and his destroyer.


For the most part, due to the lack of ship-to-ship combat, Georgi's skill in combat is uncertain, but during her time in the Academy, she was a fearsome fighter with four base and an advanced element at her command. Her greatest skill was easily in Water, using a couple of Water-based healing techniques after the suicide attack on the Reaper. On top of that, she was trained in Electricity, Earth and Wind abilities, plus the advanced element of Metal, an ability that allowed her to save lives by sealing off leaks after the attack. She is also stated to be a skilled hand-to-hand combatant, although very little of that has been seen.

Outside of personal combat, Georgi is an experienced bridge officer, capable of lightning-fast status reports, almost as fast as her sensor board would load. She is also an inexperienced but skilled pilot, with four kills under her belt using a Sabre-type Interceptor. She is also reasonably agile in physical movement as well, not quite showing super-speed, but high enough speed to warrant training in faster combat styles.

Understandably, Georgi isn't unbeatable, but her greatest fear and weakness is quite simple - electrocution. Despite being able to manipulate, absorb and fire off lightning, she is still afraid of being electrocuted, because of her body's high water content, which also makes taking damage from electrical techniques extremely dangerous for her.

It is known that Georgi carries a Fast Ball on her most of the time like a weapon, but it is unknown if the ball has been used, or if it is simply a last-line of defense against a Pokemon.

Water Abilities

Electric Abilities

Earth Abilities

Metal Abilities

Wind Abilities

Elementless Abilities


Georgi is defined by two major factors - a desire to impress her father and a love of space itself. As a young girl, she was always mystified at what could possibly lie our there, and the tales of her grandparents were of little help in putting her off this dreaming.

As an officer, however, Georgi is loyal and always willing to volunteer her services, even if that is for duties such as teaching. She is also fiercely loyal to her family and friends, doing all she can to protect those close to her.





  • Laura the Hedgehog - Laura was one of the soldiers based on board the Reaper, an unarmed expert with her three elements, but died in the suicide attack.
  • Mazdan the Cryohog - One of the many gunners stationed aboard the Reaper.





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