This is an article about Geo the Mongoose, a character created by FroZenHyBrid on 11/25/2015.

"This house here was mah home. Ah was raised in it, born in it...And ya'll destroyed it. Pray that the Eight's showin' mercy on ya, Cause Ah sure as hell ain't."


Name: Michael 'Geo' Sedim

Age: 19

Species: Mongoose

Race: Shironan

Gender: Male

Alignment: Chaotic good

R. Interest: None


Mother: ???

Father: ???

Reena Sundo - Younger Sister



(Geo has a tan muzzle with two tinges of fuzz on both cheeks, with a smaller tinge above the two. This tan coloring reaches to the inside of his ears, but nowhere else. Geo has snowy white fur that covers a majority of his body, and reaches to his tail, with green markings running on his arms, legs, the tip of his tail, and his hair. The same green coloring is shared with the irises of his eyes. His hair is cut short to his shoulders, tied up into a ponytail, and he has a few strands of loose hair.

Goe's normal outfit consists of a green short-sleeved t-shirt, with the sleeves colored black. While he does wear gloves on occasion, you will normally find Geo without any pair on most of the time. He has on a pair of blue jeans, with a pair of bright brown cowboy boots to go with them. Both the shoes and pants lack extra colorings, having only those single colors. You will almost always find Geo with a brown stetson hat resting on the top of his head; it rarely ever comes off as he's quite fond of it.

You'll sometimes find Geo wearing the same outfit, only with bandages wrapped around his wrists.)



Geo is surprisingly different from most other mongooses in that he lacks the speed most would normally have. Though what he lacks in speed, he makes up for by having his own upper body strength being a good deal greater than normal shironans. Now, while not on the level of those with super strengtth when not augmented by his Geokinesis, this strength has more than served him well on many numerous occasions. 


Geo is Geokinetic, or in other words, is able to manipulate the very earth. He can mold it into any form he wishes, even manifesting it from the ground. Examples of things he can make include stepping stones, pillars, even rock formed armor.


(They're not real quotes because he hasn't been in any lengthy rps. But hey I wanted to try out the accent.)

"I'm fixin ta beat some sense inta that head of yers if ya don't knock it off!"

"...Now Ah know Ah done told ya before. Ah ain't seen the guy."

"Ah'm Done."


As it can be noticed, Geo possesses a southern accent. This actually makes him one of my first characters to actually have an accent of any kind. Scratch that, he's the FIRST character I made that has an accent. (Sadly I suck at writing accents ;-; )

Geo came into existence when I revived and revamped a scrapped concept character, he became a mongoose after careful consideration. He also has the honor of being my FIRST mongoose character.

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