Geo Dance is a strong technique originally created by Geokinetic users, but some skilled Psychokinetics are able to copy this attack almost perfectly. The user needs to have either Geokinesis or Psychokinetis for this to work. The Geo Dance technique is a variant of the rock-type move called Stone Edge, but enhanced. Like its variant, the technique requires the levitation of boulders for it to work, however Geo Dance may use the entire environment against the target, not just a simple big boulder. 


The user uses his Psychokinesis or Geokinesis to make large parts of the ground levitate, and tear it apart into numerous pieces. The user will control the boulders with his hand, and will control them while in air, using them as a protective shield or a solid weapon. The barriers and weapons' size will solidly depend on the size and number of stones that the user is using. Using the small pieces of stones, the user will be able to craft weapons and items of his liking using stone. Geokinetic users will be able to make perfect concrete objects, while Psychokinetics will not.

Strong Psychokinetic and Geokinetic users will be able to craft a colossal rock version of themselves, and will use it to attack the target, or even surround the target in a stone sphere and crush them. The shapes of the weapons the user is using with Geo Dance is limited to the user's imagination. However, as the user must focus while doing this attack, the user leaves himself open. That is, if target is fast enough to deflect the stones. And, this attack uses a solid amount of the user's energy. After a series of movements with his hand, the user will look like he is making the rocks dance in the air, like a maestro.

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